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We’re less than a week from the US release of White Knight Chronicles International Edition on February 2 and wanted to provide all of you with some updates on some of the great stuff we’ve got coming out in the next month to celebrate the game launch!

First off, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing the first of several White Knight Chronicles Dynamic Themes next Thursday, February 4, on the PlayStation Store.

White Knight Chronicles 4

As many of you saw in our one-on-one with Tsubasa Inaba, White Knight Chronicles International Edition will be supporting Trophy and Home integration. As you play, through White Knight Chronicles, you’ll unlock a certain trophy that will grant you some pretty sweet stuff in Home. This particular trophy will grant you a White Knight costume, Which one is it? Pick up the Brady Guide to find out. Also, just for having your Save Data on your system, you’ll be able to unlock a Home figurine!

White Knight Chronicles Home items

Oh there’s more! Coming this February 25, LittleBigPlanet fans will be able to pick up their very own White Knight Chronicles Costume & Sticker Pack! Now you too, will be able to Play, Create and Share using character skins for White Knight Chronicles! You’ll be able to choose from Leonard, the White Knight, the Black Knight and the Dragon Knight.

LittleBigPlanet White Knight Chronicles costumes

Also, we’d like to let you know a bit more about the In Game Commerce featured in White Knight Chronicles. Those of you interested in getting ahead quickly in the Georama will have access to an Online Workshop. This is the place to purchase unique Georama parts you cannot otherwise create. These parts can then be used to upgrade your space even further!

And our last video on White Knight Chronicles’ character creation is available over at IGN (and here below). Take a look and learn more about how your avatar plays a role in the single player and online quests!

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  • Having little to no knowledge of the title… will there be horses to ride? :D

    • Nope. No horses to ride. BUT, there will be a giant Knight to provide beatdowns with. I\’ll say I prefer the giant Knight.

  • This game is going to be epic! I have been waiting too long for it. To the xbot troll a few posts before mine, stop complaining. You don’t even know if the game has that or not, and if it does so what. You don’t have to use it just get the items in game. I doubt it has that though. I got the impression from reading that it was in game currency hence they said: “In Game Commerce”. Jeesh.. have fun paying to play online and having a broken piece of crap console die every 3 months with crap 1st/2nd party support. Just sayin..

  • Okay seriously I have a complaint. Why are they using that cheesy voice over. It sounds like the one they use in all those FTP MMOs.

  • The LBP costumes and stuff look cool, but I dont think I am going to pick up this game without jpn option, games cost so much today so I think they should come with so much more!

  • “This particular trophy will grant you a White Knight costume, Which one is it?”

    Please tell me it’s not the platinum trophy lol

  • Oh and please consider patching in Japanese voices as an option…

    It’s much cooler hearing HENSHIN than TRANSFORM imo ;)

  • @Erehwon23

    Get a life, micro-transactions aren’t the end of the world. You aren’t forced to buy EXTRA content.

  • Level 5 guys/girls are so underated, cannot wait to play this and co-op with bro

  • I know this is the US blog, but can you tell us if the EU version is multilanguage?

  • i am avery upset LBP owner right now my level which was not vulgar or offensive or copyright infinging at all is currently being moderated which im seeing is a nice way of saying deleted. all the money i spent on dlc packs and tools and stickers and i use them on my level and it gets pulled by ppl who may just be jealous or angry or just immature gets my level pulled. what a slap in my face as a consumer. how am i expected to even enjoy or invest even more time and money in this game when it can easily be taken away so quickly?

  • the US version included italian language(sub)??

  • Just 4 days for my WKC copy (if amazon want, i put one day shipping since this dont have release date delivery), ohhh my….this days are passin so slowly, i have 2 years wating for this. Can we expect that White Knight Chronicle: Awakening of Light and Darkness gonna be lacate it to NA more faster than this because 1 year and 2 month its infernal?

    PLEASE ANSWER ME, im a deadly fan of this and Level 5!!!!

  • is there an Asian version of this game?

  • I cant wait to pick this bad boy up.Also this will be the first dynamic theme I will be purchasing.

  • I definitely appreciate the answer regarding microtransactions. While I am dissapointed there will be unique items we cannot get without paying extra I still look forward to the game and I’m glad I have it pre-ordered as I get the feeling this one is going to be flying off the shelves.

    • That\’s good to hear. I totally understand your sentiments, but appreciate you still making the purchase! Believe me, you won\’t find anything lacking content-wise with your full purchase.

  • I know that the European version of the game is multi-language, but I was wondering if the English version in particular contains the Italian language as well.

    Thanks for your time :D

  • Hmm, I guess a Giant Knight to provide sufficient beat downs is a fair trade. At least consider horses for the next title? :) Thx.

  • Will there be any special bonus for pre-ordering the game?
    Ex. Bayonetta came with a Poster Collection
    Marvel Alliance came with a code for the Juggernaut.

  • There is no zip on the Dragon Knight!

  • How are the microtransactions going to be handled? Through PSN like DLCs, or through the Game’s servers? hoping for it to be like DLCs so can just use PSN Wallet.

  • Hi! I’m from Spain and I have a little question.
    If I buy the US version, I’ll have any problem for play online in my EU console?

  • Awesome Update. Stupid Tues. lol any chance of early release? Come oooooonnnnn lol Okay so this micro thingy(I know the name, but to lazy lol)….. Ummm will it have PSN card money used for it? Not a seperate way of transfering money to purchase stuff.. and how much will it cost on average. I bought stuff for Home. So why not buy stuff on WKC if I feel like it ;P

  • I don’t see what the problem is with micro-transactions. Its actually a better thing to have them. You don’t have to buy stuff if you don’t want to, but it does give us the option. I am really looking forward to playing this game, and im glad its a ps3 exclusive >:) Thanks Sony

  • Those sackboys look awesome.

    Still can’t wait for sephiroth and maybe someday cloud!

  • @SnakeEater4991
    Some people dislike MTs because it means in some cases to get the full experience of the game you may have to pay more than they already high 60 dollar price tag. In other cases it might give someone an unfair advantage over someone. There was a time when you bought a game and you got everything on day one, for many MTs are a jarring change to the status quo, especially in this ecconomy.

  • why no jpn support, there is plenty of room on the disc too…this is a deal breaker for me

  • Being confirmed the English dub, it is possible to have in a future the japanese audio has a paid DLC in the PSN Store?
    Lot of users want that option, even if it isn’t in the retail version.

  • Ok I know I shouldn’t be angry at you guys for this cuz its not really your fault (I don’t think it is atleast) I’m at work(Best Buy) we won’t have it for sale until tomorrow FEB 3rd! Why do we have release dates 1 day earlier than the available to purchase dates still?!? This not annoys me cuz I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this game but for customers who go out of their way to get it on the day they assume its RELEASED! AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!

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