Happy Holidays From Guerrilla!

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Between the release of Killzone 2, the Behind The Bullet demo, the three DLC map packs and the PlayStation Home content, this has been an extremely eventful year for all of us here at Guerrilla. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, the fans, for supporting us throughout 2009 – by cheering us on, by playing our game, by giving us feedback and by sharing your passion. Without your enthusiasm, there simply wouldn’t be a Killzone 2. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an exciting New Year!

We hope you’ll come visit us regularly at Killzone.com.

Killzone 2 Merry Christmas

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  • LOL helghast santa. >:|

  • Thanks GG for making a unbelievable looking game, MW2 does not even come close to the visuals and graphics that KZ2 has. SOOOOOO cannot wait for KZ3!!!

  • Congratulation on such a eventful years guys, but their is one thing that I and many others fans of killzone would like for Christmas present. Can you please make it so that we can copy our game files over to another system. PLEASE!!! I dont want to play the game back over on higher difficulty just to play my favorite stages over again when I upgrade my hard drive so Please do something about it Sebastian Downie lol

  • Happy holidays to you Guerrilla Games!

    Killzone 2 is a superb game since day one purchase!

  • can you download the santa suit?

  • Merci beaucoup.

  • Happy holidays to you guys/girls to!
    I hope we will see KZ3 at E3 2010 that blows the competition away. Lets hope for graphics that no one cold guess PS3 could deliver! PLZ!

    but don´t forget to borrow from call of duty so you can get successful in sales to!!
    Lets give gamers OPTIONS so you can have cod controls or the original control that KZ2 provided before all the patching. Then all should be happy.

  • Happy holidays to you guys/girls to!
    I hope we will see KZ3 at E3 2010 that blows the competition away. Lets hope for graphics that no one cold guess PS3 could deliver! PLZ!

    but don´t forget to borrow from call of duty so you can get successful in sales to!!

  • @15 lmao and you got a helgasht avatar you fail lrn2troll

    we don’t want a MW2 clone so plz gtfo if you dont like the game others do, like me. I think that Battlefield is a better franchise than Call of Duty

  • Happy Holidays team Guerrilla! You guys made 2 of my favorite shooters of all time! I am hoping you make the third! Killzone simply rocks! Killzone 2 was even better! I can’t wait to see the hell Rico caused for the ISA in the third one!!

  • Happy holidays to everyone at GG.

    Thanks for all your hard work and a special thanks to all the unknown people we’ll never hear about whos hard work will never get mentioned.

    I tip my hat to you.

    All the best in 2010, cant wait to see what you guys have planed for the ps3.

    (hope you guys have a little somthing planed for the psp aswell)

    All the best guys, be safe and have fun.

  • KILLZONE 2 is my GOTY

    The MP controls with high precision are absolutely perfect. Controls beautifully, feels amazing. MW2 feels awful in comparison.

    Please don’t turn KZ3 into Call of Duty.

  • Hands down…….this is my number 1 game……EVER!!!!!
    KZ3 ?????…..Let there be some color in the maps,I got tired of swapping viewing modes on my TV when I play KZ2

  • Thanks guys, looking forward to news on your next project.

  • I hate the long loading times when starting a new or continuing current campaign. I hate that after a patch, I now have to watch and listen to the intro speech for a good 15-20 seconds instead of being able to skip all that immediately.

    For KZ3, as some (including myself) have said, please fix the dialogue. Thats one of the things I love about the MW series is that the soldiers sound very believable. Other than that, pretty solid game. GOTY..?? hell no.

  • OOh.. and due to the looong loading times (which is a big reason as to why i dont play it very often) please allow us to have a optional install. the way it freezes and stutters during a level transition should not be an issue if we can have a install of the game.

  • i loved kz2 one of the best games. you guys just need to fix two things:

    the little bit of lag there is and
    add ALOT more customization

  • Please announce a Killzone Liberation 2!!!! PLEASE!

  • Also, KZ2 = GOTY! Don’t listen to the haters. MW2, L4D2 or ODST have absolutely nothing when compared to the masterpiece that is KZ2!

  • Unlock the KZ2 save data!!!!

    It’ll be a great Christmas and new year present if you guys can do so! It’s annoying to backup and spend a few hours after every play session! Listen to your fans GG

  • Only real complain is that it Should show how long the game is b4 I enter…then its a hassle to quit this 30min mission each. Another is I shoot shoot the guy and I die…he then dies after me and says I killed him wtf? Dosnt that mean he’s suppose to die first? Happens ofthen.

  • I can’t wait for KZ3, but please Guerrilla, make the controls without any lag… I think this game could have sold twice as much if it played better. It has awesome graphics, amazing levels, and cool animations, but I just can’t get a hold of the slow controls. I appreciate the fact that you wanted to make something realistic, but I just find it aggravating. I’ve had KZ2 since release and I’ve only got about a day and a half clocked into warzone… I want to love this game, but I just can’t stand the movement after about 30 minutes of playing.
    I’m sure people will disagree with me, and that’s ok, I just think that you could have sole another 2 million if it played differently…
    Happy Holidays nonetheless.

  • @ #50 : I totally agree with you bro. #15 is a retard to judge MW2 (campers, glitchers & lagfest) to KZ2 awesome multi-player…yea there are some issue with KZ2 but not as nearly as bad with MW2….

    KZ2 – 2009 FPS GOTY

  • Congrats on the great year Seb, and have a happy new years to everyone at Guerrilla Games!

  • One of the best games this year.

    @ MadmanEU
    It’s called auto aim. In Killzone 2 multiplayer, a headshot is all player and 0% CPU. Don’t hate if you can’t aim.

  • Happy Holidays! Killzone 2 is my… second GOTY hey that’s not bad

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, GG!! you guys ROCK!! THANK YOU for creating one of the greatest shooters of all time!!! please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeaaaaasseee… make more games with the Killzone 2 engine… it’s an absolute beast!!! you should make a game in every genre with that engine and destroy every game ever made!! XD

  • GOOD JOB GUERRILLA on Killzone 2. Hope you make a Killzone 3!!!!

  • happy holidays to the makers of the best fps of this generation and i can’t wait til KILLZONE 3!!!!!!! and do not ruin the 3 installment by trying to make it anything like call of duty …real gamers want a game thats a challenge ..if i wanted a noob friendly game i would have bought a nintendo wii

  • I love your game so I got it a couple of days before you released it : ]
    Thank you.

  • Shot Guerilla. KillZone 2 will be a timeless classic. I love killing people and not getting arrested haha

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