Heavy Rain Officially Releasing on February 23!

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Many people have been asking about when precisely Heavy Rain is going to hit store shelves in North America. Well, I’m here to deliver great news to those of you who are antsy to dive into this highly anticipated PS3 exclusive being developed by Quantic Dream. Fans of Heavy Rain can get their hands on this highly emotional thriller beginning Tuesday, February 23rd at participating retail stores.

Heavy Rain Mall Screenshot 3

As mentioned last month, players can pre-order their copy of Heavy Rain now at participating retailers, and will receive, for free and before anyone else, the first episode of The Heavy Rain Chronicles (valued at $4.99 each episode) titled, “Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist”.

Still don’t know enough about Heavy Rain? Check out our GamesCom posting to meet Heavy Rain’s director and co-CEO of Quantic Dream, David Cage, as he takes fans through one of more than 50 scenes this spectacular journey has to offer.

Heavy Rain Screenshot 4 Heavy Rain Jayden Thoughts Screenshot

Continue to check back here on the Blog to get the latest news about Heavy Rain. We’ll have more to come in the next couple of weeks!

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  • Only possible on blu-ray!
    Thank you Quantic Dream!

    Innovation = must buy!

  • Cool! The day after my birthday!!! Definitely looking forward to this one. Just bought Demons Souls today too, gives me something to do while I wait.

  • I read on gametrailers.com that Heavy Rain is releasing on February 16th in the US…now I would trust the blog seeing as it is a first party source, but I would like to see the earlier date be true…can anybody shed light on this?

  • Great news.

  • Heavy Rain in February what harrow able time to release a game like this. why release two big name exclusives in the same month that’s not a holiday season.

    it took Sony a year and two months to release White Knight Chronicles. now they shoot the hype for that game and possibly kill the sells for that game. not to mention its a whole host of multi-platform games coming out at the exact time frame.

    then on top of that they have God of War 3 coming out 30 days later. along with God of War, Final Fantasy XIII coming out two weeks later. gamers are going to save there money for one or both of those games cause they can relate to them over Heavy Rain.

    Heavy Rain hard enough to explain to the average gamer. i don’t understand why release a game like this around 3 RPGs, like 3-6 action games. and 3 of your own exclusives plus 1 third party exclusive. i think August would have been a better month to release a game like Heavy Rain.

  • So are Gamestop stores supposed to have the codes right now? My store says they never got them.

  • The different languages are french, spanish portuguese, and english in NA version? I was hoping to have japanese dialogue like the stage demo showed in Japan.

  • Many people are asking the release date for Gran Turismo 5 too.. Since Tokyo Game Show in September. And even before that. But those fans still have no idea how long they still have to wait. And every time asked about it in an interview, the producer claims it’s just a marketing decision, and the game will be ready at the same time as the Japanese version.. Then I’m really wondering… why haven’t we got a release date yet.

  • @MSUHitman i think they will only have them the day it comes out…that what the gamestop site seems to say

  • @55

    Would you mind sharing that time machine with all of us? I mean, on the account of you knowing what Sony has cooked up so far in advance (Most notably, after E3) and can predict Heavy Rain’s sales numbers.

    As I’ve several times for several different games on this blog…the audience doesn’t bleed over as much as people think.

    The guy who wants Heavy Rain isn’t interested in MAG or White Knight Chronicles. He isn’t a rapid action game like God of War III either.

    And for folks like me, the ones that almost exclusively buy 1st party release – an extreme minority, my dance card is nearly empty. I won’t be shelling out for games like Dante’s Inferno or BioShock 2. So that leaves maybe 5 games in a three month span.

    Further more, Sony hires analysts to plan these releases out. They don’t just fire darts at a calender and decide “Hmm, this is the date”. They’ve done market research with retailers to determine what is most beneficial for everyone involved, including consumers.

  • @Grondinm
    That’s not what the site says for in-store customers.

    “Store / In-Store Pickup Customers: A pre-order card containing a code and instructions on how to download the content will be available at time of reservation.”

    If you order online, you’re emailed a code when the game comes out.

  • I really am excited for this title and kinda bummed that North America is not getting a Collectors Edition. Why not share the love? :(

  • @61…well i would assume that the codes would be available in both cases at the some time don’t you…i think they just selected the wrong status code when they created the page…either way call them up or go in and see. my local ebgames had no clue i’m just hopping they actually get it….

    @60 you would be a little wrong i have a pre-order for heavy rain and GOWIII i think the time frame is just fine….if people would just do the smart thing(if they can) and go to ebgame/gamestop and preorder they pay them off little by little until it comes out…mine are pretty much paid for already and will prbably pay them off this weekend.

  • Will there be a playable demo of Heavy Rain?

  • I know this is single player oriantated but will there be a patch that includes offline and online co op. Not alot of exclusive games for the ps3 have offline co op or mp.

  • BIRTHDAY!!! :D

  • Fantastic news. I’m very excited about Heavy Rain. Finally a fresh and original game with high production value that doesn’t try to fit an existing mold. This game is at the top of my buy list, above the many other great games coming to PS3 this year.

  • Can you tell us what languages will be included in the UK version of the game, please?

  • Ahh man Heavy Rain needs a better release window, like in April or May. I really hope Heavy Rain will do well.

    Can’t say I’m bummed though. Heavy Rain this soon and on top of that it is on my birthday :D. Feb 23rd is a great day indeed.

  • Hey everyone! Listen to my advice. PRE-ORDER GAMES IN ADVANCE!! Yes, I know..giving Gamestop $5 for nothing does suck..BUT it works like a lay-a-way. I had Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank: ACIT paid-off a month in advance.

    I had Bayonetta and Darksiders paid-off weeks before their release too. I just finished paying off WKC and now I’m working on Heavy Rain. It’s so easy paying Gamestop $10 or so a week ahead of time rather than having to spend $60 when it hits. It works! Believe me!

    Anyway, this game is going to SO FREAGIN GREAT!!! Please Sony..I beg you…GIVE IT SOME MARKETING!!! And one of those “It only does everything” commercials. Oh! Then air a serious commercial during CSI, Criminal Minds, and all those other shows.

    Please don’t let this game fail!

  • Will the Heavy Rain Chronicles episodes contain trophies?

  • is it me or one of the main caracters look like Gerard Butler??? ;-) This looks so awesome.

  • Oh gosh! Happy Birthday to me! Can’t wait to play with this baby. Thank you.

  • The game looks amazing! kinda reminds me of Shenmue Anyone remember that game from the Sega Dreamcast days?..Also MAG is a joke can’t get in the Beta at all And Matt Hazard why no Mulitplay to play online with my friends the price is also a little to high for my tastes =(

  • I really think you Gamer Developers need to rethink before you jump to conclusion’s saying the game is prefect when its not.. Sorry if you make a 2 player game this should have Online Multiplayer support otherwise the price is not worth it.. =(

  • why no collectors Edition for America?…And then you charge $59.99 that’s ridiculous!! =(

  • Looking forward to playing it. =)

  • Ohhhhhhh can’t wait for this game. My most anticipated game of 2010.

  • =) Awesome!

  • You guys do realize that the people who are really, really looking forward to this game are probably going to get the collector’s edition from Europe, which is probably going to be a few hundred, maybe even a few thousand of sales lost in the US?

    Oh, but reader Figroti has a wonderful solution! How about giving US (get it, US, and U.S!? Ha.) a Collector’s Edition?

    Actually, all I really want is the fancy box. That thing is beautiful!

    So, even though Sony has no faith in Heavy Rain in the US because all US likes is FPS, gives the people who have been looking forward to Heavy Rain since the first piece of media was released something special. (A nice box)

  • Will the NA version of the game be censored in any way? If it is then I’ll just import the EU version.

  • DEMO ???????????

  • damn ps4 should have real life graphics?

  • Just pre-order it from amazon.ca and also GOW3!!!

  • I’m tempted to import the HMV-exclusive special edition that comes with a theme, slipcover, and the full soundtrack. Anything I should be concerned with, language wise or anything of that sort. Its a kickass special edition and it’s not coming to North America.

  • I can’t wait to play this one, the screenshot at the bottom looks really suspenseful

  • I can’t to play this game.

  • We should get a demo, I just can’t wait till Feb 23rd lol.

  • Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooly Crap. This is the best news.

  • Awesome, thank you. I’ll pre-order it soon.

    Now GoWIII release date. :)

  • I have pre ordered the game. NOW SONY fix the marketing so ppl that dont follow gaming news knows about this innovative game!

  • Sorry, but you’ve lost a sale.

    DLC being announced before the game is out?

    No chance to get the DLC on the disc like Europe is getting?

    I don’t care how good the game is, I will *not* support these kinds of business decisions – where the consumer is given and incomplete game and then gouged for the rest of the content.


  • I have already pre booked the limited edition! But fix the marketing and not only in uk, fix it in the Nordic states like Sweden! Ppl I talk to when I work (work as a salesman in the gaming area in a big electronic store) dont know a thing about this game. These people is the “casual gamers” and they are the big pie that Heavy Rain needs to be successful. Whit good marketing that is not a flashy commercial but instead an informative and well designed tv spot is the key. The make a well designed tv spot that gets to the point. But in a package that is free from this flashy stuff that flash around and take away the concentration from the potential costumer.

    AND Make it clear that this game is NOT AN POINT AND CLICK GAME (like dragons liar) but an psychological thriller whit user created endings. That might even make women that usually dont play games get interested! And you all know that the biggest group that buys stuff is women.

  • I pre-ordered this on Amazon *and* from my local GameStop as early as I could. Couple of questions:

    1. are the audio assets 24-bit and/or lossless? there’s lots of dialogue, I know, but some games leave do the music as 24-bit and then upmix whatever 16-bit assets they had in order to deliver a (mostly) HD experience.

    2. are there any gay/trans characters?

    3. Several of my friends and I are disappointed there will be no collector’s edition in the NA region. Is the UK Collector’s edition region-free?

  • My first game of 2010.

  • Got my copy pre-ordered. Come on Feb 23rd :)

  • Will the Chronicles feature Trophy support?

  • Yeah SCEA demo please I don’t want to buy a game that is rated bad =(..I just Preordered Dante’s Inferno Can’t wait I got the SE version AO else?..

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