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We’re still buzzing from UNCHARTED 2, Flower, and God of War III’s wins at last night’s VGAs. You’ll hear more from the teams this week, as well as what you missed if you didn’t make our VGA Viewing Party in Hollywood.

Thanks to all of you that voted, and congrats to the winners!
In the meantime, here’s the news *before* last night.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of December 7, 2009)

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  • Great week!
    Gratz to Naughty Dog, ThatGameCompany, and Santa Monica for their wins at the Spike Video Game Awards… Also for PS3 winning 2009 with game quality, hopefully 2010 will bring another dominating year!

  • @ Jeff

    Got a small question, is it possible for you to maybe at least send a message or an email to Namco Bandai America and know if we will ever be seeing Tales of Vesperia coming to ps3 in English?.. its been a while since it was released in Japan and I seriously would love to play it myself and there are tons of other people that want it too.

    Thanks and congrats to Uncharted 2 for winning game of the year yesterday and for Flower!! both deserved the prizes :)

    • Anything they\’d ever want to announce (or not announce) will happen on their timetable. I honestly don\’t know if we\’ll see ToV here or not, but if it happens, you\’ll read it here.

  • @ Jeff Or Chris,

    Eh, Were the Canadian Fortune Hunter Edtion Winners announced yet.

    (please reply, thanks)

  • Congrats to Naughty Dog on winning at the VGAs!

    Also, any word on if Mega Man 10 will be coming to PSN? It was announced this week and I’d love to play this new game on the same system I played Mega Man 9.

  • congs to all the winners last nite

  • I am trilled to hear that the game that deserve to win from day 1, won the GOTY! I love that Sony games won awards that it deserved!!!

  • Congrats to the creators of Uncharted 2 for winning game of the year.

    My question is the same as Destiny89’s. I hope we get an answer for it.


  • Can you get videos of them accepting their awards? I saw it, that just seemed like something I’d wanna see again. When Flower won I turned on my ps3 and played flower to get over the god awful performances and corny jokes, then when uncharted 2 won I said WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for 20 minutes, visited every forum, then celebrated by playing it online for the rest of the night. This calls for triple XP weekend naughty dog.

  • Congrats to Uncharted 2 and Naughty Dog. Probably one of many Game of the Year awards for Uncharted 2. Hopefully, this translates to even more sales.

  • I think last nights VGA Uncharted 2 win for Game Of The Year has not only cemented Naughty Dog as one of the best developers out there but also certifies Playstation 3 as THE console of choice for this year and many more years to come. Bravo, Bravo!

  • Congrats to all of the winners and especially ND, Uncharted 2 Game of the year, has a nice ring to it don’t it??? :D

  • Congrats to Naughty Dog and Sony for Uncharted 2 winning GOTY.

    Well deserved.

  • we neeeed a new xmb,cross game chat, and our whats new to be updated on a regular gets updated like once a week thats boring seeing the same things over and over get all des videos telling them whats new,whats in stores and many more y can’t ps3 do this.ps3 is goin downhill

  • another thing that would be good is add more stuff to our status when we are online e.g. busy,eating,away etc.

  • Yo! Thanks for the news!

  • News of the new God of War 3 footage is possibly the biggest tease of my gaming life, dating all the way back to the late 80’s (good times, good times)…
    Made it so much more unbearable seeing Hip Hop Gamers reaction to it – speachless.

    We have to be patient until next month, how about release it 01/01/ 2010? Please :)

  • Thanks Jeff.

    So how about that Playstation podcast ;) ?

  • congratulation to the winners. but it was a let down that PS3 didn’t have a World Premier for a new game.

  • This week was awesome, Can Next Week Top it? Ah! No, We’re close to the End Of The year, so guys don’t expect more Great News!

    Congrats to Naughty Dog,thatgamecompany, and Santa Monica for their awards. PS brought Home 5 awards hahaha!

    2010 couldn’t get any better! God Of War III NEW Footage will be possibly release 01/18/10

    Jeff Tell me I’m wrong

  • I find it funny that there’s no link to last months NPDs. Then again I cant blame you Ps3 has its best software ever and it still cant beat out xbox and the hightest selling psp game wasn’t even in the top hundred. Pat your self on the back for an awesome game Uncharted 2 but it clearly doesn’t matter you need to do something quick Sony because after God of War 3 I’m not to sure what left that people care about.

  • Was great to see Uncharted and Flower win.

  • Congratulations Sony and studios for the well deserved awards!

    On other news,I´d like to make a suggestion. Considering that the in game friend,messages and throphy notification boxes look so unattractive could you Jeff pass the idea of a different,sleeker,black-y and more vibrant ones to the update team?

    Cheers and go Sony!

  • I jumped for joy when they announced Uncharted 2 GOTY. I couldn’t be more happy for Naughty Dog developing a well made quality game. They deserved to win.

  • Congrats to Sony Santa Monica and ThatGameCompany as well for winning awards.

  • Congrats to thatgamecompany, naughty dog and santa monica studios… you all deserved it!

    P.S Any news on a Uncharted 2, MW2 or Assassins Creed 2 Dynamic Themes anytime soon? and any news about Premium Avatars?

  • Can i give you guys a tip for your next firmware update?

    How about sending you save data to a server so that when i want to continue were i left off in a game at my friends house.

  • Hey, Jeff,
    I’m going to CES. Will there be a BLOG meet-up there? I hope so. Keep up the good work!

  • @Jeff

    Hey Jeff, I’ve compiled a small list of enhancements that I would like to see added to the PlayStation Store and if you could please take a quick look over the list, and please pass it along to the appropriate people if you can. The link is as followed.


  • Sony, PLEASE fix your broken portable ID and trophies on the website. Every time I click it now it says “session expired”.

  • Yeah Batman Arkham Asylum 2!!!!

  • Uncharted 2 GOTY! :D

  • Congratulations to Naughty Dog, thatgamecompany, and Sony Santa Monica.
    Jeff, could we get a MAG countdown?

    There isn’t that much marketing with MAG. :-/

  • @ 21 I think your comment is funny lol your telling Sony to look at november number why ? have you? if you look at the total sell on hardware your beloved 360 is only ahead by 7 millions , that with a year head start , price cut and a dropping of a system . analysis everywhere are now saying when not if the PS3 pass 360 . Poor microsoft worry so much about sony they could never catch up with the Wii and now sony will pass them by next year . How ? two many games for this year and next lol face it if MW 2 didn’t come out microsoft would have been dead in the water. so enjoy that one month win you wont get any more fan boy.

  • That’s awesome news, Jeff! Thanks for that reply.

  • Oh yeah! Uncharted 2 won goty and 2 others(first of the many gotys im sure) and GOW3 won its first of many awards(im sure as well) before its even released! Cant wait for GOW3! thanks to DAG25 for that link, that guy was speechless and they even said its better than Uncharted 2 in terms of tech, now thats saying something! I cant wait till january to see this footage and gets blown away myself, jeff said it was great in the interview he did and these two other guys were astonished and said its like a ps4 game(now that might be a little exaggerated, but im sure its amazing either way). Cant wait!

  • @34 lol First I own every console your the only fan boy and those analysis you mention have said for the past three years “it the year of the PlayStation” and xbox is still out selling it I’m not trying to hate on Sony just I’m not to sure what else they can do.

  • @37 ky181
    The xbox 360 ONLY outsell the PS3 in the United States and the United Kingdom. In every other part of the world, the PS3 is outselling the xbox 360. Just last month, the PS3 outsold the xbox 360 by 152k in Japan alone according to Media Create. In Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and other European countries, the PS3 is constantly outselling the xbox 360 by fairly large margin for their repetitive country.

  • @ 37

    suck it bots…GOOD FOR YOU own all three want a freakin cookie. Why do BOTS always bring up the sales game. Do you think we give a ( F ) ????

  • wow sony fan boys are so sensitive I never said one thing bad about sony and all the fan boys freak out lol

  • @ky181
    The PS3 actually sold pretty good and their sale numbers are increasing, just everyone making a big deal about not selling as good as their competitors

    That’s a bad comparison, when obviously the 360 has never sold good in Japan and when you say ONLY on US and UK thats actually quite alot of people… accept the fact that the PS3 is not selling as good as the 360 and not even close to the Wii, but it is gaining momentum due to smarter marketing and new design + price cut

  • Anyway… I don’t see how sale number are relevant to gamers. Can’t wait for more info on GOW 3 and GT 5

  • Hoping a firmware update in the near future allows each user to log in to their respective account during multiplayer(i.e Friend comes over to play Spec Ops on MW2 , he can log in to his PSN account and I log in to mine; we both play and unlock trophies on our accounts).

  • @42 Kchow23
    And you accept the fact that Japan offset the sales the xbox gain on the PS3 in both the US and UK. The xbox 360 outsold the PS3 by 100K last month in the US. The PS3 outsold the xbox 360 by 152K last month in Japan.
    You need to accept the fact that the PS3 is outselling the xbox 360 when looking at the total sales worldwide each month. Just because the UK and the US is a bigger market does not matter. The smaller countries combine are pushing the PS3 pass the xbox 360 in terms of sales each month.

  • @45
    Really? then how did the PS3 manage to fall behind? they can’t survive with outselling 360 in Japan and smaller countries… and that’s why they are making a stronger push in the US and UK with the new marketing.

  • @45
    Like I said before really move on from the sales topic.. is it really that big of a deal to you and ky181?

  • Hey jeff is it possible for you to answer this question i have?-

    Is the eye of indra bundle with the new MP skins that came out in the EU ps store coming to the NA store in any upcoming updates?

    I cant find any information on it & i would appreciate it if someone could tell me,thanks.

  • @ KY181 well am sorry about calling you a fanboy but i own all 3 systems , well my kids play with the wii more then me but your comment about sony are so old and no longer true. Sony have been selling alot of systems and they will pass microsoft in sells sorry . The two reason why 1 microsoft do not have in system seller games between 6 to 12 month from now except hallo reach and that game is more for hallo fan 2 programmers are finally understanding the PS3 and your going to see a different in the games so no more porting from system to system . I think you and others should give sony a pat on the back because they took more risk then microsoft am sorry to say that but it’s true.

  • I know it’s so easy to jump on Sony and joke about them but if you sit back and think about it they took on more risk then any others company out there in the video game market . blu ray was new and expensive , harder to make games because of programmer have to learn a new system , the PS3 was too expensive all these reason are big time risk and now 3 years later big reward. They could had made the PS3 like the 360 so they can rush to the market but they didn’t so before anyone bash Sony remember they took more risk then anyone that why the PS3 will be here for awhile.

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