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So earlier in the week I rushed out the first 10 minutes of a BioShock 2 interview to make sure it got up well before release, only to discover that there was some…ahem…*mixed* b-roll for the game included. Unfortunately with the game only days away from retail, the team seems to be pretty much finished creating assets, so I got clearance from 2K to capture my own PS3 footage.

To make up for my flop on Wednesday, I spent my entire Friday capturing and editing BioShock 2 single-player footage, which I included in part two of the interview…and you can see it right here. Of course, I couldn’t get any multiplayer video (the game’s not out yet and no one’s playing!), but I believe this is one of the only places you’re going to find PS3 footage pre-release. The interview covers a bunch more of your questions, focusing primarily on multiplayer specifics, once again with 2K Games’ Melissa Miller and Hogarth de la Plante. So if you’re looking for a reason to get excited about next week’s BioShock 2 release, take a gander at the video. I’m already hooked…

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  • UNCHARTED 2 PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack trailer and new renders – Last week, we put together a video revealing all of the skins in the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack – introducing them all through a subtle narrative with a twist. We also put up some new renders of the characters on the skin pack, but this time on black backgrounds to easily create your own images, if you so choose.

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  • Get the voice of Kratos on there

  • Kevin Butler and Jack Tretton is a MUST! ya hear?

  • Get Gordon Van Dyke for more Battlefield Bad Company 2 stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s a shame about the WKC reviews… What a disappointment. Clearly Mass Effect 2 is the game to get until March.

  • That been said the Bad Company 2 Demo is awesome.

  • If you like RPGs, White Knight Chronicles IS the game to get until March IMO.

    Forget Mass Effect 2. WKC is awesome. The reviewers are so wrong. I’m not sure what the reviewers are playing, but the game I’m playing as great graphics, cool gameplay, a epic, fun storyline, and good online features too. WKC is a VERY good game. Will FF13’s graphics better? Sure. Will its gameplay be better? I have no idea.

    White Knight is great. IF you love role playing games, especially ones that are semi-turn based and lots of gameplay to ’em, then check the game. If you’re not sure, rent it. But don’t pass up on this game due to the reviews. Most game reviewers are action-game fans and wouldn’t know a true rpg if it hit them on the head imo.

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