NBA Comes into PlayStation Home + NFL Player Jerseys, Paris Clock Tower Personal Space and More!

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If you’re like me then you are literally counting down the days until Super Bowl XLIV and wringing your hands in anticipation of the 59th Annual NBA All-Star Game. You’re a hardcore sports fan that spends all of his or her spare time either sitting in front of the tube watching the game or (better yet) sitting behind your DualShock controller and playing the game. And the only thing better than being at home with an ice-cold beverage cracked, watching your favorite team with old friends is being IN PlayStation Home finding new friends to launch into Madden NFL 10 or NBA Live 10. And that, my fellow ballers and leatherheads, is why PlayStation Home is THE place to be this week.

Continuing to come strong with the sports content, EA is bringing a boatload of football and basketball items to the PlayStation Home community this Thursday, January 21. From NFL jerseys that sport (pun intended) the names of some of the league’s best players – from Romo to Manning to Bush – to NBA jerseys emblazoned with the logos of your favorite teams, we have something for every sports fanatic this week (that is, unless you are a fan of curling or solo synchronized swimming.) Head to the EA SPORTS Complex or the PlayStation Home Mall come this Thursday and stock up on these hot items before Super Bowl fever lays you out or you get benched for throwing elbows on the court.

Home JerseyManning Male Home JerseyFarve

Home Female LosAngelesJersey Home Male ClevelandJersey

In other news, we’ll be releasing what is easily one of the coolest personal spaces ever to launch in PlayStation Home – the Paris Clock Tower. This unique apartment, overlooking the bustling Parisian streets, is a marvel of urban living, unrivaled in terms of luxury and highly-customizable so as to suit various tastes. Choose from a variety of furniture and clothing options, bundled together at an absolutely killer deal, and put your personal touch on the Clock Tower personal space. But first, check out the screens for a peek at what this awesome new space has to offer.

Home Paris 1

Home Paris 2

This week’s PlayStation Home publish is heavy on sweet new reward items, with White Knight Chronicles and PixelJunk Shooter rewards now unlocking in PlayStation Home after in-game performance milestones are reached, and a free Star Ocean t-shirt unlocking for users that visit the PlayStation Home Theater and watch the special video contained therein. Check the pics below for a taste of what’s in store for you this week.

Home Female White Knight Chronicles 1 Home Male Star Ocean T-Shirt

Finally, those of you who grabbed the Waterfall Terrace will be thrilled to find that a ton of new furniture items are being released to complement this wildly-popular personal space. You can grab these Waterfall Terrace-themed items (and many more) in the Furniture and Estates stores in the PlayStation Home Mall. For a list of all the new content (and, in the case of virtual items, their locations), be sure to check the Latest Updates tab when in-world. You can access this tab by pressing Start to open your Menu Pad > Community > Latest Updates.

See you in Home!

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  • 1) Curling is actually fun.

    2) Will the the new home space actually reflect current local Paris time on the clockface and/or will there be a day/night cycle? Seems rather important if you’re going to have a chrono-themed environment for sale.

  • I bought a Florida State Seminoles jersey from the EA Sports section in the store.

    I’m loving these Jerseys!!!

  • How about NHL jerseys?!!

  • To make appartments more fun would be to designate codes, which could be given to your friends so they can build up the party while the owner is off line. And with that should be options to what they can access. You guys are Sony!

    If you build it, they will come!

  • When are the evolving items going to fricken evolve already!?

  • Locust Star in the future do u think u can get more hair styles in Home preferably anime based its pretty boring seeing everyone with the same hair style.

  • Will the game launching only work with NBA Live 10? More people have NBA 2K10..

  • So after we already bought NFL jerseys, NOW we get actual player jerseys? And no Giants represented? Real smooth.

  • Locust_Star you mentioned PixelJunk Shooter rewards. Are these in addition to the rewards that are already available?

  • Why come out with more Waterfall Terrace furniture, I mean really, I’m sure that everyone else has already reached their 50 max limit on items aloud. So until you increase that limit, don’t waste time coming out with new furniture for larger apartments.

  • Mark Sanchez jersey with mustard stains!

  • *sigh* I recently bought $1.47 worth of basketball items in the PlayStation Home mall. So now I’m going to have to dish out even more money to get a Sacramento Kings jersey. But anyway why don’t NBA jersey’s get player’s names on them or will they come in a later update? Cause I don’t want to spend even more money after getting the regular Kings jersey to get a Tyreke Evan’s Kings jersey.

  • Hey will we see more sports themes on Playstation Home this year. I would love to see MLB parks where you can buy for a private spot on Home. And furthermore also have MLB jerseys just in time for the Major League Baseball season. Just thought I’d add my own input/feedback on the boards. Reason why I ask is very simply the Sony MLB Show series is the best baseball game for New-Gen.



  • Which Manning, Eli or Peyton? Hope it’s #10 Eli NYG.

  • Dammit you guys just conned me out of 3 more bucks. I got to support Ochocinco.

  • sigh, not enough varity in that mix. it would be cool if you could pick and choose what player you wanted to get, like an option to pick a Oline guy or something..

  • Re: Pixeljunk items – I see on the japan store they have the existing outfits (unlockable for us) but they have them in multiple colours; any thoughts that these will be ported?

  • Question regarding White Knight… is this material a prep for the games US release or am I missing something related to the release date of the game. (Feb 2nd?)

    Also, if we have the Import version would that copy also unlock the items? I planned on getting US release anyways.

  • When will NBA have player names jerseys?

  • I want to see the release of media (both video and audio) in a personal home from the user’s HDD. Currently holding off any other purchases until that. And is it me? Or is the summer House buggy with furniture?

  • No Chris Johnson NFL jersey???

  • Once again we need NBA Player jersesy

    Here are the hottest-selling jerseys

    The Top 15:

    1. Kobe Bryant, Lakers
    2. LeBron James, Cavaliers
    3. Dwight Howard, Magic
    4. Derrick Rose, Bulls
    5. Dwyane Wade, Heat
    6. Kevin Garnett, Celtics
    7. Chris Paul, Hornets
    8. Paul Pierce, Celtics
    9. Shaquille O’Neal, Cavaliers
    10. Pau Gasol, Lakers
    11. Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets
    12. Steve Nash, Suns
    13. David Lee, Knicks
    14. Allen Iverson, 76ers
    15. Kevin Durant, Thunder

  • “Very nice update” When my wife sees the new Paris clock tower, it’s instantly purchase knowning she been there before. i’m also glad i don’t have to sign into my japan account just to injoy my white knight anymore. :D !Two Thumbs Up!

  • Please make home load quicker. That’s the only thing I ask.

  • I really like the white knight and the girl in the red dress. Now that’s classy.

  • @45 LOL where have you been.. the fishing game has been fixed for like 3 days now…

    My concern now are a few things like for instance.. Locusts tells us to post in the support forum.. why, nothing ever gets answered or addressed there. For instance. Waterfall Terrace Furniture Bundle, does not seat the proper amount of people. Like for instance the LOVE SEAT is suppose to seat 2 people.. and it seats one. The couch is suppose to seat 3, and it seats 2 LOL.. Please FIX THIS…

    And $4.99 for a space that looks small? No thanks… And wow.. more furniture for the Waterfall Terrace.. Like we needed more.. I have mine maxed at 50 items right now and it still looks empty.. and you’re adding more furniture for it.. Nice LOL.. well guess I won’t be buying it.. since I have 50 items already in it.. INCREASE THE LIMIT!

  • how can you get the new reward items the White Knight Chronicles and PixelJunk Shooter????? thanks

  • Wondering if MAG will be appearing in Home…

  • Would it be too much to ask for NHL jerseys to be released in home also. Don’t leave us hockey fans hanging!

  • I want PS Home unlockables for every game

  • I sorta agree with #81, I mean.. there should at least be a bowling T-Shirt when you get a turkey :)

  • every week i read the home blog and every week someone asks about tv,s and radio,s i.e music and video that you can access from your hard drive to play in your personal spaces as shown on the original home trailer.and i have never once seen a reply to this question from sony? can you tell me is it ever going to happen.

  • also can you please stop people spamming game launches,when you block/mute somebody it should disable their option to invite you to a game ,some people think its funny to invite you hundreds of times over!!

  • Hey Locust_Star,

    When you say Manning, which one are you talking about? Is it just Peyton or is it him and Eli? They’re twin brothers; both quarterbacks.

  • Nevermind the last comment. I scrolled too fast and skipped your previous reply to the subject.

  • Nice update, but what would be even nicer is if the fishing game would be fixed at the Waterfall Terrace. >_<

  • Fix the already existing broken/glitched items before u add even more! SCEA greed is endless

  • Every sport except synchronized swimming and curling? So you have cricket?

  • SOoooooo….whatever happened to our personal 3D Trophy Room? Once You (Sony) make it happen, i will make room on my HDD for Home. Thank You

  • Loving that we have more jerseys!

    The Clock Tower space is great looking you guys! Well done. I like that it goes classy which hasn’t really been done in Home personal spaces yet.

    MORE GAME / HOME Connectivity! I LOVE that White Knight statue!!!!

    I get the feeling that the majority of developers are either turning their noses to you Home dev’s, or don’t see the profit in the time spent with integration. Please be our voice to these 3rd (and even 1st) party game developers!!!!

    Wonderful update you guys!

    (PS. Home Trophy Room…just saying.)

  • I haven’t tried Home yet, but the idea of unlocking features/items/apparel/space, etc. in Home through the games you play is an awesome idea and would definitely push me to give it a try.

  • What?!?! No Detroit Lions player jerseys?!?! Where’s my Jason Hanson jersey??? You know…the only Lions player to consistantly generate offense for the past 10 or so years? Best kicker in the league!

  • We need PS HOME integrated into PSN via the XMB…….. Our avatars in HOME need to act as our online persona’s, last but not least if Sony wants PS HOME to take off they need to drop this fake life crap, and instead focus on HOME being a real meeting place for gamers to game!

  • I’d really love to have a robotic scorpion statue for my personal place (any color) from Sodium 1. Just something simple to make the space more rewarding. Either charge credits for it, or make it something that can be earned with enough stomps. Evolving objects need to evolve quicker too.

  • Thanks so much for confirming the glitch.

  • These updates are coming in nicely but so many things needs fixing still, Hot Shot Golf Space Questionnaire. IDK if the Wizard Den Space is fixed yet for the windows to see outside, the Sodium space furniture the three chair seater, if you trade your credits for the 1 seater it replaces the three seater that is catagories in the chair section and not the sofa. all these I found and i think everyone noticed it and its been almost 3 months for some but 6 months for Hot Shot Golf. Though keep up with the updates there still good and entertaining to all

  • As a matter of fact, I love curling and despise “football”. BTW, if any big chiefs are reading this, the Home Glass Tables are all screwed up…you see there are multiple versions of the table and apparently the programmers are unaware of this…it’s been a mess for months.

  • the nfl jerseys are great![anyone have any idea if there are any modern warfare things coming to ps home,and if so…..when.I am dying to get ghosts face mask for my avatar!]

  • can u guys make a eagles jersey PLLLZZ!!! :)

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