3D Dot Game Heroes Aren’t Born; They’re Made…in the Editor

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PlayStation.Blog chums,

Most games ask you to assume the role of a hero. Often, you don’t have any say in who they are or what they look like, and in some cases the customization options you’re given are limited. 3D Dot Game Heroes, while it takes its inspiration and purpose from 8 and 16-bit classics that came out years ago, gives the gamer nearly limitless control over the look (and movement) of their protagonist. The game may be all homage, but it’s certainly not out to limit anyone’s homagination!

*crickets chirp*

Err… Let’s dive into the all-powerful, easy-to-use editor, shall we?

3ddotgameheroes_screens_editor 1

One of the custom characters that comes included on the disc. I’ll call him… Monkey Kong?

Creating a custom character in 3DDGH (my fingers thank me for the abbreviation, so please note it) is more than just figuring out what it will be and look like; you have to animate it, too. Before the self-proclaimed “artistically-challenged” gamers run for the hills, snapping paintbrushes between their thumbs and index fingers, I’ll point out a couple of things. First, the North American release of the game comes with far more custom characters on the disc than the original Japanese release, allowing for even the most character editor averse gamer to experience the thrill of saving the kingdom as a ninja, shark, or heck, even jolly old Saint Nick.

Second, and more importantly, the editor is very easy to use! Copy and paste functions make things super quick, whether you’re copying and pasting one pose (Walk 1) into another animation (Walk 2, for example—above) or designing half of a character and then copying, pasting, and flipping said side to create a complete and awesome custom character.

3ddotgameheroes_screens_editor 2

Four more legs and this thing would creep the heck out of me…

And because the editor is in full 3D, offers a clean, intuitive interface, and doesn’t mess around with things like textures (trust us, when you see your creations lit by the game’s amazing real-time lighting engine, you won’t really care about textures), even the most nervous, inexperienced designer will soon realize they can save the Kingdom of Dotnia with anything they can imagine. A single, floating pixel? Sure. A tank? No problem. A flying jet? Easy. If you can dream it (and yes, if it fits within the size limit—above), you can create it.

Is there anything more satisfying than saving an entire kingdom as a dog?

3ddotgameheroes_screens_editor 3

Yeah, Master Poochi will be ready to save the kingdom… Right after he takes care of that fire hydrant back near the castle.

Or a shark (it comes up when it’s attacking)?

3ddotgameheroes_screens_editor 4

Just imagine that classic music in your head, because we can’t afford the rights to it.

Or some sort of futuristic mechanical… well, whatever the heck it is:

3ddotgameheroes_screens_editor 5

Someone get me a newspap… Oh wait, that’s us?

We think not! And the best part is: You can share your custom creations with the rest of the 3DDGH community online! Just save your character, move it to a USB storage drive, and then upload the file to our character hub site (scheduled to launch at or around the time of the game’s launch) so that others can enjoy your handiwork.

Hey, in the end, you’re hurried into a castle, handed a sword, and asked to save the kingdom. You are a hero, a savior, the chosen one. Everyone’s counting on you. So why not make sure that the “you” you’ve assumed control of for your parody-filled, homage-laden old school retro adventure is your ideal character?

Remember to check out the editor the very first time you startup your copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes, a statement that assumes that you’ve already (or will immediately hereafter) pre-ordered your copy and will be among the first to relive your childhood(s) when the game launches on May 11th. Visit the official website for more details.

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  • Even if I didn’t know a thing about this it’d be a BLIND-BUY based purely on the art-direction.

    That said, I’ve been following this since day one overseas and the fact it has ATLUS’ stamp of approval on solidifies my interest.


  • This is an example of a blog post done right.

  • While I cannot wait for this game, and am totally getting it day one, but as someone said to me, that I am also worried about, is why Atlus DOES NOT credit From Software on From Software’s games. This causes many to call all of their games Atlus games, and I think it is fair to give credit where it is due. I love you guys for bringing it over, but why leave them out?

  • i can hardly wait.

  • The day this was announced for the US I pre-ordered it. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

  • This game looks extremely promising. I’ll be getting it day one!

  • what’s the native resolution of the game?

    any use of MSAA/FSAA?

    who’s doing the music?

    will the music/audio assets be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed?

    Thanks! :)

    PS: Please don’t make the platinum trophy require multiple playthroughs. That has been a real pet peeve of mine lately.

  • I really love the idea behind 3D Dot Heroes, and have been following updates for quite a while. The only thing i haft to ask is, why don’t you just make the editor through the game start up menu and not by USB? I only ask that because it seems like that would be a negative thing that professional reviewers (ign or kotaku) would make a huge deal out of causing it to drop ratings then it truly is worth. Yea, and I also think what Sindred said about the stand alone thing would be great for hyping people up, it sure worked with Spore. Thanks, good luck

    • cooltaco169,

      The Editor IS available from the main menu; you don\’t need a USB drive to access it, only to share your creations with others online (since you\’ll likely need a PC to upload to the sharing website we\’re planning to launch).

      Sorry if I\’m not understanding your question/comment correctly.

  • Very cool, I’ll be picking it up, nicely done!!! 8)

  • This would’ve been a great addition to the “play.share.create.” community if we were aloud to take it one step further, by creating a board or section and being able to upload it for others to play.

    However, this game will still deliver and I have this already preordered. Looking forward to Demon’s Souls 2. Also, Any chance we’ll see a Power Instinct HD version?

  • this game looks very interesting.will be checking the website for sure!!.

    perhaps I”ll save the kingdom with a full
    armored chicken?.

  • Got this pre-ordered since Amazon had it available…can’t wait to play it. Any chance that this might come to the X360 sometime down the line?

  • Can’t wait for this game. I’m glad you guys decided to pick it up, and let us know about it early. Otherwise I would have had to import it. Like other people, I’d like to know about any pre-order bonus or a special edition before I place my pre-order. Thanks.

  • I am excited for this game. I am still playing Demons Souls. Your sure keeping Japanophiles happy.I can’t wait to create my Hero.

  • This is my most anticipated game of the year. Day one buy. I’d like to thank the Atlus crew for the Demon’s Souls strategy guide replacement, I just got it it in today.

    Shin Megami Tensei game for the PS3. Make it happen.

  • Atlus USA I just wanted to thank you for that awesome autographed Demon’s Soul Poster, its the best thing I’ve ever won in a contest.

  • A certain blue bomber will be coming

  • Oh man. This game looks so awesome.
    Definite day one purchase.

  • The editors seems very simplistic in design yet complex in what you may be able to create.When I get this game I think I’m going to save the world as a piece of toast.

  • Any chance of us being to use our created characters as our own Avatars in the PSN?

    That would be a cool pre-order bonus.

  • I can’t wait for this game. You guys rock! Thanks for bring the ps3 some great games. I will keep buying them day 1 as long as you guys keep making them or bringing them over from other devs. This is what made the PS brand a great console last 2 generations, and atlus is at the forefront doing it again. Thank you.

  • Dang…this plus someone with a wrong mind….ok never mind. Definitely getting this game!

  • Please tell me it supports usb mice/keyboards

    • Techni,

      I imagine you\’re referring to the editor? The editor only supports the gamepad. Trust me, you will find it surprisingly easy to use.

  • I’m SO making Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI, even if it takes me 30 years to do it.

  • Aram,

    Will you be able to swap your character mid-game…in case you come across another one that’s more ‘you’?

    • jbni,

      Good question, jbni! Everytime you load a saved game, you\’ll be able to choose a different character to load that game with. It couldn\’t be easier

      *flashes a big grin with glistening teeth*

  • My gummi ship was one pixel, man, that was fun

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