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The wait is almost over. PixelJunk Shooter will finally be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, Thursday, December 10 for $9.99…just in time for the holidays! (And another great gift is PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP. Remember you don’t need a PSPgo to play Monsters Deluxe. It plays great on any PSP! That’s something we’ve had a lot of mail about.)

As all you PixelJunk fans are aware, music plays an important role in all of our games. For Shooter, we worked very closely with High Frequency Bandwidth and we really hope you enjoy the music as much as we do.

We’ve also added the ability to earn reward items in Home and have amped up our HOME PixelJunk area with a really cool new Shooter space. Be sure to check it out when it goes live next Thursday, December 17.

I might as well use this blog entry as an excuse to talk a little bit about the response PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe has been getting – it has been awesome! Metacritic currently ranks us in the top 10 of all-time best PSP games (at the time of writing), which is absolutely incredible for us! It seems most people are playing the game in offline 1p mode (which of course is engrossing to the extreme), but everyone should definitely try out the online play. It’s a lot of fun and there are lots of like-minded Monsters fans out there to “parlay” and boogie on down with. It’s also surprisingly fun to simply hang out in a one of the lobbies and watch the blow-by-blow tickertape commentaries of other people’s games.

Oh and I almost forgot the extra good news! To celebrate the launch of PixelJunk Shooter and the holidays, starting December 22nd, the PS Store will be offering a 3-in-1 combo deal of Racers, Monsters *and* Eden altogether for just 19.99! Even if you already own one of them it is a fantastic deal! As Deb Mars always says, we love spreading that PixelJunk love and here is a great reason to do so for your family and friends. Take the PixelJunk plunge and see what the fuss is all about!

And as always, send us comments!

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  • Any chance this means there will be a discount on the PSP PJM? After buying Crystal Defenders I really wanted to get into PJM on my PSP Go, but it seems like a pick up and play title and those very rarely justify $20+tax.

  • Looks great!

  • I want Monsters Deluxe as download for PS3! I don’t have, nor do I want, a PSP. But I do want MONSTERS DELUXE! please please please…

  • can we make costum levels

  • will PixelJunk Racers ever get a patch for Trophies?

  • Anybody at all care to compare the controls to Gravity Crash? I was excited to play that demo but then I played it. Landing was never an option for me.

  • I’ll be waiting. I don’t want to feel cheated like I do with PixelJunk Monsters.

    I buy PJ monsters and the encore. Yet I have to completely rebuy all that I already have to get the few new things in Deluxe?

    No. I’ll be waiting until Shooter has been out and I know for sure this crap won’t happen again.

  • I want this SOO bad but Im so broke. I will get later though. It’s a good price.

  • I have to chime in and say “HOLT SH$#” PJ Shooter is incredible. I hope this game and it’s world has some serious longevity. I just started it and I already want a sequel with bases and upgradable weapons and various ships. But as it stands A-freekin-PLUS!

  • I have been playing PixelJunk Shooter ALL day. its AMAZING.

    great game.. so fluid and fun. took me ten seconds to get the aiming figured out (just hold it in a direction all the time).

    The first boss was an OMG moment.

    The co-op is SPECTACULAR.. played it with my DAD! He loved it.

    I decided to try out the “upload to youtube” feature.. but unfortunately since I use Wireless with my PS3.. its super slow (yes, the ps3 has serious wireless issues).. so its been uploading the same video for a few hours now..


    can’t wait to keep playing.

  • Dylan I have a question for you, have you ever consider to make Pixeljunk Monster 2?? or something with the same genre like Pixeljunk Aliens by example??

    I think it would be AWESOME and a lot of Pixeljunk Monsters’ fans will love that!

    Thank you for your response :)

  • Shooter is just fantastic!

  • So, I just beat Co-op with my dad!

    This is pretty amazing because me and my dad don’t play video games very often..

    certainly not this kind of game.

    ..yet.. he walked into the room and invited himself into the game almost immediately.

    Then it was 3:30 AM all of a sudden and we’d just finished the very last level… which was… fantastic..

    such EXPERTLY designed co-op in this game. I don’t know how many times we were saying “Okay, just survive 4 seconds longer! I am almost back!” ahaha.

    My 27 year old brother, as well, who has completely given up on modern video games came in in the middle of a level we were playing and was blown away by it! He was very impressed, and I could tell he wanted to play it.


    Thank you Q Games.. my first day and its already provided me with more value than many of the full-priced games i’ve bought in recent years.

    I do hope for an expansion pack! (w/ survival, race/tag, and a version of that old atari tank game!) How about 3 or 4 players? weapon collision ON between characters? mirror the levels option?

  • Still not on Amazon’s PSN store… sadness…

  • How about a demo. Looks good, but I gotta test it out first.

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