New God of War III Pre-Order Bonus and Trailer

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Spartan Army! You are only a little over a month away from March 16th, the day Kratos brings Chaos to the PlayStation 3. Although the release is a little over a month away we still have some epic size announcements in store for you fans.

The much-anticipated God of War III trailer that Geoff Keighley can’t stop Tweeting about, hits tonight, 12.30am (Eastern and Pacific) on Spike TV. Here’s a quick preview:

We also have more exciting news to share for fans. Starting today, GameStop has announced that customers who pre-order God of War III in-store will receive an exclusive 17 x 24 poster signed by Andy Park, Concept Artist for God of War III. This premium is in addition to the previously announced exclusive Phantom of Chaos character skin. The poster is available at the time of pre-order, and quantities are limited. Already pre-ordered? Don’t worry; the offer will also apply to those that have previously pre-ordered God of War III in-store. Please note that the offer is not available online. For more information, or to find a store near you, log on to

God of War III Gamestop poster

Until then, enjoy the trailer tonight, and let us know what you think!

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  • @Redd75
    I’m with you on that. I posted earlier on here too. I feel screwed outta the deal for the poster. I smashed $100 into the ultimate edition AND paying Over night shipping.
    We SHOULD be entitled to the poster whether or not we pre-ordered online or in store.

  • Video was tight!

    I already pre-ordered from GameStop.

  • The trailer was epic!

    I been to gamestop yesterday to pre order god of war 3 ultimate edition but they said the ultimate edition was all pre order! at first i could believe it but its the truth then i pre order the normal game just to have a poster but im planning to just get the poster and not pick up the game if able and just get The ultimate edition to best buy or

  • Preorder bonuses are annoying. They rarely hit Canadian retailers AND they tend to be at select retailers.

    Let me buy the stuff instead. It’s just easier. Plus, GameStop is horrible.

  • I went and asked about the poster tonight and got it. It’s a thin, easily fold-able poster. the signature is printed and barely noticeable
    in the bottom right hand corner.

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