UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Title Update #3

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Today, Friday, December 18, 2009, at 10:00 AM PST (what time is it in my city?) you will be required to download an update to UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves.

Below is a list of what is different:

  • Added Version number to game menu – should display 1.03 after this update
  • Added Clan Tags – all players can now add a custom four letter Clan Tag in the Profile Menu (square) to display on-screen before their PSN ID
  • Load times have been decreased significantly
  • Added “Rematch” functionality
  • Adjusted some Boosters for balance
  • Addressed issue with Player’s Met screen in game menu and XMB displaying incorrectly
  • Addressed issue with Double Cash not doubling medal cash rewards

We’ve also made a slew of other changes to improve player experience.

I spoke with our multiplayer lead designer, Justin, to give us the lowdown on what’s so great about a few of these updates. Justin quickly shot me back an e-mail with the following info:

  • Clan Tags is an addition we’ve been working for a while on. While it’s not full Clan support, we wanted to be sure that everybody can fly their Clan colors within UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. Support for this is available to all players from the very beginning and can be edited within the player Profile menu – the same place where you choose your boosters.
  • We have significantly decreased load times. You will notice that the game loads into a map much faster after leaving the vote screen. This will help get players into games faster and keep people playing instead of waiting in the menu system.
  • We have also added Rematch functionality. At the end of a game, all players will be put back into matchmaking together, allowing you to play the same group of people over again. This decreases wait times, while still allowing people to leave after a match if they so desire. Again, this gets people into games faster and allows more time playing and less time in the menus – all of which is a very, very good thing!

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11 Author Replies

  • Any chance of you guys at Naughty Dog fixing the Uncharted 1 platinum trophy issue? I have a platinum trophy from Uncharted 1, but because my ps3 got the yellow light of death it had to be sent in and the uncharted game save was erased but the platinum trophy is still on PSN. So will you guys fix it so that Uncharted 2 looks on the PSN to see if you got a platinum trophy from Uncharted 1 in order to receive the bonus for that platinum trophy?

  • Good Stuff ND, Will you be releasing the Pack-in offer for the motion comics in the US??

  • No complaints here. Great update!

  • Eh, when are the canadian fortune hunter winners going to be announced. thanks.

    Also great update.

  • You guys just don’t stop working huh? Even with all those appearances on various awards shows lol…
    So exactly how much of a speed-up in load times are we talking here?

  • I stopped playing multiplayer because my character freezes quite a bit and I get kicked out of matches just as much. Of course then I get punished for it with a deduction of $40,000 from my $160,000. How is that fair? I’ve never quit a online match once(check my R2 stats, I’ve never quit that game either).I’d love to play online but not like this.

    I still love the single player campain though!

  • Wow that’s a truly awesome patch. Imagine if Socom had this level of care.

  • Hello dogs! I already have the platinum trophy of this great game …
    you could have done more trophies about some medals especially in on-line.

    I have some problems .. when the connection drops me on PSN .. lose points of nothing …

    There are some who have won medals and treasures that I picked up and yet the statistics tell me you do not have them .. not appear as achieved .. Solve this please …

    By the way .. such Uncharted: Fallen Water Type an adventure behind the Atlantic underwater city .. where new movements could be swimming under water (Elena on
    swin suit Yeah!) and new weapons like the spear? Because i love the water in your games .. always runs very smooth:smileyhappy: It is the idea.

    And one more thing! No on-line Uncharted 2 .. put only ways to fight without weapons .. just punch and kick .. xD
    And a style of Arena with the guardians of Shambala ..

    Bad Girls :D

    By Netweb!

  • love it, thanks

  • we want to know more about DLC info plzzzz!!!!!!!!

  • Hey guys. Great update. One small request:

    Can you please do a fix that will allow me to pop in a limited edition disc (the one with the hard case) into my Playstation 3 and it remembers my accomplishments from the standard disc version? Thanks!

  • I tried it, and load times are successfully reduced down to normal load times for a multiplayer match. That’s not to say they’re quick, but maybe on par with another game like Modern Warfare 2. All of the other changes work well, too. Thanks!

  • The rewards for having Drakes Fortune trophies does not work, it states i have no such trophies. Please address this.

  • Sweet update guys, as always you ROCK!!! :D

  • any ideas for online cienma watching from our acc?

  • excellent, ND i’ll dl the patch right now. my only complaints that could you guys make the ND logo skippable or faster.

  • seems good, gonna check this out :D

  • Will have to start playing uncharted 2 more now. Best game out..

  • Sounds like an awesome update, about to go try it out.

  • Keep up the great work ND. Its amazing the artistic and technical skill you guys have.

    Could you guys look into a new playlist please, that is closer to the Single player experiance? No boosters, fading out HUD, run punch animation from SP and if the enemy is below 50% health the awesome finisher animations kick in and you’ll do a dropkick,superman punch, slide punch, haymaker on the fly, using the same system as the neck snap and ledge pull/kick off. Also have the game soundtrack come on dynamically in online, when you do something cool and when things get down to the wire the awesome soundtrack should kick in to increase tension and perserve that action movie feel, with all gamemodes and variations. Thanks. Seriously Uncharted 2 is the best game ever made.

  • keep ’em coming dawgs…

  • Any word yet on the episode pack or pack-in?

  • Clan tags, seriously?

    So we’re going from MvC2 “SHOTGUN IS BROKEN” but fun gameplay to trying to emulate CoD4 with a crappy quit penalizing system?

    Cool, bro. Good thing I dropped the game after a couple of weeks from the quit system.

  • Any Plans to fix thos Leaky Levels were people go off the Map and shoot at people From outside the MAP??

    I know of 2 MAPs were mutiple People Killed me due to Cheating and Glitching throw the wall and going off the Map and Killing People.

    If needed I have Proof of it and have saved a Video of one of the Levels “NEW MAP is buged too”

  • IMO melee fights should have blocks and handle guns are a little too strong.

  • Character freezing has not been fixed and you now get $40,000 penalty on top of that. Multiplayer is still totally unplayable for me and many others.

  • Can’t believe I am missing out on this game :|

  • Hey Einhander, you’re pretty direct. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it down right sucks. It’s not like you’re the benchmark that everyone has to compare to, you’re just another gamer out there. There’s no such thing as a game that everybody loves so for an individual to not like something, it doesn’t give them the right to say that it sucks as a result.

  • I haven’t played this game since the 40k penalty. The only game I ever quit was when the player I was partied up with was dropped during matchmaking. It’s a complete joke and I refuse to play a game that repeatedly punishes for their inferior programming. The game should not end because 1 person leaves, and the players met is one of the most basic things that every multiplayer game has and they are just fixing it. Then again they said that before. It’s really sad that such a great game has to be ruined because of the connection error and penalty. Naughty dog wants to pass the buck and say check your connection. Check your game. I and many others that have connection issues with your game can play other online games with no issues.

  • Awesome, thanks a lot ND!

    man, this game needs a splitscreen coop, I’d love to play this game with a friend sitting on the couch.

    anyway, thanks again!

  • I think it’s a joke that someone is saying that reviews were bought and that the multiplayer is bad and that U2 should be an single player game only… keep it up naughty dog, the game is amazing and I cannot wait to see what you guys make next. Uncharted is now one of my favorite games right up there with MGS and God of war

  • ClubUgly checking in! What up guys. I like to say great job on the MP online. Few suggestions…Let us select what type of game we are looking for. I like GoldRush but I hate playing that 5 times in a row if you catch my drift.

    Rematch is nice and all but now the problem is because everyone is in rematches you spend the same if not more in the lobby now imo. I think you should add a rematch option at the end of game and give persons 15 seconds to choose rematch, if not put them back in lobby so they can match up with others waiting.

    My X-mas wish in addition to more maps is to be able to use a knife in MP game. After all we have to sit and watch that dagger on bottom of screen loading, it only makes sense to be able to use one in game imo.

    ClubUgly Out :)

  • very good

  • in the next patch, can you guys add custom soundtracks?

  • Thanks for the updates guys. Though I find this whole 40k cash reduction thing to be silly. I love your multiplayer a lot, and you pulled it off beautifully, but I occasionally get disconnected…a lot actually. And it pains my heart to know I’m going to have to spend more money for a better internet connection to save my levels. Is there anyway you guys will take this out?

  • As if the game wasn’t already good enough!

  • Adding cross game invites like in MW2 would make this game better than what it already is. It’s a feature that would make playing with friends a lot more easier.

  • thanks for the news, will update as soon as i can free up my PS3 from saboteur! :D

  • @Arne Meyer

    You guys should fix the guy that strangles you in co-op (grabs you and a blue circle appears). You can’t punch him to stop him and all he does is run towards you until he’s close enough to grab you.

    • That\’s what they\’re supposed to do! Those enemy types are intended to overpower you physically so that you have to resort to shooting them or if it\’s too late, having a teammate aid you.

  • @ThaFoxZ

    I agree entirely with you. And not just this game, a lot of games in the PS3. My PS3 is like 6 hours turned on nonstop ’cause when I’m playing Uncharted 2 my brother can’t play with me split screen so I go first then he does (3 hour each).

  • Where is the crushing playlist?

    Can you make it so we can play the Arena modes solo?

  • I went and played the multiplayer today after a while and I forgot how fun it was, very addicting!

  • love it! ever thought about adding flashbangs or some gar??

  • @Arne Meyer

    What does pressing the triangle do when he grabs you? Slow it down?

    Besides that I have no complains. You guys are doing a excellent in these updates. Keep ’em coming. When will we hear about some DLC maps? I already have the money waiting for some DLC.

  • @chriscowboyd Yeah! What about that import trophy feature? Mine doesn’t work either! Is it because I switched the HDD? I already imported the trophies, they’re on PSN so what gives??

    Please fix this

  • Help!
    I downloaded the update. Then the load knife just spun in my corner for an 45 minutes. So I restarted and the knife spun for another hour. now I don’t even get the knife!

    Please help, i’m only 85% through the story and want to finish.

  • ok. firstly, fantastic game. all my friends are addicted and cant stop playing multiplayer stiil, even after finishing single player 3 months ago resorting in a massive lack of sleep and fights with girlfriends. two issues that have bothered me and friends alike though is “unable to join party” and “corrupt data” from the updates. took me 3 gig to download the last update after so many failed attempts but i got there in the end and it was well worth it. i have looked everywhere for a solution to these 2 issues and quite a few ppl have the same problem, if you could atleast acknowledge it here and let everyone know you are aware of it and mayb offer some cause or even resolution that would be great. STILL THE BEST GAME EVER MADE! Thankyou.

  • why am i getting the unable to join party message?????

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