Heavy Rain Out Today!

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In case you didn’t know, Heavy Rain is out today!

For those of your who haven’t picked up your copy yet, we definitely recommend rushing to your favorite retailer (or mailbox) to get your hands on one of the most anticipated titles of 2010. If you’re still on the fence, be sure to download one of the hottest demos available on the PlayStation Store and see what everyone’s been talking about. Still not sure? Check out the reviews and you’ll see that it’s well worth it!

If you find yourself playing the game and tapping your toes to the music, you can head over to iTunes today to download your copy of the soundtrack, which will also become available for download from the PlayStation Store on March 18.

And we haven’t forgotten our promise to you, the fans. For those of you who prefer it, just follow the link below to download the European packfront image that you can print out and slide into your game case. I’d recommend printing it on an 11 x 17 and cutting along the lines so it fits just right.

Heavy Rain Alternate Cover

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as well as we unveil additional content through the PlayStation Store for Heavy Rain fans.

Happy gaming!

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  • We had heavy snow, which compelled me to play this game. slow starter, but intense within minutes. the whole family was on the couch riveted as to what may happen next.

  • Played for three hours last night. Very happy, and amazed to say, it makes Indigo Prophecy seem last gen. My favorite PS3 game to date. Fantastic job Quantic Dream. I love the chase scenes, they make you feel like you are part of the game!

  • I dont know how to start…but this game was simply amazing. It is truly amazing where games have come and a great view as to where they are going. Truly a phenomenal experience. Congratulations to QD for a uniquely superior game. cant say enough about this game.

  • I got my copy of the game. I like it alot but since I pre-ordered it I got the redeem code for the extra level. But when I enter in the redeem code section it gives me a error saying it maybe invalid or what not. I entered the code exactly the way it is shown. Has anyone else had this problem or can someone help me out?

  • Hey I bought the game yesterday from gamestop and it came with a 4.99 voucher/ Redeemable Code so I could download the DLC of Heavy Rain but the Code says error everytime I type it in. Can anyone help me fix this problem.

  • I had the same issue as #31.
    I pre-purchased for the free DLC and when I try to use the code it tells me that it’s wrong or no longer valid.
    Anybody know what’s going on with that?

  • Can anyone tell me this that previousely, you said that if you pre-order at best Buy canada, you would be able to get the code for DLC (know it is not going to be out till March 4?) but when I went to pick it up they told me that there are no codes and if there are they would be inside the games box. Whats the deal with this?

  • I just got it yesterday and I’m nothing short of disappointed.

    It’s the major technical issues that are preventing me from enjoying the game. Major frame skipping, characters freezing in place(which causes events to not be triggered) Sound fading in and out. I have tried all possible troubleshooting solutions and still not results. It’s not my PS3, all my other games work perfectly with no hassle. The 230MB patch that was released for this game(whatever it was intended to do for the game) is not addressing this problem.(i read tons of forums so i’m not the only one with these problems). Gamestop basically told me i’m stuck with this game and all i can do is trade it in for a fraction of the $60 i spent on it. All i really want to know is this: Is quantic dream aware of this issue and do they intend to fix it?

    P.S. sorry for the rant i just want to enjoy this awesome game.

  • I might get this game it lookes good, and also it looks difrent from eney other game i have ever played, the graphics also look very good. i think it will give me a braik from playing MAG and MW2. i might hire it first and if i like it i will buy it, dose eneybody know how much it is?
    and whot resolution it is, 1080p or 720p?

    if eneybody has got the game on here please give me your opinion on the game.


  • i preordered but purposely haven’t opened the game because i want to play this weekend w/out any interruptions or worrying about being up late.

    if that video didn’t sell someone who was on the fence nothing will. i wonder how long it will take to see all of the possible endings. can’t wait for this game.

    they should actually do movie-tie in games like this. like a texas chainsaw masacre or even a game like Avatar or comic book game like this would be incredible if they did it right.

  • Any chance in a patch where you can lock the save to the PSN account and not the console? I play on 2 different PS3’s and being able to transfer my save would be great.

  • Picked it up yesterday when I got out of work.The game is great I am loving it. Best Buy just send me my Chronicles 1 the taxidermist love the game and will always support this game. ALWAYS SONY #1 FAN

  • @132 Sorry but that is always how game preorders work at Gamestop. We almost never get the same amount of preorder gifts as we received preorders. When this happens the employee’s should be checking the dates when people come to pick up, and the ones that get the bonus are the one’s that preordered first.

    I don’t know about your local Gamestop, but at ours we always try to mention to people that may not know to preorder sooner then later, due to the fact that when this happens, the gifts are given to those who came first and preordered.

    At our store we weren’t given enough to go out ethir, so it went to everybody who had it preordered before the 11th of this month. With how hard we particularly worked at pushing preorders on this game I think that’s more then a reasonable date to have a preorder in.

  • @158 Did you really expect any store to refund your purchase of something brand new, not because the disc itself doesn’t work properly but because something set in stone on every one of the discs, wasn’t coded right?

    Most retailers would more then likely laugh at you as soon as you left. Pretty much every copy ever sold of Damnation would of been returned to stores because it was so littered with glitches.

  • Blah sorry for double post, but again @158.

    Were you trying to trade in it for cash and only getting a fraction? Cause trading in a brand new game right now with Gamestop’s promotion going on, your looking at almost getting your money back.

    30$ trade in value on heavy rain +50% for more promotion, 10% more if you have the edge card. You’d be getting almost 50$ back for it out of 60, I wouldn’t call that bad at all.

    On a side note I feel bad for you, I haven’t personally encountered any glitches in my play through of the game so far.

  • the game so far is very good,but i know its gonna get better.

  • It’s fantastic, but:

    Extremely buggy. I’ve heard the patch messes with some things, but the sound is frequently cutting in and out, there’s massive screen tears and freezes throughout the scenes, and now I can’t even load my game. So, after having played it last night for like 5 hours, I can’t get back into it today.

    Honestly, how fundamental a problem is that? It pisses me off that games are released with so many issues like this. I’m not laying the blame on anyone in particular, whether it’s the developers, or the publisher for rushing the game out too fast. In short, it’s bull.

  • I was praying for Heavy Rain to come on Tues., but I meant my preorder in the mail, not the weather (rain all day in NYC).

  • ce jeu à l’air écœurent

  • I didn’t like the demo that much, but I’m still going to buy the game. When I have the money that is. ):

  • I got my copy yesterday from Amazon. You guys really out did yourselves with this game. I love it and taking my time playing through it.

  • I have my internet disabled currently to stop the bad patch (plus a signal is out of range) and probably won’t install it at all. That is an option you know.

    A 236 patch sounded more like someone broke into the security and instead created something that broke things more.

    I’m hoping this is the case and once March 6th hits, all will be well. So far, I’m good and enjoying the game.

    It’d be interesting to see these mechanics used in a Sandbox game or even implemented and added to a stronger version of HOME.

    That would be tight.

  • Hi, How can I make a report about a Website, this website upload their Heavy Rain Guide two weeks before the launch of the game. Since that day there has been a wave of spoilers about the game all over the web. Because a lot of people has been spoiled with the name of the killer and some other topics relative with the history within the game.

  •, i went to kinko’s to print out the box art because i don’t own a laser printer of my own, nor glossy paper. ..i had to sign a waiver because of all the copyrighted material (logos and such) that was all over the image. just thought you’d like a heads-up. also, it was a little over a dollar to print.
    please stick with the better boxart so i don’t have to go through that again! and thanks! xD

  • @ Cristian Cardona,

    I emailed GameStop and they responded saying they would try to send me a code. So far, I’m happy with their response.

    @ nerdmanwhippy,

    If you don’t get a 1:1 ratio of pre-order bonuses to pre-orders, you should tell your customers this. I pre-ordered on 2/15 and the employee didn’t mention anything other than “The code will be available when you pick the game up.”

    Nevermind that on the GameStop website the instructions said “The pre-order bonus will be available at the time of reservation”. This was below a note mentioning that the DLC itself had been delayed until March 4th, so this delay had nothing to do with the limited availability of codes.

    The 11th is a reasonable date to you, but my GameStop wasn’t nice enough to communicate any deadlines or limited quantities with me.

    I called 15 GameStops when I got home and they all ran out, so I’m not blaming my store for running out. I’m blaming my store, and GameStop in general, for not communicating that pre-order bonuses are limited quantities and first-come, first-served.

    As it is, I will never shop at GameStop again. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  • @ worldagainstjose, @ VofEscaflowne,

    This stinks, doesn’t it? There’s no point to pre-ordering. In this case almost all major retailers got the same bonus, so I used GameStop because I received a $25 gift card for Christmas.

    But in the case of Uncharted 2 a few months back, GameStop was exclusively offering the multiplayer demo two weeks early along with the Revenge booster. As a huge Uncharted 2 fan, this was the best bonus I could get.

    I (again) called 15 GameStops and luckily was able to find one that would let me bring my pre-order receipt as proof of purchase and they gave me one of their codes.

  • This has been one of the best games i’ve played in a long while. Thanks for releasing this amazing experience.

  • THANK YOU for the alternate wrap for an amazing game. Something my GF will actually sit there and watch me play!

  • I never thought I would say that I almost wanted that install to take a little longer, even though you graciously allow us to continue with the waiting game until we hit a button to proceed…..Well done Quantic Dream! ;)

  • I will say that my only gripe was the pre-purchase DLC code not working. It seems the content won’t be available til March so that would be why it doesn’t work. Wish they’d have said something on the card with the code or something.
    That said….
    Man alive this is one truly engaging little piece of interactive story telling! I’m hooked.
    I’ve never felt so strongly for video game characters and I’ve been gaming for 30 years. I can’t tell you how many times I was truly moved by what was happening before me.
    Kudos to the team for creating something genuinely exceptional and different in an industry that is fast becoming a vast sea of repetition.
    I absolutely get why it’s not for everybody but for me it’s a real breath of fresh air from gunning down waves of enemies or hacking up trolls or leprechauns or eskimos or whatever.
    Now all I need is something new from the good people at Team Ico and I’m good.

  • @164 and 165(nerdmanwhippy) I did expect a full refund because they told me their policy was

    “You can return your purchase within 7 days of the purchase date if your purchase it’s defective or IF THE GAME DOESN’T WORK AS INTENDED then you can trade it in for an identical copy” well lol…looks like that policy doesn’t reach out to games that are glitched or bugged. Basically if it starts up then it doesn’t qualify as defective in their eyes, and it shouldn’t. I don’t blame gamestop. And i don’t really want to bash QuanticDream either, because the game works for some people. But i wouldn’t mind a full refund so i can get the new Borderlands DLC while waiting for a patch to fix this problem. :)

    @ bairdpga(176)
    i sympathize with you on that. They never once stated on their site that supplies were limited. I think that all people who pre-ordered the game should get a code regardless of the quantity. It’s just data. I don’t know if they can e-mail you a code or not but Gamestop or Quanticdream should do something about getting people the codes they were promised. The only time i ever see limited supply is with collectors edition versions of games.

  • gah sorry @ nerdmanwhippy Their policy states either a full refund or am identical copy of the purchase. Personally i wanted an identical copy. They were out of copies anyways =P

  • You gys really did pay for rain Everywhere. I live in South Texas and it was raining while I was getting Heavy Rain…..get some adds rolling….raining eveywhere…some Tina Turner music….good times.

  • Bought the game at 6PM yesterday, played it until 8AM this morning. Beat it, loved it! Fantastic game! I could not put the controller down at all the entire time! Bravo guys, you made one of the best games this generation, and the best story I have seen in a game in years! Awesome job!!

    Going though again to see what other Trophies I can unlock before Yakuza 3 hits…

  • I am a little upset that when I collected my pre-ordered copy from Best Buy here in Canada they had no idea about the free DLC code… I told them about the blog post here listing them as one of the locations distributing them with pre-orders but now I see they’ve been crossed off the list on the the post! This must of happened after I placed my pre-order… Any chance I could be sent a code or am I out of luck?

  • Why doesn’t the alternate Box Art Picture just print correctly on a normal printer? I have tried 10 different ways and it only prints at like 1/5th the scale.

  • I got Heavy Rain a few hours ago. It will look a lot prettier in my collection with the alternate cover. Thanks!

  • Spent the last hour trying to print this instead of playing the game, went to microsoft paint, gimp, and the software included with my printer to try and print borderless, centered, and to scale, but every single thing was either with a border, unable to center, or would not allow me to print borderless/full scale.


  • I just wanted to point out some issues i have seen so far in the game.

    1st. At times of gameplay in the game you see lines during the gameplay has anyone else encountered this?

    2nd. The trophy information is not showing up on the playstation website if i type in my user id you dont see my trophys from heavy rain.

    Last great game i beat it and really enjoyed it i hope to play it again to see the other endings.

  • awesome game.. one of my best gaming experiences this generation, maybe in gaming lifetime..

    beat it once.. looking forward to a snowy weekend to play it again and see different endings and plot twists..

    “Heavy Snow” ????

    Looking forward to not only beat it a few more times and the DLC to come but also what else David Cage and the rest of Quantic Dream has planned for us…

    Thanks for a great game..

  • First of all, great game! It sell like crazy in HK and I spend 3 days looking for it!

    Any chance you guys can improve/added enlarge text option for SDTV…?

  • Awesome game. <3

    Unfortunately, the glitch is enough for me to hate it! I was barely able to finish it and now potential system damage. Huge disappointment.

  • >without_origins

    same here. 2 hrs before i finish my first walkthrough, game freeze, reboot and i could not continue! blank screen! it waste me 1 hr before i figure out i need to start over from 2 chapters before ;( and not to mention my mood is ruin

  • well today is march 4th. and we all thought things were back to normal. WRONG. expect to hear about another official delay, might as well make it 2013 jan 1st..a day that might not even come in the 1st place. its 8:17 here pacific..almos noon on the east coast so half of their march 4th is gone already..why even offer a pre-order bonus in the 1st place
    ? make people wait for something imaginary? more frustrated and upset then normal here. we should have had this on day 1 of release

  • I preordered my copy at Bestbuy Canada, because it said on the blog post that I would be able to get the preorder bonus DLC code there.
    The day came and no preorder bonus, only a 5$ gift certificate, I don’t need…I wanted the DLC code, goddamnit!
    Turns out the information on the blog was wring and they just crossed out afterwards.
    Well, great, now I have to wait until next week to play Chapter 1.
    You would hope that the info on this blog would be accurate, but obviously they don’t have a clue and they don’t care what they put on there as long as they can call it an update.
    At least the game was good, but way too short…

  • Guys, when will “The Taxidermist” DLC be out for those who didn’t get the voucher?

    Also, when will the patch for the current bugs be out? It’d be a shame to leave the game in such state.

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