White Knight Chronicles International Edition: The Battle System

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Hey Everyone!

We know we’ve been talking about this game for what seems like an eternity, but we’re finally just a few weeks away from the North American release of White Knight Chronicles International Edition! We know many of you out there have been clamoring for a unique and exclusive RPG experience on the PlayStation 3 and it’s finally coming this February 2nd, 2010.

We also know there have been tons of questions about the combat system, the Georama and customization in White Knight Chronicles. To answer a lot of those questions, we’ve developed a series of videos that we’ll be releasing through IGN to help you get a deeper look into everything this fantastic RPG from Level-5 has to offer!

In case you missed the first one, here it is:

Keep an eye out on IGN in the coming weeks as they release the rest of this video series as we approach our launch on February 2nd, 2010.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Been waiting for this game from the day I heard it hit Japan, got it an alot of other big PS3 titles preorder for that month.

  • I’m going to be broke next year – I have to get WKC, FF13, GoW3, Dante’s Inferno and Heavy Rain… All in the first quarter Hmmm… better start saving!!!

  • this or star ocean?

    i’ll go with this. i’m boycotting SE for releasing SO as a failbox exclusive.

  • Can’t wait to play this game. The combat looks like fun.

  • Great video. It really explained a lot. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Narrator is weird.

  • Sony still need to work on their marketing skills. Selling an RPG with a voiceover that makes it sound like you’re buying a thighmaster on some late night shopping channel just doesn’t cut it.
    The video was exciting to see despite the terrible voiceover but that’s not the point.

  • I REALLY can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I’m buying two copies! One for me and one for my cousin who I will force to play this with me online =D

    Level-5 and Sony, you guys rock!

  • Sweet can’t wait, will be my first level 5 games and I have high exoectations, from what I have seen of their work!!

  • Looks very interesting how do they accuire weapons? -ryanmck142- hey chris stiers

  • Sadly I’m going to be playing Star Ocean the Last hope international instead of this. Why you might ask? because it’s getting extra chars, new story plot, and fixed combat/textures, as well as enhanced graphics via the PS3 version.

    I like this games plot vary much, but sadly I can’t say the same for the combat system. It’s too complex for my tastes……. But I hope others enjoy it.

  • I can’t wait. I hope that WKC2 localizes faster when it releases.

  • Yes… Rpg gamers are being rewarded here.. Thanks Sony for getting back on track with rpgs..you know that is what made PlayStation the most popular brand in the ps1 and ps2 era right! The rpgs, not shooters, shooters are a dime a dozen we need good rpgs and you guys are finally providing, put some presure on SE and Konmai too (I would love a new suikoden game!) Also release suikoden 2 already, Vagrant Story and your first party 4 disc title Legend of Dragoon!

    Wkc will be day 1 buy like always! Can’t wait for this and Heavy Rain!

  • I do hope they atleast show more details on it’s online components. I will have to wait and see how this one comes out.

  • I’ve had this pre-orderd for a while now, February can’t get here fast enough.

  • @61 you honestly aren’t missing much if you skip it. The story is terrible. The graphics are already not that great and the combat leaves much to be desired compared to other entries in the series. Your honestly better off with white knight all things aside. At least with white knight its in your favor as far as weather or not it’ll be good.

  • Was originally looking forward to this, but not anymore. You’re releasing this game a month after the Japanese release, and you’re releasing it a month before Final Fantasy XIII? Pass.

  • Will these videos eventually make it to PSN?

  • @68: They’re doing a series of IGN videos as a special kind of featurette on the game like Resistance FoM. This is one of them.

    @67 its an mmo style action RPG versus an on-rails extremely linear RPG with no over world or real exploration. It’s like one huge back step compared to other FF entries with no towns or anything and battles are heavily scripted,and all shopping is done at save points which you’ll hardly need to do anyway, since most good gear can be had from treasure chest beforehand. So lets not put all our ducks in order just yet before outright dismissal of what could possibly be a good game even if it is a little late.

  • That voice over was so atrocious I almost had to turn off the video. And the graphics do look very PS2 like (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But the upcoming release schedule of games I want to play the next 3 months IS brutal on the wallet.

    Jan. 5 Bayonetta and Darksiders
    Feb. 2 White Knight Chronicles
    Feb. 9 Bioshock 2 and Dante’s Inferno and Star Ocean: Last Hope
    Feb. 16 Heavy Rain
    Mar. 9 FF13 and Clash of the Titans
    Mar. 29 Neir (Ico May Cry?)
    Apr. 1 Last Guardian and GOW3
    May 31 Resonance of Fate (End of Eternity)

  • I hope the voice acting in the game is better than on this video.

  • Getting this game most def! Gonna need some more friends for co-op when the game comes out if anyone is up for it.

  • waiting this game :)

  • cant wait 2 play this game been waiting a long time to play this gem feb 2nd cant come soon enough

  • the narrator’s voice pisses me off for some reason.

  • This looks great, I’m definitely interested in this :D The battle system looks pretty deep with customization and such.

    But what is happening with the Dark Cloud series though? >.< Everyone has been asking but we haven't gotten a legitimate response :( Could you at least let us know if we should stop keeping our hopes up? Thanks!

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