Flower Wins VGAs Best Independent Game – A Huge Thank You from thatgamecompany!

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Hi, it’s Kellee Santiago again from thatgamecompany. This last weekend was…whoa, just totally surreal. Jenova, composer Vincent Diamante, and I met up at the event, where we got together with fellow indie nominees, Hemisphere Games (Osmos) and Twisted Pixel (‘Splosion Man) so that we could brave the great unknown of the red carpet together.


Which turned out to be a good thing because it was pretty hectic and intense there. Did you know going down a red carpet can take an hour?!? I don’t know how seasoned veterans like David Jaffe can do it!


These Mt. Dew-themed drinks helped us get through the pre-show schmooze-fest, though. It was great to be surrounded by almost all of the other Best Indie Game nominees – I definitely felt more grounded. I mean, how do you handle waiting in line for the port-o-potty and encountering Samuel L. Jackson?


(Waiting for the show to begin.)

And then there were the REAL celebrities – Rocksteady, Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward…I was nerding out all over the place. Very unlady-like. But I love any opportunity to straight-up shower love on some of my favorite game makers, because I know how much it has meant to us to get emails and hear from you guys about Flower.

Of course, then it got to our category. Our hearts were in our throats, which I think you could hear when we gave our acceptance speech. As Jenova said, Flower has come a long way since the day he said, “Let’s make a game about flowers and love,” to actually being awarded by Spike TV.

And because I was so nervous, I totally cut off Jenova before he could thank the most important people – you guys. We heard some of you got to be at the viewing party in Hollywood and were cheering right alongside us, and that really means a lot to us. Making experimental games is an emotional and scary process, and we really couldn’t do it without you guys. Thanks so much for all of your support these last three and a half years, and we hope we can continue to entertain you!

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  • I was really happy when flower won. It my favorite DLC/Game this year by far.

  • :D You guys totally deserve it :D Flower is one hell of an amazing title :) Congrats again.

  • It would be more deserving of winning if it were on a disc.

  • Congrats to all of the brilliant, hard-working folks at thatgamecompany. Much deserved.

    And kudos to Sony for backing indie devs and green-lighting these financially risky games for the sake of innovation.

  • When i need to relax, to take a time out from the world, or when i’m down… there is always Flower. Thank you so much for one of the best gaming experiencies of my life!

  • Congratulations as it’s a great game. I would like some sort of expansion.

  • Loved Flower, whats next? Storm? Anything for Home planned? I’d like to have my ‘Flowers’ in there.

  • Congrats on the award. It’s well deserving. Flower is one of my favorite downloadable games. Now wave that award in Sony’s face and tell them to put that soundtrack out.

  • Congrats, well deserved.

  • Um… is there a custom soundtrack feature for Flower yet? I already got all the trophies…

  • To any new ps3 owners out there that don’t know about this great game developement company…Buy Flow and Flower …..Your whole family will love what these BRILLIANT minds can do and did.

    And no THANK YOU T.G.C. for creating epic beautiful games. You deserve every award for your hard work.

  • P.S….I hope guys have something planned soon…I’m ready to spend money on what ever it is.

  • Congratulations but really thank you for bringing an awesome game. It’s the first PSN game that not only matched my expectations but exceeded them. Truly a masterpiece.

  • Well said, Sakimori_X.

    It’s a shame that clowns like Einhander138 don’t ever seem to realize that the only reason the game was made in the first place was BECAUSE it wasn’t on a disc…

  • Hi guys! Flower is a wonderful game^^ Not only best indie game, but also best downloadable game this year =) Like you said splosion man was good, better than Shadow Complex, but even the ‘splodemaster can’t beat the way you can enjoy flower^^ also, OMG, YOUR DRINK HAS BEEN SPIKED D= It says so on the side!! oh no… wait xD hehe

    p.s. Yea Naughty Dog is all that, and there’s no denying Infinity Ward’s got something special going, but… rocksteady’s nothing special. Getting lucky and hitting the mainstream isn’t something to be praised for… it’s the real innovative, one-of-a-kind games like flower that deserve the spotlight. goodluck to ya^^

  • Very, well deserved. I love the game, and what a unique concept, you play the dreams/memories of flowers! A very unique experience and I would love to see more.

    Also, flOw is another great game. The USA has received a trophy patch update, however 3 months later the UK/Europe still hasn’t. When I asked the ThatGameCompany website they said it is up to SCEE. When I asked on the SCEE forums they said ThatGameCompany would know. PLEASE, as president can you give us some facts on this.

    Has the flOw trophy update for Europe been cancelled?

  • i thought i was up to date with all games but i have never seen this game? is it only a psn download or can i buy disc in store?

  • Flower is the best game released this year by far. nothing can beat that unique experience you get from when you play Flower.

  • Modern Warfare 2 is a terrible game.

  • Flower is a great game guys congrats. My gf loved it and it’s one of those things I wish more people with Wiis knew about.

    “life could be simple.”

  • I dont know if they can make something that tops flower. Flower is one of the most enjoyable games if you can call it a game, I have ever played. The mood it puts you in and the music is just amazing. I was fist pumping when they got the award.

  • Congratulations. Flower is awesome.

  • I love this game!! Hope we will have some DLC soon. I really need more of this.

    Thank you

  • Thatgamecompany is my favorite independent game developing company. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait until your next game!

  • There are three games that have never left my hardrive (that’s what she said). Wipeout, Stardust, and Flower. After you beat Flower, you come back to experience it, to relax, or just clear your head. So having it in your PS3 is like having a chill pill in your pocket. It’s serene and relaxing, and deserves all the praise you guys have received.

    I would love some more levels. An ocean… a breezy lake, a desert, possibly a forest, complete with howling sound effects when you blow through trees.

    Or, if not that, just give us something completely new.

    Either way, congratulations for giving us something that doesn’t involve a POV of the back of a gun barrel, and taking a risk when everyone else is using (CTRL-C and CTRL-V) on FPS to make a buck.

  • Totally deserved this award and MORE. You guys are wonderful developers and Flower was absolutely amazing!

    I’d rather meet and talk to the people at Thatgamecompany than any other big name developer. Not because I don’t like those other developers but these small independent companies are were the real love for videogames is. We’ve all heard the bile coming from the CEOs of big name developers. Those kinds of people make me lose faith in the future of videogames but games like Flower & people from Thatgamecompany give me hope. Thank you.

  • Congratulations!! Flower was simply amazing and deserved it!!
    Please make a sequel!

  • Kellee, Jenova, Vincent and everyone at thatgamecompany…you so deserve this. Flower remains one of the most touching experiences I’ve ever been blessed with and I show it to everyone who enters my abode.

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next…seriously, my most anticipated 200X title is YOURS!!

    Oh and Kellee…I love you! Jenova…YOU ROCK! Vincent…I need a soundtrack for your life man, it’s beautiful!

  • Thanks everyone so much for the kudos! It feels really awesome to make you guys happy. =)

  • Well deserved. Flower is just awesome, and I even sent an email to the devs, telling them how impressed I was after finishing it.
    I was surprised that Kellee replied my email :)
    Can’t wait to see (and play) their next game!
    Hopefully they will release something soon. Tell us if you are working on something!

  • congratulations! thank you for your great game. i wish you would consider bringing flow and cloud as downloadables to the new psn premium service. the first game i show all my friends on my ps3 is Flower. It still could break more barriers and be more wellknown. With your 3rd games coming up next year, I think it would help provide momentum and awareness of your companies unique style.

  • Definitely a well deserved win…now let’s see some DLC like we did with flOw!

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