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The team at Sony Computer Entertainment Canada has a small gift for all Canadian gamers! has undergone its first major redesign since it launched a few short years ago, relaunching this week with a new dynamic interface for easy site navigation. Visitors are now greeted with a large showcase marquee that provides instant access to videos and screen shots from nearly anywhere on the site. This gives users the ability to checkout the content they want to see, when they want to see it. website

Also new are the related content blocks that give users access to similar items. Looking for info on the hot new PSPgo or finding out about the Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Contest (which is open to ALL residents of Canada, including Quebec) is now that much easier. We’ve also introduced a new series and collection of Developer Diary videos with a lot more unique content planned for the future. is the destination for more information about exclusive Canadian promotions, contests, offers and events. Check out the site and let us know what you think. Have a safe and happy holiday. See you online.

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  • Looks great. I wish there were more community features.

  • Well thats a nice start. A fair christmas present from SCEC (if there is one?)

    Now we would ALL like to see a few things:
    -Video Store
    -Comic Store
    -More inclusion into contests (but i have to say, the ones we’ve gotten have been pretty awesome)
    -And A little ‘Thank you’ to our Canadian Developers (Ubisoft montreal, UFG, Capabara, etc.) by giving us these things :P

    But this is still pretty cool. (netflix and Hulu would be nice too :P )

  • CarlosM71- You are a waste of skin, oxygen, and space.

    Can someone please remove his comments? 19,20,21,and 23.

  • wow, what a waist of time… how about putting your efforts in opening the video store in Canada!

  • very cool i go on every day not give us a video store then weill be happy

  • I couldn’t care less for the vid store as a Canadian… but I would like to see some virtual comics come up north :)

  • Skimming through the comments, I can honestly say I’m ashamed to be an American. Why are we so stupid?

  • The Canadian site looks pretty cool. :D

  • this is just plain stupid to call this a gift for Canadians, wtf are you guys smoking, wow we got a new website, times are changing, we are coming out of the stone ages finally lol , things better change soon i tell you, i am sick of people getting features in some countries and some not getting any features at all, do you guys even know where your headed really or are you guys just winging it? [DELETED] pathetic really

  • Am I missing something have the Canadian winners of the Uncharted 2 fortune hunter edition been announced yet? Its been a month since the contest closed and there has been nothing.

    In fact I can’t even find the promotion listing on the site, Granted I am not looking to hard I have spent enough time at this site over the last month checking for the winners that I don’t care to dig through a whole new can of worms.

  • LOL I don’t know why any of us are posting questions/comments there is obviously no moderation for this article.

    Being as how some [DELETED] is writing racist things on the first page of the comments in all caps.

  • Nice, good job guys!

  • We wanted a .ca site with function if I want pretty pictures I can go to google. Where the hell was your thought in making this? Sure it looks nice, but it’s just as useless as before. Why not add a link to the forums, get a Canadian community manager. you know. PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT.

  • Haven’t checked it out yet, but thanks Sony! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Canadian that appreciates.

  • appreciates this. I hit the enter key just a bit early and see what happens. We really need an edit button on here lol.

  • (which is open to ALL residents of Canada, INCLUDING QUEBEC)…wtf, is Quebec not considered a part of Canada anymore???

  • all most of you people on here do is whine.if you dont like it here just shut up and go elsewhere

  • was quebec ever part of canada.the people there sure dont want to be

  • Ah great news, now they can go and complain there instead of

  • I also gave it a 1, scene it has nothing to do with the US. Wheres our update, ‘boo hoo’.

  • In before comments about video store…too late.

  • Thanks!

  • Thats a good news thanks! now just try to keep it updated and its gonna be awesome.

    Oh and where is our video store? or at least news about it? thank you

  • There’s a Sony Computer Entertainment Canada? Heh.

  • Thanks, Sony! It’s a good start, but I absolutely agree with Geta-Ve – without being able to login to our PSN accounts, it’s less than a Web 1.0 site without the ability to post to forums (fora) and participate in our own online community. Still, nice to know Canada’s still on Sony’s radar.

  • That’s cool for Canada, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything special there. I’d bet the US one will still get updated more often so I don’t see much incentive to pay attention to .ca.

  • nice guys looking good
    keep this up eh
    we canadians up here need more of this stuff
    btw, where do i log in on the website or do i have to do all of my account stuff on the us website?
    maybe u guyz can go and get the video store up to us to and maybe the comic store aswell.
    nice design
    cool website guyz nice work!

  • Kyle…

    You come by here what…3 times a year?…perhaps you could stick around and actually COMMENT to Canadians…you know..Public Relations and all that.

    Since you are the Senior PR person…you could have an underling do it if it isn’t your thing…

  • Kyle comments on his posts. At least he has to all his other ones.

    Seems like he posted this on his way out the door for Christmas though.

    Its not like he would respond to any of the valid criticism(s) of the site or SCEC. He’d probably just reply “glad you like it” to the two people who mindlessly posted “look cool” and that’s it.

  • The design looks okay… in terms of content, I wish there were more contests that fall in line with what the US blog here has.

    It’s funny – Canada is treated as part of the US when it comes to movie ticket sales, but when it comes to actually delivering movie content, Canada is treated like a second-class country by Sony.

  • PlayStation Canadian Blog?

  • This is what Sony Canada been working on??? A flash overbloated site just to showcase Sony product something the US site does very well thank you very much! No forum, no interaction whatsoever and god forbid they a blog! We still don’t have a video store and they been pissing away money on a crappy site revamp!

    Some peoples really do need to get fired because they been asleep at the wheel for long enough. That bump you just felt it these idiots driving the bus right into the ditch!

  • Back in a October 2008 blog post of Kyles someone asked when are we getting a video store and PSN cards and Kyle said “we’re working on both of those stay tuned”.

    Well its been almost 15 months and still no video store. Nice to know the Video store is suck a low priotity its taking them YEARS to finish it.

    Its like they have one guy spending an hour a week on it and he wont be finished till the PS4 comes out.

  • I hate to join the list of complainers here but this post is like a slap in the face.
    Nice bone to throw the Canadians….a redone website that offers nothing new. Still no contests (remember that Uncharted 2 contest where you guys said Canada wouldn’t be left out…..yeah right), no video/tv, and no comics.

    What is probably the biggest kick in the balls is the e-mails I get from Sony:
    “here loyal customer have a free video”….goes to redeem it….US only.
    “check out the new comic store and have some free comics on us”…..goes again to redeem with my new Go…..not available in your region.

  • I notice we don’t get a blog though.

    Thanks Sony, for nothing.

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