Coming to PSN this Week: Magic Orbz Winter Pack

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Hi everyone! It’s Scott Hyman, back yet again with news about more fun content from TikGamesCreat Studios. I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season.

First off, we’re making a change. The coolest brick-breaker on PlayStation Network has a new name, and some great new content to go along with it.

What was once Magic Ball is now MAGIC ORBZ!

So, I know what you’re thinking: “That is the greatest name that I’ve ever heard in the history of gaming, and I wish that I thought of it myself.” No, that’s not it? OK, then it’s, “I am so impressed. Everything really does sound much better if you just add a ‘z’ at the end.” Not that, either? How about, “Well, now that it’s called Magic Orbz, I simply have to play it. How could I possibly pass that up?” See…that IS what you’re thinking. You just don’t know it yet.

But seriously, we like the sound of it, and we like to play it even more. And to make you really love the name, we made a new Add-On Pack so you can stay up super-late trying to beat every new level and lose even more sleep while singing the praises of Magic Orbz.

For those of you not familiar, Magic Orbz presents a fresh spin on classic brick-breaking gameplay, enabling players to bust apart bright, colorful 3D environments, piece by piece. Using realistic physics and a super-high-tech system of object destruction, Magic Orbz is presented in stunning 1080p with Multiplayer Online and in-game live voice communication.

The new Winter Theme Add-On Pack is filled with penguins, igloos, polar bears, and lots and lots of snow and ice, featuring 25 new levels to creatively destroy, and new trophies to discover. The Winter Theme Pack will be available for $2.99 this Thursday, January 14th in North America.

For those that have already enjoyed the wonder of Magic B… err, Magic Orbz, a patch is available to properly rename your favorite PSN game!

As always, everyone at TikGamesCreat Studios thanks you all for your support, your feedback, and your purchase. We all work very hard to bring you great games, and we make sure to read everything that comes our way from our fans. We can’t do what we love without you!

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  • I’m thinking Tiger Woods trademarked Magic Ball(s) sometime back and that caused the change.


    Next time you blog…all ‘s’ characters need to be ‘z’.

  • Oh, hey, PS3 browser users. I just figured out a simple way to comment here without using the exploit I mentioned earlier. It’s how I made this comment and the last one. Just stop the loading of the page after a couple seconds. Some of you try it out and tell me if it works for you as well……..though I suppose if it doesn’t, you won’t be able to tell me……

  • @50 – LittleBigPlanet offers plenty of cross-franchise content and has plenty of success. Why would it be any different with Magic Ball… or Magic Orbz… whatever.

    And, like I said, I’d pay an extra $2 for a licensed content 25 level pack.

  • haha dammit creat studios for takin some dollars out of my wallet again but its totally worth for a game as addicting as magic ba- err umm orbz

    loved the ninja idea from ASSASINHD also want u guys to make a zombie level i men who doesnt love killing zombies

  • I don’t get the point of PS3 anymore..

    It doesn’t have a web 2.0 browser, It doesn’t support UPTO DATE FLASH, PS3’s Browser freezez on SONY’s own corp website and its sub websites.

    Flash Player on it’s Own BLOG cannot be embeded! or viewed by a End user

    Why do you guys have to rush everything you do, First with the ugly PLAYSTATION 3 Spidy logo and now with this crap, Get your QA phase right SONY and Eric Lempel before releasing a product and or FW Update…

    I can’t wait until PS3’s 3D FW Update go’s live and messes up everything… So other companies can keep laughing at PS3.

    My God

    SONY – break.everything

  • Cool… I saw this last night looking at trophies and had to do a double take to make sure my eyes werent’ playing tricks on me at 3:00AM lol… Anyway it’s a great game at a great price. Can’t wait to buy the dlc pak. thanks!

  • i have a suggestion for a level pack
    how about a futuristic level pack
    please reply to this

  • Name change seems pointless, but I don’t really care. Seems kind of late to be releasing a Christmas pack? Regardless it looks better than the last pack.

  • Vikings sound cool as well, though we’ve already had pirates, and Vikings in popular culture are kind of like early pirates, so my vote is still for ninjas.

  • See this is wroth it. The price for the amount of levels.

    Not a complete rip off like other DLC we see on a daily.

  • I didn’t even know this game existed. Looks good though. I enjoyed Shatter a lot. Is there a demo?

  • Yep it worked for me thanks Darth-Krayt!

    Anyway i’ll definitely be getting this DLC, looks like good value for what the price is.

    And personally i prefer the name too.. sounds better


  • I have always wanted to buy this game. Unfortunately, there has been no free demo. This absolutely means “no sale” for me and many of my friends. What a shame!

    Still waiting for that Madden Arcade demo the other console patrons received.

    Everyone repeat after me: “No demo, no buy.”

  • A complete change of the title after it being on PSN Store for so long is a really unusual move… especially for a change as slight as changing Ball to Orbz.

    If there was dissatisfaction with the game’s title, why not hold a contest and have users submit names and vote for the best? Winner could take an in-game credit and a free copy of the game.

  • Discs rule and DLC drools.

  • Funny…still called Magicball on the Tikgames website.

  • Yay, getting attention by changing your name. Release an update that makes the ball magical instead of a soccer ball and maybe I’ll buy the add-on. You want to set yourself apart from all the “ball” games, but you market a soccer ball game yourself.

  • Why the name change? TikiGames and Creat Studios licensed Magic Ball under agreement from Alawar Entertainment to create Magic Ball for PS3. My guess is that the licensing deal was ending and they had to change the name in order to keep making DLC for Magic Ball. It’s a bad business idea to work hard to establish a brand name and then change the name because its “sounds better”. Looking forward to the new DLC.

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