SOCOM Confrontation Cold Front DLC Available Tomorrow

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We’ve got some great news for all you SOCOM fans! We’re excited to announce that the Cold Front expansion pack for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation will be available tomorrow for download in North America on the PlayStation Network. Cold Front is loaded with a number of new features and content.

Check out what’s included in the new download pack below:

  • New Russian / Eastern European Area of Operation
  • Snow setting complete with snow effects
  • New snow gear and camo for both the Special Forces and Mercenaries
  • Thermal vision
  • New ARMS RUN gameplay mode
  • 5 New Maps: Uprising, Entrapment, Blizzard, Night Stalker, Vigilance
  • All new mercenaries characters with new looks and new VO.
  • New Special Forces squad, the Russian Spetsnaz
  • Gun turrets emplacements
  • New music
  • All new character specialization/progression system allows players to pick a primary and secondary specialization and unlock new equipment exclusive to those specializations
  • New weapons, including: 3 new weapons, 6 enhanced versions of weapons available as part of the new weapons specialization system, 2 new weapon attachments (including the thermal scope), 5 enhanced versions of weapon attachments also available as part of the new weapons specialization system.
  • 2 new grenade launcher ammo types (flash and smoke)
  • New Trophies

For a limited time, the Cold Front pack will be available for only $9.99. Be sure and download the pack from the PlayStation Store this weekend to lock in the low introductory price. After Sunday, December 20 the price will move to $14.99.

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  • @47 well i should have asked when will the playstation store update. LOL

  • Every chance I get I’ll complain about how bad the game is……..Maybe is true that /6 doesn’t care. Well I care enough to tell to go f*** themselves for doing wrong by the fans. Got it since day one and waited for the updates that never came and now they want me to pay. why would I wanna pay 15 or even 10 buck for something that doesn’t work.

  • I used to love this series so much. Sony undervalued the following that SOCOM held.

    Delayed launch, large patches, broken elements, missing features from what was offered.

    and on top of all of that.. $14.99 for the DLC?

    I love my sony games, but confrontation is not one of them..

    Who thought it was a good idea to allow a PSP developer work on PS3 hardware by themselves without help?

    Who thought it was a good idea to ignore the forums socom sections to get an idea of what the core audience wants?

    Who thought it was a good idea to allow slant 6 to work on SOCOM: Confrontation for the PS3 AND a PSP game Fireteam Bravo 3 at the same time or in the background of each other?

    I’m a fan of sony products and games. But I blame sony not slant 6 as much for the downfall of socom.

    while looking for a killer online app someone failed to notice the giant elephant in the room named socom.

    Release a remastered version of socom I, II and II on Blu Ray with nothing changed but everything improved and I promise you it will sell better than any previous SOCOM title, especially confrontation..

    I still can’t believe someone gave the green light for confrontation..

  • #1 how many of you socom haters have made a game? socom is a good game considering i started playing games on an atari 2600. quit crying and be happy you don’t have to play pong with a freakin paddle. every new game release has glitches exploits and problems. why? because you all purposely look for them.

    #2 most of you complain about lag. did you ever think that maybe you can’t figure out how to configure your internet/networking to work correctly? maybe you just need to upgrade your internet speeds or quit playing wirelessly. I play on 30 mbs download and 4 mbs upload on a wireless router and have no issues with lag with of course the exception of peak hours which is to be expected on any game server. all of you haters think you should be fed with a golden spoon. Here’s the biggest kicker….You all complain and moan because there isn’t enough games out for ps3. Then you complain about issues with games when they are released. You aren’t gonna get em both. it’s either quality or quantity. from a business standpoint quantity with mediocre quality is what they are going to continue doing to keep up with demand from gamers because they know they can go back and patch it when they have time. so get over it.

  • @49 then go play mw2 or mag and shut up bro! there are other games out there that you can play, no one said you had to play socom. your prolly a scrub anyway.

  • im buy it b4 it goesto 15$ lol, i been waiting 4 this and the subway level .. hope to see you guys on it cant wait to play it

  • I am ready for this DLC download I need to see some new maps I am a real deal fan who follow and have every game that socom made I love that third person shooter **SOCOM** seeya on the DLC

  • many say this game sucks and that no one is going to play it..but since they barely get on they dont notice how many rooms are FULL on socom..its crazy.SOCOM might not be the best game it was b4 ..for a while..but its still going strong..and like i said TIME it will get BETTER..slant6 is new to it..Zipper had it easy..ps2 graphics made plenty of space for xtras..and for those that have played mag..YOU and I know those GRAPHIC on it dont look HALF as GOOD as zpper took a easy rout..slant6 took a risk..i might have ruined their Rep but i respect them for trying..yes TRYING..and IMO its better than QUITTING :p

  • @51,

    So I have to know how to MANUFACTURE a car to talk about its quality and reliability? Please. I have to know how to be a chef to comment on food taste? Great logic there. Many developers make PSN games perfectly fine. Online too. If /6 doesn’t know how to make a good reliable game, they shouldn’t have been chosen to do so. Which is why the blame is on both Sony & them.

    The only reason SOCOM is around is due to the second to none community out there, that deals with all of the crap because they love playing the games mechanics with their friends. Its not offered anywhere else.

  • It sounds like everyone hates this game. I don’t have it though.

  • This game was the ONLY reason i bought a PS3. I wont be making that mistake again.

    Sony & Slant Six you go down TOGETHER.

    I will NOT be supporting this DLC, for all i know it will need to be patched. Even then the game still is not a true socom. Way to listen to the fans…..

  • Will I be able to download this at 12am on 12/17?????

  • Looks like some pretty hefty dlc. Confrontation is a great game in my opinion… I have no idea why so many people hate it. Probably because it’s not very accessible?

  • I saw this game at Gamestop earlier today for $10 bucks new. After seeing how many negative comments (are there even any positive?) on here about the game, I’m glad I didn’t buy it on impulse.

  • u can dl when the store updates, theres no set time for the psn store to be update it could be 7am or 1pm or 11:30 pm no one knows

  • ExPresident is wrong. This IS the best Socom ever now that Blizzard will be back. Who needs anything but online? I never played offline & I been playing since Socom 1

  • I will always play Socom. That last one, Combat Assault was the only bad one out there.

  • They should really dropped SOCOM Confrontation to 20 bucks on the PSN Store like they did wit Warhawk even if it’s jus temporarily.

  • was the video edited? cuz i don’t seem to catch the bug on the turret. too far imo to be trying to man the turret.

  • i saw the bug in the SOCOM jaja. funny how it was deleted from SONY Blog.

    can’t even show off the turret.

  • While Socom 1.60 is finally “decent”, it’s too little too late. Bad Company 2 will be out soon and I’d rather get the LBP water kit than this.

    Zipper never should have abandoned Socom. Imagine a Socom game with Uncharted 2’s graphics and BC2’s sound, with short load times, good trophies, and more maps. That’ll be the day.


    What you changed this game into day 1 IS NOT SOCOM !!!!

  • i’ve never felt ripped off like i felt when i bought this game…it’s a shame, just need to let you all know.

  • OK, so I’ve tried to look it up and nowhere does it say what time the cold front pack will be available on the ps store. Does anyone know if I can goto game store and buy???

  • Let this game go sony….JUST LET IT GO PLEASE. It’s garbage.





  • say what you will, but the online community for Confrontation is strong, bout as strong as Modern Warfare 2 or Killzone 2. so bash the message board..but ppl will still play it, im one of them

  • So does any one know if its at midnight or later?

  • I like socom the graphics from slant 6 are really nice but the game play has left out something to desire. I will still buy the DLC but I’m a sucker what can I say. As far as re-releasing the older socoms why would they do that to many cheaters and glitchers. BTW for fixing the servers not much they can do they are donated spaces on company servers and have no control over the bandwidth each has…..

    but I do agree $14.99 is alot for a DLC after all the problems the end0user has encountered.

  • Well i see it that this is the only socom i have played so all the maps are new to me. but its like buying the game all over again and for 10 bucks im not complaining. keep it up socom.

  • I love playing Socom, but I’ve learned my lesson with the Killzone 2 DLC that no one else either bought, decided not to buy or never wanted to play.


    this is a link i just found talking about when it will be released. 5pm PST.

  • I love sony and have to admit the main reason I got a ps3 instead of an Xbox360 was so I could play socom. I can’t even describe how upset I was with this game after seeing how it went back to the stone age and didn’t even have a solo op. BUT I will continue playing it because ive played it for so many years. honestly, it is getting better; however, it’s still no comparison to the PS2 version which is sad. There needs to be a brand new Socom with solo/co-op and a much better online play and most importantly Zipper should be making it. I don’t blame /6 entirely, it’s hard to beat the original.

  • Before the update I wasn’t playing Socom, it just sucked and all glitchy. The update was very much needed. Now I’m looking forward to the update which will make Socom huge. Thanx /6 I’m getting this pack. Getting the wet pack for LBp, too!!

  • so any of you guys wanna let me know wen is gonna be out is 5 am in TX wat time does it come out

  • Can one of you please calmly tell me why you dislike it so much? I own the game and I don’t experience any glitches, and it’s almost always lag free. The variety of weapons is good, the teamwork is great, the sounds of the guns are some of the best I’ve ever heard in a game, graphics are pretty good, good selection of maps. Can someone please politely tell me why they’ve had a bad experience with it.

  • “available tomorrow for download in North America”.

    So Europe won’t be getting the release today?

    That’s a shame as a lot of European Socom players are waiting on this to give the game another shot.

  • slant 6 should not touch another ps franchise….EVER.

    they ruined this game for so many an tryin to cash in on dlc by makin it 9.99 for a limited time so ppl would rush out and buy it asap without thinkin much.

    why did sony let a psp dev make their 1st ps3 without any help? jus not very smart… all

    i was very excited about this francise being a long time socom person myself and awaited anxiously for it and bought it day 1 (headset bundle) knowing fully well it wasnt perfect but said “hey it’ll jus take maybe 1 or 2 months to fix stuff up an the game would be runnig smooth” oohhh was i wrong.

    things that were advertised on the box/manual (tourneys/clan ladders) weren’t there and only came THIS year….that’s false advertising and to this day we still cant make our own tourneys and let teams join like on kz2.

    hopefully sony LEARNS from their mistake and picks an ABLE dev to make the next socom and bring it back to the good times we remember

  • @50
    Delayed launch? See I think thats the exact issue with yalls thinking, much less the fact that complainers and haters practically pushed Zipper away from Socom.

    Socom fans basically kept pushing for a Socom game that it was released prior to what it should have been. The mistake Sony made was allowing that and pushing the game to be a Downloadable game.

    But as for the gameplay from day one it has been intact. Server side issues have been cleared up for about a year now. And most annoying glitches (laser scope through walls)and dropped players have been fixed now.

    Heck even when dropping players was at its worst, I could still play for about 6 hours prior to being dropped. Alot longer than I could play MW for without losing host lol.

    And to who ever mentioned about loving the sprint in SC as not being part of the orginals is almost laughable. There is actually timed videos of someone sprinting from corner to corner at Cross Roads in the Orginal Socom game and Confrontation and the times are exact lol. And oh yea I know I love these knives, just wish it was a tad bit faster :)

  • MMMk…first off, when we purchased Socom Confrontation…we were under the impression that it was a complete game with the same or some new weapons from Socom Combined Assault. Secondly, this is a would think that this game would have vehicles/helicopters/planes in it. Thirdly, this game was postponed for a WHOLE year…which is great business savvy on Sony’s part to get everyone to purchase a PS3 (especially Socom players which rank in the millions planet-wide). I love how people say “stop whining and crying”…the fact remains that this game was INCOMPLETE during launch, considering they pushed it back a WHOLE year. What were they doing that whole year, anyways??

  • @89
    /6 or any body from Sony EVER said that Confrontation would be like or related to Combined Assult, which was the worst Socom. Confrontation from day 1 was to bring back the old Socom 1 and 2 feel and gameplay, hence NO vehicles.

    Also please post a link to Sony announcing a launch date that was a whole year earlier please, well never mind you want cause there wasn’t ever a release date given prior to the official date, which in fact was actually pushed back I think 2 weeks lol.

  • P.S the official date was what Sept 13 I think of last year, and the release was pushed back to the end of Sept if I’m correct. That was the only delay.

  • For some stray EU players on this blog.

    Mike Kebby had this to say about the EU release

    “That’ll be coming after the New Year I’m afraid”

  • @92….thanks for the heads up, where did you read that?

    it’s also quite annoying that once again the EU has to sit and wait for something which NA will have for a few months to get some practice on.

    its quite bad as alot of the EU players i’ve played with are really looking forward to this and the rumour thats been going round is we would receive it today along with NA, so theres going to be quite a few people slightly mad at this.

  • I came here to find out information on the DLC for Socom, because I do not see it in the PS Store. It is currently 7:52 am EST.

    I am not looking to Bad Mouth SOCOM…that speaks for itself, I just would like to give it another try.

    Or, its back to COD on 360..Sorry, I am becoming a less believer, I love SOCOM Concept, But dislike the infrequent stability. To be quite honest.

    Please if you have information about the availablityof the Socom DLC Cold Front..Please post

    Its not available as of Dec 17, 2009 7:52am EST

  • Why only release the DLC to North America. Its a global game so for a DLC a global release should have been the go.

  • Why do people gotta be haters?

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