MAG Trophies Revealed

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Ah yes, Trophies! We know you love ‘em. How do we know? Because you guys have been relentless in asking us about which trophies MAG will have over the last several months! And so, we give up – you’ve gotten it out of us! Listed below are all 38 PlayStation trophies you can expect to unlock when MAG ships out on January 26. Will you be the first to get them all?

MAG CES Screenshot


  • Angel of Mercy – 25 enemies killed in their in incapacitated state over a career
  • Boom Town – Earn the Mortar Demolition, Total Blackout and AAA Demolition Ribbons
  • Close Call — Earn three Bomb Squad Ribbons
  • Clown Car – Awarded when a player destroys an APC or a Bunker, killing two players
  • Commandon’t – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Commando
  • Coughing Killer – Killed an enemy while affect by poison gas grenades
  • Dropping Like Flies – Destroy five enemy helicopters
  • Duteous Maximus – Be on the winning faction for 10 Directive matches
  • Efficiency Engineer – Earn three Bunker Buster Ribbons
  • I Drink Your Milkshake – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Field Support
  • I Got 5 On It – Kill 5 enemies with a single Strategic Strike, excluding Poison Gas Barrage
  • In Your Face – Earn five Combat Melee Ribbons
  • Jack of One Trade – Awarded when a player reaches the bottom tier of a skill tree
  • Junkyard Jockey – Earn three Mr. Badwrench Ribbons
  • Lil Buddy – Earn two Purple Sidekick Ribbons
  • Mia Culpa – Kill 50 enemies in a turret over a career
  • Out of Scope – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Sniper
  • Screeching Halt – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Rapid Assault
  • Target Practice – Awarded when a player shoots down 25 paratroopers over a career
  • The Harder They Fall – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Direct Action


  • A Whole Lotta Hurt – Earn five Combat Machine Gun Ribbons and five Combat Fragger Ribbons
  • Baby Need a Bandage? – Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons and 5 Golden Cross Ribbons
  • Chest Candy – Awarded when a player has earned one of every ribbon
  • Devil Dog – Earn 5 Combat Assault Ribbons and 5 Combat Sidearm Ribbons
  • Double Trouble – Earn the Golden Cross Medal and the Grim Reaper Medal
  • Hammer of the Gods – Called in 50 cluster bombs or mortar barrages
  • Headhunter – Earn 5 Silver Bullet Ribbons, the Longshot Ribbon and the Sniper Master Specialist Medal
  • Precious Cargo – Destroy 20 Escort Vehicles over a career
  • Silent But Deadly – Awarded when a player kills 25 enemies with Poison Gas over a career
  • Steamroller – Have a 3-to-1 Kill-to-Death Ratio in any match
  • Take Me to Your Leader – Earn 1 win as a squad leader
  • The Streaker – Earn the Streaker Medal
  • Triple Threat – Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons, 5 Master Engineer Ribbons and the Grim Reaper Medal


  • Commandant in Chief – Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Raven character
  • Eager Beaver – Awarded when a player has earned one of each medal
  • Prima Noyan – Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a S.V.E.R. character
  • Sergeant Major – Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Valor character


  • Massive Action Gamer – Won All Trophies

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15 Author Replies

  • i heard of a survey that asks about having to pay to play this is that going to happen? are we going to have to pay to play this ???

  • great game, but will there be more maps weapons and modes? and whats the framerate of the game cause the aim down looked like 2 frames!

  • If you reserved a copy of MAG at a certain Retailer ie; I reserved it at GAMESTOP but hear that the valor skin will only be at best buy and this was before the fact on where Valor skin will be given at BESTBUY, Whats the deal on this Jeremy? One other question will there be an option to trade or purchase these skins if you prefer and certain region?

  • Can you please answer this Jeremy.. This is the only worry I have about MAG..

    Are we going to be able to Make multiple charactors, or will we have to delete it to make a new one, like in the Beta?

  • first off dano socom sucks when compaired to MAG. and MAG is a monster undertaking. 256 players in 1 game. you guys at ZIPPER pulled off great i loved every second of the beta now i still hate the sver wonder gun. and the maps well i got into bush hunting on raven sabo map. i love MAG you got me SO ADDICTED. my comment on my list commet read MAG RULES REST SUCK. till i posted the count down. now its only a few days off and ill get to permantly keep my atac2000. i thank you all for MAG good to hear it bigger than the beta. but do promise me to even out the guns. as for comand dont count strike tk on them some idiots run to smoke like a moth to a flame. but thanks for the greatest game of 2010 it been a pleasure testing it for you. and it had me addicted the first day. oh by the way i wish you hd a stratigic comand. let me introduce myself im RRHOA mangudiaforce bf2 pc the comander of robert reeds server befoe getting hacked and wiped 10th bf2 comander of the world. i asked EA if they would make a128 or 256 player they told me it would never happen. lag made it to prohibative. THANKS for making my dreem a reality.

  • Nice.

    I have to wonder why they chose such low quality picture, but nice job anyways. :P

  • In my opinion MAG will beat all shooters. ESPECIALLY Mw2 but thats my opinion. Anyways it will take a while b4 anybody can have the platnuim, unless they are thoose annoyin noobs or mods… but MAG is gonna shake the fps foundation.

  • ok dweezy ( first off no music.) pump up music = single player noob so do your squad the favor no music. c dabuma b socom sucks compaired to mag. now go away. sscoolchea i agree mw ans all cod suck. madmaneu dont buy it then. madmaneu = low intellagence dose not understand MAG. punish ignorance. i remmeber yo sver = handed a win. but they wont ein if i have any trhing to do with it. RAVEN Comand RULES.

  • i do want to say this we have a few check out the other factions. and worst discovery 8 to 10 shots RAVEN asult rifle 3 to5 valor 2 sver. most defrnsable maps sver. sver aqusis and dom map nick name the meat grinders. so sver is handed the win. you said you had the best if cod mw. well im 3 star gen 2 times over bf2 pc comander of robert reeds. called in many servers the ledgendary comander of bf2. sver will never win if i get my way even with the wonder woman braclets and the 1 shot hand howitzer. ad this name is on you tube my sctreen shots and a few other vids. plus MEC DEALER is me as well im NE mangdiaforce so you fot the bst of non team fps thry got me from the once best team fps ever. soon to be MAG though in a few days

  • Im having trouble being able to pre-order MAG and get the Raven Character as a bonus, who can I get in touch with? Apparently the closest store i can pre-order it at is over 4 states away from me!! Help!!!!

  • kopek you dont get a raven bonus charature. you join raven when you get the game or valor or sver. you dont get a bonus raven. you either are raven or not. im RAVEN. always and forever RAVEN. even if sver gets coddled and given massive advantages. and trust me i know we have already infiltrated sver and witnessed it first hand. all the advantagers. all of the handed a win. and you can always goto gamestop online who will sell you a copy via the internet and ship it as well. if you interested in Raven. join us there are many good groups. ORG SSA TG KMP and many more. we will help you now TG if a multi platform multigame clan not a MAG clan. good luck try the net www is a wonderful service. no store needed MAG is there too if not store is near order MAG from the net.

  • jer there is one issue i was worried about. grouping had issues with the full group not getting in the same game. is this going to be better in the final version. and even more so is there a multible group up 16 group grouping option so 16 familiar groups get in the same match eliminating the obstanant non lisening free radical. that typically plaugs the team oriented fps. it was a problem in beta and we grouped still lost due to the solitary im a super soldgr. running around whining knd not thinking w and l. me i am lets dont lose player where most are oh nooooo my k ad d wuss players. cowering back wimpering. i do hope there is a more advsanced lrg scale grouping system waIting. so we dont have to put up with lost games due to mr i have no team skills.

  • I think you misunderstood, There are “pre-order” bonuses if you pre-order the game at different locations, and to get a special “raven armor” you have to pre-order the game at Game Crazy, but its so far away from me, im unable to “purchase” that bonus… I think its a bit unfair to be honest, but im hoping sony has a solution for me!

    And PS: Its good to hear Raven sticks together ;-)

  • bonus armor lol. it wont help kopek. sver has wonder womans little braclit panties and the 1shot hand howitzer. special armor will do no good. trust me. being a loyal RAVEN. ive been in the beta prog. sent spies to test sver and valor weapons. i myself run light mesh. now it more on the fact of this i can get places and carry more vissious weaponry argus gas and claymores with the slienced scoped atac 2000. now i lose the med kit and have to revert to a first aid. but i got to load out my main gun and carry my 2 most valuble assets. but i lose armor and take more damage with no big loss they got to shoot at me to kill me and well that is the catch. see most cases they wont even see me before i kill them. ive had sver pass over me not even knowing i was there. just to die seconds later. you have to love claymores. im a spawn raping monster. any sver will tell you they died coming out of spawn to me many occsasions.

  • lol such limited posting. good to hear you like loyalty. now there are groups and people that will be loyal other will be fair weather. others yet trophy hunting. im a RAVEN strictly and excusivly. Loyal thrue n thrue. ok im also a leader a very well trained leader. this name acctually comes from age of empires 2 xpnsn Conquerors. the ia is switched a noob ran got the correct sperlling. it was to be Mangudai_Force. but i settled for this i was a stratigic wargamer from 1997 to 2005 when i let the zone found fps games ending up in battlefield 2 in 2006 till around june when my comps cpu fried now a friend open my eyes to ps3 well more like MAG. and i got a ps3 imeditly. and here i am. this name is my most well known name. and in some cases hated but respected by others. but as a leader i learned loyalty is a must to winning. and i demand loyalty. in bf2 lol i acctually had gaurds that would team kill for me. you look threaghtning to mr recon would tk you. he sat at my bunker guarding me the entire day. being a battlefield 2 comand was dangerious. lol join us kopek

  • For platinum: Has ANYONE noticed that you’ve got experience, but your stats screen reads “TOTAL Experience”? Judging by that, you’re probably keeping your medals and ribbons when you “defect” to another PMC.

    Oh, and judging by the IGN tourney: Someone will have 60/60/60 by the end of January. Some people hit 60 in less than 36 hours. Eager Beaver will probably be the last non-platinum trophy for most.

    Framerate/graphics: Lots of moving people, lots of flying ammo, lots of stuff that needs to be computed on the fly. Keep the graphic level down a bit and you get more server processing power devoted to all the activity.

    I HATE FPS games. I hate online multiplayer games because of online idiots (and yes, I found a number of them on MAG). I’m getting MAG because I enjoyed the beta that much.

    Oh, and just remember: There’s nothing that says your entire CLAN can’t “defect”… ponder that.

  • that is true but there is also loyalty to your team a clan is a clan they come and go. trust me i know more about clans than any console player. i lead several. my first was NGTin jan of 1997. then i lead Dark_Angel which boasted a mass of 780 headache idusing players. THB SDC NE and lastly RRHOA which really is a server and we are server loyalist. but then robert reeds is a special place a no rules place. where whining no attacking the uncap baseraper wont get you banned and trust me i know about getting banned for attacking the uncap. but then again lol i love at mining the tanks and dpv. im also a LOYAL RAVEN. if you hunt trophies go for it. but only trophies i took are screen shots. and trust when i tell you if your against me. im a devious sneeky harsh monster. im a rrhoa monster. go against me at your own risk. 4 years 9 distinguished service metals 13 good conduct 5 combat actions 3 armored combat 2 chopper combats BF2 medals. 10th comander of the world. there is a RAVEN nightmare team coming.

  • as for garenteed trophies. out of scope. jack of 1 trade. hammer of god but silent but deadly is a given. lilbuddy as well. now why well if you were in the beta. i love argus and clays. but i realy love sniper hunting. slowly i creep up. there he is. eye in the scope not paying attension. as i slip up easing inches away. my rifle is inches away from his head poor lil sniper. has no clue im there. i speak. You know what problem a sniper has. they respond. just to hear me say. A sniper is to busy with his eye in the scope to know he is dead. then he gets shot dead in the head from inches away. ask savaho he got it repeatadly one match. nothing i love more than killing snipers. why battlrefield 2. snipers there = lost game. i even desinged CATA comand assisted target aqusistion for using an m1a2 battle tank to kill snipers off roofs across the map. so snipe if you will ill find you and kill you. see yo all soon very soon

  • sounds like a challenging platinum!

  • Yo, mangudiaforce, keep your comments a lil shorter… Maybe learn some punctuation and grammer while your at it. Knowone needed to hear all of that. If we all wanted to hear your opinions, or what you do every game for points, we would have asked. Now every time someone wants to look threw this forum, they are treated to countless paragraphs of your nonsence gibberish.

  • I jUsT hOpE tHaT tHiS gAmE iS aS gOoD aS tHe NeW cAlL oF dUtY mOdErN wArFaR 2 oR bEtTeR.

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