The Tester Arrives on PSN Today

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Over the past couple of weeks, thousands of you have watched The Tester trailer on PlayStation Network or online, and I know from the overwhelming feedback we’ve received that many of you are looking forward to the premiere of The Tester as much as I am. Well, the wait is finally over – The Tester premieres on PlayStation Network today!

From the beginning, PlayStation has been a pioneer in gaming and entertainment. This pioneering attitude can be seen in everything we do on PlayStation Network – from delivering genre-shattering exclusive games such as Flower, flOw, Fat Princess and the PixelJunk franchise, to launching the revolutionary 3D social gaming platform PlayStation Home, to becoming the first entertainment network on a console to offer a premiere video delivery service or digital comics. So, when we decided to push the envelope even further and produce the first original reality series on PlayStation Network, we knew the bar was set pretty high.

I can proudly say that The Tester doesn’t disappoint. We teamed up the reality TV series geniuses at 51 Minds to create something pretty special. The Tester has it all: intense competitions, nail-biting eliminations, and plenty of laughs courtesy of the hilarious Hal Sparks. In this first episode you’ll get to know Barmy, Amped, Star, Goof and the rest of the contestants of The Tester, each driven to win. Over the course of the series look for the competitions to get more physical – and wackier – and emotions to run even higher as we get closer to finding out who will win the job of PlayStation’s next game tester.

Starting this afternoon, you can download the first of eight episodes of The Tester from PlayStation Store or watch it with your friends in the PlayStation Home Theater all for free. We want to hear from you, so please comment and let us know what you think.

In the meantime, enjoy the show!

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  • cool going to download hopefully there all free

  • Thousands… out of millions. RED FLAG.

    Better to devote your efforts to something more useful, hm?

  • I’m definitely going to watch this.. my question is though.. why would they want to go through all this to get a job that only pays like $10-$12 an hour.

  • This download didn’t show up for me…. come on playstation….. you did this with home in ’08….. plz don’t drop the ball again…

  • @StarBlinky01 becuase they can play the games early. :D

  • @Tokyowasbiman its in the video section. :P yeah it also confused me for a bit.

    also the show is quite good.

  • Why is everyone so harsh. I think the show looks awesome if you don’t like it don’t download it. At least give it a chance.

  • ok so i am new to this blogging but i got a message about 50 free dollars if i sent this message around to 30 friends and that the network to keep track. i heard it works people have done it but i cant figure it out. i have sent them out so what do i do now?

  • I got a crush on Luge.

  • Just watch the first episode and have to say that it was very interesting none the least but lets see how others turn out. Lol i can already tell there making out to be the typical black guy already have people assuming im the gangster wannabe and so called playa/actor lol funny none the least….

    Hit me up on if you like games…

    psn id: Naucious or TheRealNauseous

  • Oh man, what the hell? This is probably the LAMEST thing I’ve ever seen coming from the entertainment industry.

  • Great episode.

    I of course feel that I would have smoked them all in that challenge (I do play Brain Challenge after all), but I probably don’t look all that great on camera…

  • Thank you for bringing tons of diverse content Sony! I watched the first episode and found it entertaining. However it desperately needs to be an hour long and not a half hour, everything is cut out and so compressed. Other than that- keep it up!
    Though I still would love to be able to access the Video section of the store up here in Canada. :(

  • Agreed. Absolutely loved the show, though was extremely short. Entertaining but would love more on what goes on with everyone, the feeling, the excitement, the drama, everything. Other than that will continue to watch. Love it!!

  • I think the show is a great idea & I do plan to watch, but is it a ‘kid safe’ show? I see no reference to content warnings or general suggested viewing audience so I’m thinking it’s safe for kids. Is there any foul language or overly suggestive content?

    I hope to see PSN make more shows in the future and it’ll be a great forum to throw in your own game ads for say Uncharted 2, GoW3, etc.

  • for all the people that think they know us lol try again…..

  • Hey Naucious, hook me up with Luge.

  • Wow. The first episode was better than I expected. I do feel that the first challenge was KIND of a cheap shot to send home people early. However, the contest made alot of sense. Though, on the behalf of those that got sent him, they should have at least been able to take the hat and badges home. Something to remember the experience by.

  • lol @gettinmoney662

    I dont know how to go about that, my suggestion is follower her on twitter or ask for a friend request.

  • I have underestimated the series. I’m actually loving The Tester! Will be looking forward to the next episode!

  • the host is mad hott!!!
    i like this show so far. its not going to be a walk in the park for players that are in the show. most of those people assumed since there “good” in gaming itll be a shoe in. it goes to show, just because you can brush your teeth doesnt make you a dentist!
    keep it up sony! love the idea and to be honest your the first to do something like this that is exclusive for your console. everybody can piggy back on movie rentals but you guys are like HBO with good original series.

  • I would want nothing more than to be a tester i spend more than half a day just playing Video Games so this would be a dream come true if i were to get
    i would my heart and soul into becoming a TESTER

  • I can’t help laughing at the contestants and what they’re probably expecting out of all this. I already had quite a hard laugh at that “Naucious” or whatever his name is… he was silly enough to think he was even remotely famous by posting youtube videos like “before the fame” and such, where he thinks the “haters” are funny. Joke’s on you, pal. Get ready for overtime, mindless regression testing, checklists, and monotony your inexperienced brain isn’t ready for. All for the low, low price of $10 an hour! I bet you’ll even get a [DELETED] game to start out with. No one will remember your “fame” when you’re in a dimly lit cubicle in Sony’s basement. But, congrats to whoever wins… you’ll really deserve the “prize”.

  • Can’t say, I love the show, but I like it.

    I love to be the contestant, but I belive it was limited for US only, think about your Canadian friends too. Never heard about the show till it was too late.

    I understand that the over seas contestants would be a lot harder to come by. Even the plane ticket costs, not talking about all the security thing and visas.

    Keep up the good work.

    p.s. this is not a dating site guys….. lol

  • Marketing Exec #1: Thousands of gamers on the Intarweb state that they will pay top dollar for remakes of Jet Moto and Colony Wars.
    Marketing Exec #2: Bah, gamers – I know what they want. We’ll spend good money to develop and produce a gaming related reality show – those are all the rage.
    ME #1: Sounds good, go on.
    ME #2: We’ll have a generically diverse lineup of contestants, and the hosts we’ll be a couple guys from downstairs, and that guy from Queer as Folk.
    ME #2: I liked that show.
    ME #1: I thought you would. He was also in Superman 2, so we have the Sony Pictures connection going there-
    ME #2: He was?
    ME #1: Yeah, he was in the elevator with Spiderman and he commented on ‘nice spidey uniform’. Anyway, we’ll put them through some easy-but-not-too-easy challenges and we’ll give the winner a paltry $5,000 and stick him down with those smelly dork testers in the basement. It’s a sure thing!
    ME #2: I would be honoured to lick the sweat off your balls.

  • Bah, messed that up. You get the point.
    Regardless, the only way this show will redeem itself it with some big The Wizard style payoff showing some awesome upcoming game.

  • I was curious to see the show, but I have to say, it’s pretty bad.

    The contestants that have been chosen might just be the biggest group of losers ever seen on a reality-type show–a bold statement to be sure, but I wouldn’t even want to come into physical contact with any of them.

    Case in point: the guy who was asked to leave. Dude is holding back tears, promising his family that he’ll somehow redeem himself in life because he failed to become a video game tester??? Hella lame.

    And what’s with the stupid nicknames they all have? What sane person actually refers to him/herself by his/her PSN ID in real life? I don’t recall David Jaffe ever insisting on being publicly addressed as “ChaosBlade” or anything dumb like that.

    Maybe if the show was called “Who wants to be PlayStation’s Weed Guy/Girl?” you’d have something here. You certainly pulled together the right cast for that show, anyway.

  • are the gamers names the the same as on PSN if so that would be so sweet

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