Live from the Sony Electronics CES Press Conference

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There’s a reason I take it easy on New Year’s Eve – a couple of days later, many of us in the tech industry make the annual pilgrimage to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.

As many of you know, CES isn’t typically a game-heavy exhibition (though PlayStation *will* have a presence). But since things like HD displays and stereo sound are so integral to the console gaming experience, we know that you’re interested in what goes down at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Today, at 4:15pm Pacific, Sony Electronics will kick off the show with a press conference, which will showcase the wide range of entertainment that Sony brings into the home (and which we’re a proud part of). We thought you might be interested in watching, and fortunately, you can see it live on Sony’s Ustream page, our Facebook page, or embedded directly below.

For more on CES throughout the show, head over to Sony USA’s CES website, and keep an eye on the Sony Electronics YouTube portal for videos on 2010’s coolest gadgets and drool-worthy home entertainment components.

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  • I need an iphone/ipod touch app to control my PS3 Blu-ray player (like the BDP-S770).

  • wow… bloggie?

  • so the games section is over? at least Sony Network Entertainment sounds great.

  • That was sweet, those camera traded pictures, they even can send prints via wi fi epic… i wish said how those bad boys cost…

  • I’m disappointed that this was posted on the PLAYSTATION Blog since it’s not really Playstation related at all. The only information so far about the Playstation was really just about the network.

    PS: Howard Stringer looks kind of like Austin Powers’ Dad.

  • Thanks for putting this up Jeff.

    I just happened to logon when it started.

    Go Sony !

    They should put this up as a rerun in the Home Theater.

    Great show.

  • Shouldn’t this be streaming in HOME?


  • Cant wait for 3d gaming! stardust must be nice loll

  • Man I really don’t care about 3D. Except for maybe playing Gran Turismo 5 in 3D with head tracking.

  • Good show. I got my wish of 3d info. All I need now is the price.

  • WOW! sony has so much happening in 2010, its crazy. i really want some of that stuff. I cant wait for the 3D era~

  • 3D seemed to be the big focus of the show. While 3D does look cool, I don’t think it’s as big a deal, or “the future”, as they make it out to be.

    I’ll still welcome it, though.

  • very dry, bit dull and apart from 3D not much was really anounced. The new Sony Bravia’s looks brilliant quality very vivid, contrast ratio etc. all very good and camera looks good especially the ‘transfer jet’ – very fast downloads in a bump they did 3 pics transfer in literally 2 secs? Impressive. Apart from that not much that was original and awe-inspiring. Just more sony products working more in-sync with each other and in the future maybe every sony product featuring the same layout (eg XMB of PS3 or similar)

  • 3D is good in all but the question I want to know is how much extra is this going to cost the consumer on top of the cost of the PS3 and HDTV and the Cable HDTV that we are already paying for.. its exciting but how much more money do you need form us..

  • Am I the only one that think 3D TVs and 3D gaming will be a flop?

  • Nice, great info on the upcoming tech, the 3D Bravias look awesome, I can’t wait to pick one up, hopefully the price isn’t too steep!!! :D

  • Dammit Jeff. Why didn’t you notify us of this sooner? I just came back home. If I knew about this before hand, I would have watch it :(

  • Just me or has it stopped streaming? i paused it to go to the loo and when i came back and hit play it started from the beginning and then it just stopped after a 1 min or so

  • Very Disappointing for PS3 users… was hoping for info on the Paid Subscription for PSN, info on Motion Controller, info on upcoming exclusive games, and maybe a os update. And I was hoping for a PSP 4000

  • Threee-Deee
    Imagine playing GT 5 at 1080p at a buttery 60 fps all in 3D!!!!

    If that aint the stuff, i dont know what is.

  • no playstation TV show ?

  • @ 65

    I think 3D TV’s will be a flop, but 3D gaming will be hit and miss. It depends on how Devs use the technology.

    For example: Alien vs Predator in 3D would be completely crazy. Especially facehuggers trying to grab at you. But with a person reacting that way with the screen, they would need to implement Head-Tracking for balance issues.

  • sony was trying to be like apple, but failed, all this bla bla and what? 2–3 years since psn has launched and no video service in canada, at this rate, we will have all this features in 2020, meanwhile apple, itunes and the way they are doing things is the way to go

    once sony has a service with the quality of itunes, worldwide, not just for usa and japan, then they can start bringing out all this little gadgets, but now there is no point, psn is still in the preistoric age

  • What happens if we missed it?

  • 74, if you missed it, your psn will not upgrade to the new worldwide psn expansion

  • where can i watch this since i’ve missed the live showing? will this possibly be reuploaded? please say yes

  • It’s CES, not E3. Some ppl need to do their homework

  • I herd ps3 was making online have a price instead of being free. I am wandering if this is true or not?

  • You people asking for Premium Services on PS3, what are you on crack? If it does happen you can pay for my bill :)

  • I missed it. Give us the replay here.

  • Bring
    ‘PS2′ Playback
    PLEASE :)
    That is all i want now.

  • It’s 2010 already and the PS3 still lacks some major features for no real reason… Sony is pushing the 3D marketing hype.. I believe it will be a huge financial mistake in the long run because thinking that the majority of people worldwide would start trashing their 1-4 year old HDTV sets and projects to upgrade to 3D specifications it’s something that is surely not going to happen.. rich people maybe will but the majority of potential and actual customers will just not do it. Even because the 3D technology being used nowadays in theaters and that Blu-Ray, HDTV sets and projectors are going to support is far from advanced, far from realistic and surely not so much better than 3D from the ’50s/’60s era.
    There will be no real 3D at home nor in theaters for movies and games until true holographic screens that don’t require glasses will hit the market and be used…

  • The industry knows that very well but managers and marketeers now think to be able to get big bucks from people worldwide by selling an outdated 3D technology despite true holographic prototypes and specifications are already available and/or in the works and scheduled to hit the market starting from 2015-2016 if not before, with the UHDV 32MegaPixel revolution, holographic 1TB or higher optical media, H.265 ISO/IEC MPEG Codec, Sony Playstation4 … and so on…

  • I will keep requesting some major features for the Playstation3 that Sony could easily add/enable thru firmware updates:

    – DiVX 7 Codec support (.mkv container support)
    – FLAC Audio Codec support
    – Ability to create folders on the XMB to organize and sort pictures,videos and audio files on the hard disk
    – SAMBA support for accessing files and folders on the LAN shared by Windows,Linux,OSX machines as well as NAS units.
    – Video/audio encoding/transcoding software on Cell to be used like SpursEngine PCI-E cards on PCs .. Let the PS3 power to be unleashed and used by customers using their PCs to quickly convert,filter,upscale,encode,enhance audio and video files.

  • Still no word on Vid-Zone for America with In Game Music A Better friends list and longer ban list Universal List Perhaps? =( Premium Services not unless it has what I’ve been asking and waiting for months now IN GAME MUSIC! with a more friendlier network Service Sick of the boot out of Connection in COD MW-2 LBP..Please fix this ASAP!.Cheers

  • Yeah same here 3D Glasses come on! It looks like something from the 50’s..And $300 bucks is to much. =( They should concentrate on bringing the European Dance club with Vid-Zone as well as for the entire world a Music Download Service..IPOD Service Perhaps?..Because if your not going to allow me to play my own music in my games at least start a IPOD Service!..Sorry Howard Stringer Kaz Hari we are getting sick in tired of Vaporware..

  • good job sony i hope that you are able to imprees me this year me more than you did this year

  • im So Glad i Bought the PS3 when it first came out i feel spoiled its the best research ive ever done

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