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You may not have noticed this, but last week we upgraded our old workhorse Blog server (which had been around since the beginning) to a coterie of processing beasts. It’s like moving from My Little Pony to a team of Agros from Shadow of the Colossus. That’ll mean less downtime on the busiest of busy days (a rarity, but still nice to avoid), comments should appear immediately (hence less double posting), and, most importantly, John D. should now be unable to break the site.

It also means we’ll be able to start working on adding some new features. But before we get to that, I wanna make sure we tied up all the loose ends on this server switch. I’ve been hearing the occasional commentary about people being unable to view the site on certain browsers at certain times. If you’re experiencing any problems, please let us know in the comments area. And yes, I realize the irony of asking here on the Blog itself :-)

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 4, 2010)

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  • first !

  • second! and coolio, i want new features! woot!

  • Hey jeff,M actually very glad to see you and wanted to ask something which has concerned me for the last 2 weeks:

    i just wanted to ask if sony officials know about the recent rumors of “illegal piracy attempts” or not :( i would quote the link but thats probably not a good idea.So is sony taking notice of it or not ? Now we don’t want something like current psp piracy condition all over again for the PS3 do we ?? I just hope sony is working on firmware update to close those security loop holes…


    P.S bring on the podcast already :P !

  • And by the ” illegal piracy attempts” i mean PS3..i hope everyone stays cool with all that i wrote : |

  • Love the 3D stuff.

    Is GT5 news going to be coming soon? …I mean it’s already got a cover sorted out before GoWIII…

  • Over at Destructoid they just posted a story about a Hong Kong game review outlet that gave FF13 a 4/10. Linear, no back tracking at all (!), overly melodramatic story, and, above all, just plain boring (in addition to bad voice acting and poor character design). Cheers!

  • Jeff, any idea on what the God of War3 Collector’s Edition’s replica of Pandora’s Box is made of? Do you think it’ll be something heavy? Any word on when we’ll hear more about it on the blog?

    • I think it\’s some manner of \’resin.\’ We\’ll see if we can get an actual weight. We\’ve got a prototype in the office. Maybe an unboxing video when we get the final?

  • Nice news week with CES and all.

    BTW, will the PSBlog be doing countdowns for MAG, White Knight Chronicles, and Heavy Rain?

  • ps3 browser video fix?

  • Hope to see a sweet *** year for PSBlog :)

    John D is god

  • “most importantly, John D. should now be unable to break the site.”

    a challenge has been made…I got a bad feeling about this :(

  • when i click on a headline using firefox it says 400 Bad Request and underneath that it says nginx and then the site wont work on firefox for a couple of hours

  • Hey Jeff is there anyway you could get the playstation blog videos posted on the Whats New section of the PS3 XMB, that would be so cool to watch all these videos straight from the PS3 XMB. If Qore can do it so can you.

    • We\’ve done it a couple of times, so yes – it\’s possible.

      Thing is, it has to be recoded and resubmitted several days in advance, so then it might not necessarily be \’news.\’

      We\’ll probably be sure to do it for all future FW updates and other big-ticket news.

  • Cant wait for Feb, its going to be full of ps3 JRPG’s and congrats for the new server

  • @12 same here, I have been getting the *bad request* error for a while, I also use firefox.

  • Sounds like we need John D back for another 20,000 comment blog post to test it out ;)

  • Jeff I can’t wait for Q1 games to start releasing 2010 baby the year of PS

  • Asked before, will ask again.

    Will GvD and the DICE guys be back to talk about Bad Company 2, especially the single player campaign? It’d be cool to hear something before the game goes gold.

  • “and, most importantly, John D. should now be unable to break the site.”

    That sounds like a challenge to me!

  • i also read the ff13 destructoid/hong kong article and it seems that the game is going to suck

    actually,i’m more excited about wkc,resonance of fate,sakura wars,last rebellion,lunar for the psp etc etc

    btw,jeff when are we gonna hear more about wkc here on the blog?we are less than a month from launch and you guys are pretty quiet about it :0

    • There\’s a WKC media event going down this week. You\’ll see stuff from that, absolutely. Anything in particular that you\’re wondering?

  • Who’s John D.?

  • Mannnnnnn i just saw Shadow of the Colossus and got excited lol Jeff please dont play like that lol

  • MAG beta was great. Gettin that one for sure.

  • Oh, I always though my comments were getting deleted because I would never see my comment after I wrote it. Good to know.

  • yes of course but i just thought that we were gonna get a remastered ps3 version thats why i got excited lol and im with the guy who said countdowns to MAG , White Knight Chronicles and Heavy Rain , i havent seen any tv advertising for those games at all , at least make 1 video with all of them and another question why best buy dont get the best pre order exclusives? i really dont like to go to gamestop , i went to pre order Heavy Rain yesterday and the guy was a fanboy , he said that Heavy Rain was coming out on xbox too and that i should get an xbox because they have all the best games , man i really hate going to gamestop but for some reason they always get the better pre order deals , good thing i pre order MAG and God of War 3 at best buy , i still dont know any pre order bonus for White Knight that why i havent done it yet

  • lol i hoped u knocked on wood when u typed that. when is John D.’s next blog post? i want to see what happens.

  • @jeff

    When are we going to here more about GOW3? There has been no updates on the GOW3 site are here for that matter. You all need to get the ball rolling now man. There should be a major marketing blitz for this game don’t you think. When are we going to here anything?

  • Hey, Jeff…Do you know if we’ll get an Final Fantasy XIII demo this week on PSN?, just wondering because Sonia Im Square-Enix on her twitter page confirmed they’ll be demoing it an san francisco bay retailer.

  • Jeff,

    Will the new server help block out awful avatars (ie. your Chelsea FC one)?!?


    • Chelsea?? Eff Chelsea, I\’m a Gooner!

      You\’re probably thinking of Asad Q (Uncharted Marketing Team), and there\’s no helping him.

  • I know this has nothing to do with Playstation, but have you seen the Alienware MX11? it is sooo FREAKING Awesome!

  • when i click on a headline using firefox it says 400 Bad Request and underneath that it says nginx and then the site wont work on firefox for a couple of hours

    Jeff Rubenstein replied on January 10, 2010 at 5:41 pm
    OK, when’s the last time that happened?

    it happens every time i click a headline

  • i love you.

    I just bought ratchet and clank ACIT off ebay for 40 bux.



  • @31 Same thing happened on mine too. I couldn’t access it yesterday. But there was an update for Firefox and I restarted it and it’s fine now.

  • Pshhhh Guys FireFox? Come on now we all know Chrome and Opera are the fastest :)

    But seriously they are the fastest.

  • My only issue has been that I (as well as a couple hundred other people) have not gotten any communication with Sony since merging PSU with the PSN ID (some time more than a year ago).

    Jeff, you’re name has come up as the contact person championing a resolution to this issue, yet it doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Worst yet, there are more and more people all the time experiencing this since the last time you looked into it.

    I’m pretty frustrated not getting info about new games and most of all, missing betas on a regular basis.

    Please take another look into this. I’ve been a regular around here for more than 6 years… and it’s pretty frustrating to still have this issue for more than a year.

  • Ok so its official; Jeff just laid out an official challenge to John D. Hey John u need to come up with something colossal. This isn’t even about the prize but about the challenge Jeff just threw down(ok so a great prize for commentors would be sweet too). Come on guys we need what a free copy of god of war or something and let’s see if we can help John crash this b!tch with 10000 comments…….in the first 5 minutes. John the ball is in ur court.

  • So, we’ve got 3D and a new controller-type coming up in the near-ish future… The combination of those two is sort of freaking me out. I mean, if the screen looks like its right in FRONT of your face, then the globe thing would be, what, IN your face? Should I start worrying about some sort of dimensional material/biological overlap? How certain are we that things aren’t going to start getting grafted into people’s skulls?

  • 1 more week from tomorrow until we hear more about God of War 3… YES! IN THE END THERE WILL BE ONLY CHAOS

  • yes In The End There Will Be Only Chaos , i cant wait !!!!!

  • @Kchow23
    how do u know that?

  • It was said by multiple people that Embargo would be by Jan 18

  • Jeff, it’s been almost 5 hours since my first comment on this article, and it has yet to show up! Fist one was in FF, second one was in IE, and this one is in Chrome!

    WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!?!

  • Jeff,

    I’m currently not having any problems browsing the blog with Safari, or IE 7. When it comes to, many of us on the forums keep getting a session expired page when we try to click the friendslist and portable ID links. Another thing would be when we click someone’s Portable ID to browse there trophies certain games don’t show up in the catalog such as the God of War Collection, and Darksiders just to name a few.

    If you could please pass this along to the correct team for the community. These features mean a lot to us!


  • second! and coolio, i want new features! woot!
    Find Free Trial

  • What ever happened to Dylan Jobe? He use to always be around for Warhawk updates. I know he moved onto other things, but is he not still with Sony?

  • looks really good and can’t wait to pick it up but under your list of links one said that even though you can mod your kart it doesn’t actually effect it’s performance eg. You could put in a bigger engine yet u wouldn’t go any faster, have better acceleration? Seems a bit odd..

  • @33 after update and all it keeps happening to me (like it did just now) the only way to fix it is to close and reopen the web browser but it will probably happen again later.

  • I wish I could use my ps3 for streaming movies on netflix. Sadly I can’t since netflix does not ofer this service to Puerto Rico. I have contact them by email but I have never gotten a response.

  • Jeff i have just seen new screenshots from the latest videos of God of War 3 , is that how the game will look like ? OH MY GOD … thats all im gonna . thats a true system seller you guys have right there , im stunned !!!! im really dying to see the new videos

  • I love that you’re working on 3D, and I think you should make Echochrome in 3D! That could be really awesome! :O

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