White Knight Chronicles: Why You’ll Want to Play Online

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We’ve been talking about White Knight Chronicles for so long, that it’s actually a bit hard for me to believe that it’s only 2 weeks from hitting stores. But [checks calendar], that is indeed the case! A few days ago, we held a media event in San Francisco to allow reporters hands-on time with the online portion of the game in a team setting. You can find impressions here, here, here, and many other places as well.

I also sat down with US Producer Tsubasa Inaba to talk ask how robust the online feature set is with White Knight Chronicles.

I can’t think of another RPG whose online modes (if they even exist!) are so intertwined with the solo campaign, and so I can personally see myself investing a lot of time there in just two weeks. Also, we hope you’ve been enjoying the tutorial videos – a third one (featuring a dissection of the character creation options) will be debuting soon.

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  • I want to get this game…but I’m still a little skeptical on the gameplay…I always thought that it would be an action-RPG…hopefully we can get a Demo

  • RPGs are not meant to be played online.

  • When will this game come to Europe?Amazon still haven’t send me information about its release.:(
    Also will it use worldwide servers?

    The online system sounds very innovative and i heard the environments are massive and open-ended (which is the exact opposite from the corridors of FFXIII) so i’m really looking forward for this WKC.

  • I can’t wait to get this game! Jeanne D’arc for PSP was awesome and I am sure White Night Chronicles will be no different. Level 5, you rock!

  • Jeff and how do the servers hold up on this game for online play? It would suck to have a lagfest.

    Anyways, I’m getting this for sure, it was one of the main reasons for me to pick up a PS3 back in 2007!! (the hype for it @ TGS2007 got me)

  • @Cristian Cardona
    Thanks for the info Cristian Cardona. I guess I will just play the single player until the online is up. Can’t you guys bring the online servers up 3-4 days before the game is release PLEASE?

  • I’m a little concerned about the 1 hour cap for online play. Is that enough time to complete the missions online? Can we adjust the time cap?

  • 14 more days, so damn stoked for this game. Opting to pass on picking up FFXIII day one due to the fact I’ll be playing the crap out of WKC. Super stoked to hear about Home content, it was something I asked about a little ways back.

    One question I do have is whether or not weapon synthesis a la Dark Cloud will be in WKC. I remember hearing that it was confirmed awhile back, but it was never really touted as a feature since then, still in the game right?

    Anyways, keep it up Level 5, you rock!

  • @smokey_vols (#11):
    I personally have trouble putting Demon’s Souls in the traditional RPG genre. That game was much too unique to simply pass as a JRPG with online elements, it’s really in a class of its own.

  • @Einhander138 -52 Says you? There have been many very successful online RPGs like Phantasy Star Online and Monster Hunter. This is a big reason I am picking this game up because of the online play.

    @LpSquall I hope we can at least start were we left off it it takes more then an hour to complete a mission.

  • i already preordered this game so i hope its good ;)

  • Como deixar um poster por aki, ou talvez alguem POSSA me ajudar, o serviço home e todos os outros nao estao diponivel no brasil? nao consigo jogar nem ver os demos na pagina do networke.
    alguem sabe o porque?

  • @ 62 Translated “How to make a poster by aki, or maybe someone can help me, the home service and all the others are not available in Brazil? I can not play or see demos on the page of the network.
    Anybody know why?

  • Is there really an online cap?

  • Why couldn’t the online mode have its own open world? I know it would have taken longer to develop for, but havin it be a real mmo would have been tight. This just feels tacked on for single player purposes. I’m sure it will be fun, but I was expectin like a further story or side story for the online portion.

  • So much for the end of the GoW3 drought.

    For shame, Jeff.

  • Thanks for adding in voice chat and keyboard support!
    Just make sure we can mute and block text if someone is misbehaving.
    -The Giantbomb video interview was great.
    -Can the Area5.tv guys get some love in the PlayStation Conversation?!

  • i REALLY can’t wait to get this game! I’ve had my eye on it since the very first trailer ever released. I’m glad they took time to fix any issues of the JPN version and also add features as well.

    it’s going to be hard though since ME2 is released a week apart from this one.

  • Grabbing this Day one! I love RPGs. The PS3 needs more of them.

    Also Jeff can we expect a Yakuza 3 interview with Sega? They really haven’t said anything in regards to the game.

    Also another request Mr. Rubenstein, any other GT5 interviews?

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    Hey, even though this is off-topic, I recently got Demon’s Souls, and I’m wondering, will the dynamic theme ever come over to NA? It really looks better than any other dynamic theme I’ve seen and I definitely want it!

  • Ive seen footage of the battle system, but Im still a tad bit confused, hopefully some one can clarify. When you ste your combos or so are they all linked to gether by pressing the attack button repatedly so it feel like you have complete control of the battle in a way or is it all done automatically, although I kinda wish battle sytems were that of Rouge Galaxy that by far I beleive is the best battle system Ive ever experienced.

  • Day 1 purchased…already paid for.. just have to pick it up at the store. I have been waiting and waiting so long for this game! I am an rpg fanatic and you guys don’t do the PS brand justice like you did PS1/PS2 (and hell even the PSP), the next two months are different though 4 JRPGS for the PS3 and WKC is starting it off!! Thanks Sony, Level 5.

    Now Sony when are you going to be putting Legend of Dragoon on PSn store, and pestering square for Parasite eve, vagrant story, bushido blade, Brave fencer musashi, konami for Suikoden 2, Grandia etc? There are so many GREAT PS1 RPGs still not on the store, yet you guys put lame games like bowling, ford Racing and Spec Ops… I got some news for You Sony PlayStation Gamers Love RPGS…look at the history books!

    Sorry to whine…but had to . Anyway WKC FTW!!!!!

  • YES, YES, YES!!!

    Jeff, any word on the localization of the WKC sequel? Hoping they’ll narrow the window between the Japan release and the US/Int. release.

    2010 – Year of the PS3 (J)RPGs!!!

  • IMO, they should put the new GoW3 trailer in with WKC. Even though they are way different games, it would make me happy :)

  • looks pretty good might pick this up when i get some cash$$$$

  • I may not be able to afford it day one, but it is on my list above FFXIII. That sounds strange coming out of my mouth since it was FFI that got me into gaming all those years ago. Anyone that has followed the press on FFXIII knows my reasoning. I could have used this game during the dry spell about a year back, but thank you for bringing it to The States. I look forward to finally having a great RPG for my PS3.

  • When will we be hearing more info on The Last Gaurdian?

  • is there any reward items for NA region of playstation home youll most likely skip this to answer the same question but hay just thought id give it yet a nother try someone else ask but you just skiped over his question to answer when it will come out we know when i just want to know one simply yes or no question for a possible buyer of the game that would like to no if hes getting more bang for his buck

  • @49 im sorry i didnt see that when i posted twice on here guess that i need to look closer but i would of even know that because what they use for uploading vids doesn’t work on my wii or ps3 which i use the most for web surfing

  • I am trying to replace my hdmi cable with the av cable thats supplied by screen is just black when I hook it up? Can anyone help, please

  • Already pre-ordered and can’t wait! I’ve loved every Level 5 game so far, Dark Cloud 2 being my favorite. It’s almost like it’s impossible for them to make a bad game!

  • I can’t wait, been waiting for the next console Level-5 game since forever. D:

  • is it 100percent free online? if not , another crappy mmorpg.. like wow. i’d rather play grand fantasia, sword of the new world, Zu online, Asda Story, Etc.

  • I love RPG’s! I played Dragon Age Origins day and night non-stop! I know White Knight Chronicles will be no different!

  • If I import the game and unlock trophies with my european account, do I get the Home stuff?

  • @ #83

    It’s a JRPG with multiplayer, not an MMO. Think along the lines of Final Fantasy with multiplayer.

  • very important question regarding ONLINE..

    Will US and Europe players be able to play together online??

    And what about with Japanese players??

    Please please answer this question!

  • Thanks for brining us this title to NA even if it did take awhile.

    I think the Georama feature is what I am most looking forward to, a great addition to RPGs. Is the area avalible for you to build expandable? From the demo videos it looks like several buildings are quite large and take up a significant portion of the avalible building space. Are we able to make larger towns?

  • Since im from Dominican Republic i wanna know if this NA version of the game gonna have any spanish support like subtitles, i dont have problem if not, bue its always nice play your favorite game in your language (im wating for WKC since 2007, i love level 5 and put my preorder long time ago, im more hyped with this than FFXIII, i have a coutdown on my perfil coment in the Playstation network also).

    Anothe thing, we want some bonus for this tipe of game im seek that just “big releases” have it, or at least some special edition.

    Finally, i see the game selling around 100K units first week since have more than 30K preorder according VGchartz righ now, 50K preorders its possible.

  • @80

    The problem you got right there is based off of how the system operates. You have to manually change the output settings before you can use a different set-up(In my instance, I’m gonna have to change them from HDMI to basic RCA, then switch modes on my tv).


    Does this game allow saves at any point (like in Oblivion and Fallout 3) or does it cling to the archaic system of only being able to save at certain locations?

    And if the latter, why, dear God why?

  • @91

    Hope they go with the “archaic” method instead of dumbing it down to the new “take the real challenge out of it” method. Please just go play a WRPG. Please!!

  • this needs a coloector’s editon with all the japanese voices and everything. and definitely a figurine like dante’s inferno. that white knight bust would look sick. come level 5 make it happen.

  • An RPG set up for online mostly is set up to fail. This game is a dead man walking.

  • @80 professor bins
    just hold down the power button for 10 seconds and it will restore ur system to factory settings. dont worry all ur saves and trophies will still be there.

  • WKC looks pretty tight with that online feature, son

  • Being that this is coming out so close to FF-XIII, I won’t be getting it right away unfortunately… I have no idea why you would do that no one has even heard of this because if it. It does look like lots if fun though and it’s awesome that it’s another rpg with multiplayer like Demon’s Souls.

  • Getting excited! I hope it is better than the japanese version, because that one wasn’t as good as I expected…

  • #93

    How does allowing saves dumb anything down?

    Some of us have lives outside of the PS3, and we can’t sit playing silly little computer games for hours on end.

    And when real life calls, having to come back and replay a bunch of stuff that you already played seems dumber than just being able to continue from where you were.

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