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Hi everyone! I’m Jefferson Dong, the SCEA Marketing Manager for Heavy Rain, and I have some great news for those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Heavy Rain. Get ready to place your pre-orders for this PS3 exclusive title because we’ve got something special for you. When you pre-order your copy of Heavy Rain at participating retailers, you will receive the first episode of The Heavy Rain Chronicles (valued at $4.99 each episode) titled, “Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist,” which will be available (only to those who pre-order) when Heavy Rain hits store shelves. The Heavy Rain pre-order program begins TODAY!

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What exactly are The Heavy Rain Chronicles? Each Chronicle will offer unique, stand-alone, playable short stories featuring one of Heavy Rain’s main characters, and a storyline taking place either before or after Heavy Rain’s original narrative. Similar to Heavy Rain, each episode will offer a unique journey and different outcomes based on the players’ decisions and actions.

Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist will feature investigative journalist Madison Paige in one of her first cases tracking down a serial killer. Most of you are familiar with this episode as it is an expansion and update to the original “Taxidermist” demo that received such positive response when shown last year.

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US and Canadian residents can place your pre-orders today at these retailers participating in the special pre-order offer:

US Locations:
GameStop (online and in-store)

Canada Locations:
EB Games

For those who don’t pre-order Heavy Rain, the first two episodes of Heavy Rain Chronicles will be available for purchase and download through the PlayStation Store after the release of Heavy Rain – the exact dates will be announced at a later date.

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  • I would totally pre-order from, but it’s not coming up when I search yet.

    • While I haven\’t heard a definitive ETA for the pre-order on, they are a participant retailer and it (the pre-order promotion) should be listed soon.

  • @48 & 49

    Watch out! @33 might come for you next.

    Your comment made me laugh.

  • There I go again. Another mistype. I must be stupid and have no credibility now. Wait….cred-ibil-ity?

    I meant @49 and @50 :)

  • Yeah, some people are being complete Idiots here, like everybody here who has actually read and can comprehend what the post said, it’s an EXTRA… it has nothing to with the current game… it doesn’t unlock anything new in the main story, it doesn’t change character outfits, locations, play methods…. none of that, at all! It’s an extra that you can get… in other words, they are essentially going to give you the FIRST “chapter” (or whatever) of a complete stand-alone story for free… and if you don’t want it, then you don’t have to get it. But get it frickin’ straignt… they aren’t “withholding” ANYTHING from you, they are practically GIVING you something that they shouldn’t even be giving ungrateful whiners like you… and besides everyone else here who does pre-order it only gets the FIRST one… so in other words, we will more than likely have to purchase the others Chronicles as well when they come, so it’s not JUST a pre-order scam, they are just trying to save you some gosh dang money…. jesus people…

  • Wait, I’m confused, if I preorder today, will I get the voucher today, so can I play some Heavy Rain today, or not until the game ships?

  • If anything, since they are giving whiners an opportunity to SAVE money, you are actually being hypocritical because they could have just as easily pulled a Resident Evil and knowingly NOT given you an opportunity to save money when getting EXTRA content… but no, the Developers were kind enough to go: “You know what, let’s reward our consumers by giving them this extra content for FREE.” THEY TOLD YOU ABOUT IT… so HOW in the WORLD is that “WITHOLDING” ANYTHING?!!!! GAAAH, my head explodes at such stupidity!

  • @45 and 48

    Obvious pro-corporate shills who like screwing consumers and scamming them out of their money are not welcome on this board.

    Now bugger off.

  • @56

    Removing content from the game and giving us an incomplete product is *not* saving money.

    Giving us a product for a lower price is saving us money.

    Big difference.

  • Hey, great that this bonus is available in Canada, but the game is not available at

  • Looking forward to this game, but I just hope a big improvement is made to the voice acting before it’s released. What I have seen in old and new gameplay videos does not sound that great. Everything else seems top notch.

  • I find these kind of promotional tie-ins extremeley unfair. Here in Brazil we don’t have the opportunity to make a pre-order of the game in the listed stores.

  • Holy Crap Einhander136… did you even READ the post… it’s content that doesn’t even affect the main game… it’s something totallyyyy seperate they created! They aren’t “witholding” anything from the game. And how is this an incomplete game… it has a beginning, middle, and end. Sounds pretty complete to me. Besides, I think of game series… they make you pay full price for ONE installment in the series… and then they make you pay full price for another installment in the series… so by your logic here you are saying that you have every game series made because they withold the next installment of that series of game to make another profit off it rights? So you’ve NEVER bought a game series at all? Riiiight, you are joke.

  • I would order on if the site actually had Heavy Rain listed for pre-order.

  • Any chance USA will get the collector’s edition like Europe?

  • Always so much entertainment from the I will never give you my money again crowd!! I love it. They are offering a $4.99 extra episode for free after the full game launches to those people who pre-order. Sounds like a nice deal for those who don’t mind putting money down well before the product launches.

  • so if i already have it pre-ordered will i still get this or is this only for people pre-ordering as off today?

    • If you pre-ordered from the list of participanting retailers, you should receive a voucher for the first episode when you pick up the game on release date.

  • Nice incentive for the pre-orders…really wish you could offer it through Best Buy in the US however. I won’t shop at Gamestop, and I want the game day one without paying for shipping with Amazon.

    To all the complainers of the Chronicle DLC:

    – Your $5 down payment will go toward the game, so you will be getting the first episode for free.

    – They offer these pre-order deals to drive sales in order to gauge how the game will eventually sell.

    – This DLC does NOT prevent you from enjoying the full Heavy Rain game.

    – DLC is there as EXTRA content for fans who want more of what the full game offers.

    – EVERY game company these days will plan DLC. It is part of gaming development for any big title release. DLC is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

    – If you feel like you are being ripped off because you are not getting a full gaming experience without buying the DLC, then you should have never bought the game in the first place.

  • I agree that some DLC is straight up robbery, but you know what?, don’t support it then! The best comment you can make is with your wallet.

    Heavy Rain will be a fresh and innovative experience that I believe will be worth $60. That is what I am basing my purchase of the game on, the game itself, not on the DLC that will eventually be offered. After I play the game and if I enjoy it, then I will buy the EXTRA content.

  • @67

    If they want to give us the full game experience, then give us the full bloody game.

    DLC is a ripoff – ALL of it.

  • Sweet I cannot wait for this game and hope we get the collectors edition I saw on the Euro blog. Will wait on info on that before I preorder.

    I am still worried with the rumors the game coming out at the end of Feb. since it will likely get buried by the games coming out that month and in March. You guys should release in the summer and market the game like a summer movie experience. Look how good Batman did when it was the only game out in the Summer.

  • Alright! Amazon Yay! Gamestop Boo!

  • I wish people learned to read correctly as well, like it said it is added content and is not part of the story.

  • K, I’m gonna say this one more time for any people who feel like Einhander138-

    Game series don’t give you quote: “the full game experience” because by his standards, a full game means that nothing else pertaining to that game will be sold; but games who come out with more than one in a series make you buy a 60 dollar game again and again… so if you feel this way then what you are saying is you haven’t EVER bought more than one game in a series… because that is the most retarded thing that I have ever heard in my life then. What they are selling you, by itself, IS A COMPLETE GAME, the DLC for free is EXTRAS. End of discussion.

  • In the past when you pre ordered a game or you ordered the special edition you got an artbook, a soundtrack, heck even a figure! Thesedays? You get DLC’s, which could have easily been put in the game itself.

    Let people unlock these chronicles when they’ve earned Platinum, then at least we have some usage with those darn things.

    “Additional content costs times and money to develop. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it”

    The game is not even gold yet and the DLC is already there, smart one.

  • @69 – Einhander138

    You WILL be getting the full game. You are not forced to buy the game or the DLC.

    If you don’t think the full game will give you an experience that is worth $60 then don’t buy it and move along.

    If there was NO DLC announced for this game, would you still feel ripped off when you buy it?

    If they released the DLC a year later would that be OK then?

    These Chronicle stories take place BEFORE and AFTER the full Heavy Rain game. They are EXTRAS and not necessary for you to enjoy the full game.

  • @72

    If it’s part of the game, it’s part of the story.

    Should be on the disc. Period.


    Withholding content and charging me extra for it does *not* give me a complete game.


  • It’s like announcing season 2 for a TV series before season 1 has even begun.

    The Gaming industry needs to grow the hell up.

  • Einhander138
    I’m gonna buy it regardless and it doesn’t mean I have to buy the DLC. I own plenty of games on my PS3 and 360 and do not buy the DLC and I live without it. Go troll elsewhere.

  • Einhander138
    I’m gonna buy it regardless and it doesn’t mean I have to buy the DLC. I own plenty of games on my PS3 and 360 and do not buy the DLC and I can live without it. Go troll elsewhere.

  • “YeWest_is_da_man” if you read my point you know what I mean… not that the DLC is a rip off but its silly you need to pre order a game or like with many games you need to buy a special edition just to get a few silly DLC’s, like those golden weapons in Uncharted 2. Duh like I care… Therefore my suggestion is… let people unlock these features with trophies. What use do we have with those things? Right still nothing! I’ll be getting FFXIII in soon and its the very first game with which you can actually unlock something when earning trophies.

  • @78 I’ll post where I like. Free country – go back to Communist China, censorship boy.

    @75 – No. I will *not* be getting the full game.

    I will be getting the game *MINUS* the DLC they are deliberately withholding.

    That is not a complete game.

  • Nice. Similar to the Dragon Age bonuses to increase new package purchases.

    What I really want, is to hear about the Collector’s Edition. You know, like the one Europe has already confirmed. Come SCEA, don’t let me down!

  • First off, thanks to all at QD and at Sony, this title is very original. Heavy Rain Chronicles sounds promising and very suitable for PSN. The game hasn’t even been released yet, however you still have a plan on how to back your product. I commend you.

    Secondly, anyone bashing the free DLC needs to stop. DLC in this form isn’t content being shaved from the game for profit. Heavy Rain Chronicles would be mini-stories; who knows how many would be coming out throughout the year (or two). This is a way to further feed our need for Heavy Rain, and if you rather see it finished first with all DLC put in, then guess what; We’d Never Get The Game! Buy Heavy Rain. If you want more play episode by episode as they’re released!

    LASTLY, any word on a pre-release demo? I would really like to see that just because I want to play the game so badly.

  • Please bring the european collectors edition to america!

  • @ Einhander138

    …and what about my other questions??

    If there was NO DLC announced for this game, would you still feel ripped off if you buy it?

    If they released the DLC a year later would that be OK then?

  • Thank you SO much for including the Canadian locations to where this bonus will be bundled with the pre-order! I’ve definitely been looking forward to this game and including an episode of The Heavy Rain Chronicles for free when pre-ordered is an awesome incentive! I do hope the demo comes out soon, though. I’m most likely going to buy this one way or the other, but I’d really like a sampling of what’s to come. Between this, God of War III, ModNation Racers, and The Last Guardian (plus others like MAG and Gran Turismo 5), Sony is going to murder in 2010! =D

    Can you *please* include the french version in the american edition. There’s a lot of people speaking french in Canada.

    Thank you very much.

  • Oh yeah Onna76, I don’t care about that, you have a legit point… and you aren’t accusing the developers of anything, so I completely agree with you because you a) have a good point, and b) aren’t trying to smear the developers by saying it’s something that it isn’t. I wasn’t really intending that to be an insult, just more of an “eye-opener” to anybody who feels that they are getting an “incomplete” game.

  • @83 – This is *not* free DLC – you *are* paying for it.

    @85 – There *shouldn’t* be DLC. Ever. Especially for such an apparently story-driven game like this one. It’s like selling chapters of a book piecemeal.

    If they released the DLC a year later I would be *pissed*.

  • And Einhander138-

    You can believe whatever you want to believe, but with your own stupid rules I hope you haven’t ever bought more than one game in a series because guess what?! They withheld the story from you two make 2, 3, 5, games of the same exact thing that they could’ve put into one game. But guess what, sometimes the discs themselves don’t allow for that all to be put on one disc, so you know what that means, that if they waned to appease you of your whining, they’d have to provide the game with 2 or 3 discs to get everything to fit, and you know where that’d leave us, with a price increase of EVEN MORE and MORE whining because of the constant whining from you right now… you are the prime example of someone who isn’t ever happy with anything and it’s a shame that you are able to voice your opinion.

  • People PEOPLE!

    These chronicles have very little to do with the actual narrative of Heavy Rain.

    What the developer did, so as NOT to reveal any part of the games main story, was build smaller scenarios with the game mechanics. They put in extra time, effort and budget into these things to allow the press to experience what they were talking about.

    Quantic was upfront with this right from the get-go. They were asked if this would be the demo, but they were thinking about options for it.

    I think we’re lucky that this is even seeing the light of day for consumers. It’s a great addition, and those who are interested enough in the game can get one for free.

    And those who want to moan about paying for additional or demo content, all L gotta say is Gran Turismo 5: Prologue!

  • Couldn’t agree more Duecenage! Very well said! (But unfortunately it’ll fall on deaf ears because people like to accuse and slander here. It’s a shame…)

  • @90

    Go back to Communist China.

    Why are we paying $70 a game (Canada) for bloody Blu-Ray discs if they can’t fit all the content on it?

    Why? Because developers want to nickel and dime and bilk and scam us out of as much money as they can.

    Being upfront about DLC doesn’t mean that DLC is acceptable.

    DLC is bad for consumers.

    All of it.

  • Let me rephrase.

    By Free DLC I meant the pre-order bonus! Stop complaining and take advantage, this content is not on the disk because it’s a separate story in a whole different set of mini-series. I know eventually people who don’t pre-order would have to pay… But, pre-order and try the first one FREE and then see if you want the others—

    At this point I decided to reread the post, and its not free day one, its available for purchase day one. still cool but not as cool, killed the point for me since i wont purchse on day one i would like impressions to see how long it is and if its worth the $5.

    oh well…

  • @94 – That is not free.

    It should be on the disc.

    Period. End of discussion.

  • – I noticed its not free

    – Not being on the disc in this case is permittable

    -Don’t call period, end of discussion if I’m not done; Free country, no?

    But I’m not here to argue with you, there will be people who don’t get the DLC, and there will be people who do. Those who don’t miss out on the little extras but who cares if y’all don’t care. Enjoy Heavy Rain, I’m out.

  • Einhander138 sounds like a poor boy.

    If you think about it this way, pay $60 to pre-order the game and you technically have the full game experience as the chronicles following the first will most likely not come out until they are completed on future dates. The following short stories will be equivalent to titles such as GTA2: London, Starcraft: Broodwar, etc. It will be an expansion that required extra work to complete, and thus would be more than reasonable to charge a $5 premium.

    Basically, you’re stupid.

  • @97 And you’re a [DELETED], and 100% wrong.

    @96 – No, not being on the disc is not permittable. Content should be on the disc.

  • Is it one episode included or two?

  • will pre order soon

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