Introducing Sodium One: The Next Evolution of PlayStation Home

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Today marks the next evolutionary step of the PlayStation Home platform, as we release a massive 50 level vehicle combat game wrapped inside a highly-interactive and expansive social gaming environment known as Sodium One– a truly revolutionary gaming experience developed by Outso Ltd. and published by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. This entertainment event, set in a future of advanced technology where man and machine meet on a vast salt plain to turn deadly battle into extreme sport, resides only in the ever-growing world of PlayStation Home. And come opening day, you will want to be the first person in. That is, of course, if you want to be the last person standing.

A new benchmark for social gaming in PlayStation Home, Sodium One will launch with an explosive game known as Salt Shooter – a 50 level combat challenge where players can collect items to level up gameplay and strategically customize hovertanks with weapons, armor, and countermeasures. These level-ups can be obtained in a variety of ways, including meeting in-game objectives, trading resources collected in the Sodium world, and purchasing items that unlock upgrades in the Sodium environment (such as the tank pilot jackets, which grant access to additional levels of the game, leaderboards, and the pilots’ VIP lounge). All of this is built upon an MMO framework that includes additional games like Desert Quench and Scorpion Stomp, associated rewards and collectibles, and personal questing adventures, all of which are tracked by the Sodium AI Information Android known as VICKIE. The above games make for a truly next-level PlayStation Home space that centers on the concept of offering persistent objectives and long-term rewards to the PlayStation Home community, so users may work together to reach score targets and unlock future content and continuously upgrade their personal gaming experiences.

A dynamic and immersive gaming environment that will continue to expand over time by offering new games, community events, and virtual items, Sodium One is an experience unique to the PlayStation Home platform. By leveraging the computing power of the PS3, Outso Ltd. has succeeded in creating a graphically-rich, community-based game that is leaps ahead of anything offered on other consoles. To celebrate this momentous event, we will be making a limited number of unique voucher codes – good for a full unlock of the entire Salt Shooter combat game – available to 1,050 PlayStation Home community members that explore the space during the first 7 days (150 users per day). All you have to do is log in to PlayStation Home, enter the Sodium One space and interact with VICKIE for your chance to unlock the full game.

We are proud to join you, the PlayStation Home community, as we embark on a journey to the next level of social gaming on the PS3. So make sure you log into PlayStation Home today to take part in all that this amazing new gaming world known as Sodium One has to offer. And, as always, stay tuned to the official PlayStation.Blog for updates regarding the Sodium One space and all other events and content scheduled to appear in PlayStation Home throughout what is sure to be an incredibly exciting new year.

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  • Now your talkin!

  • Sounds salty…

  • This is exactly the type of space what HOME needed. After a month of being hiatus, I will make my return to HOME to this awesome space.

  • Wow oh WOW!!!!!!!!! This looks amazing will definitly boost alot of new psn users to come into HOME. Good job Sony and thank you Outso and Lockwood Publishing Ltd. I very much look forward to playing this marvalous game!!

  • looks cool but am i going 2 be able to face other people? there’s just something about whooping all my friends with my huge hover tank…

  • And this will lead us into the part of where Sony can stick their fingers into our wallet again. Like the stupid high cost to repair a defective launch 60gb PS3. $150? Come on Sony. Your slogan for the launch 60gb should be It’s Only Defective, It Only Does Everything for 2 years, It Only Cost an Arm and A leg to give you a refurb.

  • Tripped me out!

  • @58..hey mines got the YLOD while playing SOCOM..and it SUCKED..but i checked on and got it fixed for 6o buks in TWO lie! and it WAS the 60gb ps2 playing ps3..NOW its a 3o0gb memory master gaming machine that only does WHATEVER I WANT IT TO!-digital wise ofcourse:p so yeah ..its all about how much research you do before u WASTE your doe on an ARM AND A LEG and about them sticking thier hand in our wallet..they are not FORCING YOU to buy it..its your CHOICE..use your FREEWILL WISELY! :p

  • Interesting, this.

  • If it really runs that smooth, NOW I’m re-downloading home O_O <3

  • will this be free? All of a sudden, I am some interest in HOME

  • I’m sorry I have to post again, just wow… Wow… I never thought you guys would pull through with something this cool O_O

  • That’s bull, that ain’t fair, my ps3 died so I can’t do it, or anything else happen on home, psn store.

  • Sodium? Really?

  • Agree with wu-soldier.

  • I would love them to actually fix registration. The code given to me DOESN’T WORK.

  • So…is THIS what the TOKEN option in the Control Pad is all about?

  • @58…

    Just curious why you didn’t buy the warranty that SONY offers?

  • Gotta say I’m impressed! If we had more Home content like this, I think Home would really take off. And just in time for Christmas. Excellent work! Can’t wait to see what else is coming. :)

  • Holy ****!
    This is just so awesome that Home will be dishing out these kinds of things more often!

  • LOL. i have a place now to host a Rave. haha

  • ehhh you can dress up home but it still doesn’t make cool. Just flush out the friends features on the XMB instead of making us jump through hoops.

  • Thank you for the response, it is very much appreciated.

  • Extra content like this should be included in the paid subscription/membership thing. It would help convince people to pay for PSN when you guys start it.

  • I completely disagree with #20. This is NOT a step in the right direction. You know what is? Game integration. Right now, home is a separate application from everything else on PS3. This is NOT what we need. Sure it’s cool, but if you guys can make this surely you can bring some form of integration besides game launching.

    I know there are a FEW titles that unlocks items (Namco museum), well, we need more with bigger blockbuster games.

  • To all the nay-sayers: if you don’t like home, don’t even bother reading the blog post, much less respond to it. Doing so just proves you can waste your time in even dumber ways than us homies. To all the praisers: looking forward to waxing your azzes. lol To the devs: excellent work, your diligence in improving a FREE entertainment continues to astound. Hope to see much, much, MUCH more of the same. Only one gripe so far; my wife informs me that the portal in CP is causing temporary freezing. Hope this can be addressed without another update. 8-D

  • Sweet stuff Cydonia, I love what you guys are doing with Home, keep raising the bar and we’ll keep limbo dancing under it all the way into Home!!! :P :D

  • Heres my problem. You say everyone can play? Well I can’t. I have no idea why but I cant get anywere into a game in the tanks. I can do the bar and scorpion stomp games but not the tanks. Also when I talk to Vickie, I can look at everything in the menu but cant activate anything. When I go to register it just gives me the code and the website. I have registered and I made absolutely sure I entered the right email address and PSN ID and yet nothing happens. I also cant get out of the menu, I have to completely restart Home to get out of it.
    The website looks very poorly and loosely put together. It would be nice if there was more effort put into it and actually had usefull information in the Q&A.

  • After spending 2hrs on this I must say this is what home is all about. Im eager to get a psn card when I get the money to purchase the rest of the game. The currency integration and rewards if updated periodically will keep me glued to this forever.

  • Wow this is an awesome surprise! This looks awesome you guys, thank you so much I’m in the space now to try and get a voucher!

  • Oh my I just played the tank training game, this is so amazing! Seriously this just made HOME about 100x better. THANK YOU!

  • Excellent, this was quite unexpected. I have to check this out when I get home from work!

  • You guys are doing a great job with Home. I must admit I am not using it too much. I don’t know what to think of home to be honest. I would like it to be integrated with games 100% as I always thought it would be, and having your home, spaces, etc as an extra for showing to people you meet. My guess is that they had great ideas with home, but haven’t been able to execute them the way it was supposed to be originally, and have taken this route of mini-games, etc.

    The biggest mistake Sony has made (at least this gen) is to NOT make obligatory all the great features they have given to us. (Home, In-game music, in-game pictures, youtube uploading, etc)

  • Sodium 1 looks great! Let’s keep the updates coming!

  • I don’t understand how to unlock the full game, I went to vickie and registered on the SodiumOne website but I didn’t get the pilots jacket or anything, what do I do?

  • For the love of god Sony do some stuff with the boats! Those boats sit there and taunt gamers in HOME! Get these guys to develope a killer water sports location, and as others have said HOME should be part of the PS3 experince not just an app that we DL to your HDDs 24/7!

    We should be able to log any PS3 game into PSHOME, then from there meet up with gamers, and caht, then jump into games, it should be a hub for the PS3 online community not just a side venture. If Sony wants us to use HOME 24/7 we need not just more mini games for HOME, but also more intagration with HOME as a service for the PS3. Even if it was pay for only it would be better to have it part of the whole exprince then this fake life bull crap!

  • That looks really awesome. About to log into home now

  • Whoa. In just one day, Home went from “generally boring” to “really entertaining and awesome.”

    This is exactly the kind of thing PS Home needs.

    This is the best Home update by far.

    I applaud whoever came up with this.

  • pretty fun i like it. i’m addicted to scorpion squishing. nice way to kill time well i’m waiting for modnation beta

  • “available to 1,050 PlayStation Home community members that explore the space during the first 7 days (150 users per day).”

    So 7 x 150 is 1,050 now?

    And how did 92 comments go by before someone pointed this out?

    Still, this looks like it might be interesting enough for me to finally use Home.

  • … I don’t see my last comment. /test

  • This is actually all running on Home software? Am I seeing things?

  • Fun stuff. Just tried it out, and I think the bar game at Scorpio’s is great. It’s a game, yet social at the same time. It would have been better if the tank game had some sort of social aspect as well (multiplayer), but I’ve gotta say, nice work.

    It’s somewhat annoying that you can’t choose which friends you want to send invites to Sodium to though. (The system just sends it to all of your friends list.) Feels like I’m sending spam, so to everyone on my friends list that got an invite, sorry about that.

    But you should check Sodium out.

  • when does ps store usa go live?

  • wow, this is the first thing is PS HOME that actually looks interesting! I wanna give that a try! Congrats on making HOME better all the time!

  • @94 Final_Fan

    I don’t know who taught you math but 7×150 does = 1,050

  • Whoa, very awesome! I cannot wait to try this out.

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