The Saboteur Available Today for PS3 – Get Familiar with the Characters

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Hello readers, I’m back again, and The Saboteur is actually out today! I am truly excited that it’s finally available and you can all play it now. Today, I want to talk about the different characters in The Saboteur. Because the game is very story driven, it was extremely important to us to have a good solid cast of characters for Sean to interact with along the way while trying to get revenge on Dierker (if you’re confused by what all that means, see my previous posts). Our mantra for creating our cast of characters was “everyone has a problem.” This was important because it meant we had to create back stories for all the characters to give them grounding and purpose in the world of The Saboteur. While we have a lot of different characters in the game, there are some really key players you should know about.

Jules – Jules is one of the most important characters in the game because his death is the ultimate motivating factor for Sean’s romp across occupied France killing Nazis. It was a big risk to take to count on delivering Jules as a character. We hope the player likes him so that when he dies there would be an emotional connection and natural motivation for the player. Personally, I’m really happy with the delivery of Jules in the game.

Veronique – Veronique is Jules’ sister and another key character in the story. Before the war, Sean has basically an attraction to Veronique, but then again, he does to most women. After Jules dies Veronique helps keep Sean grounded, tying him into the world of the Resistance, and ultimately giving him something to fight for.

The Saboteur - Jules The Saboteur - Veronique

Vittore Morini – Vittore is in many ways a kindred spirit to the real world Ettore Bugatti who was the owner/designer of the Bugatti racing team that inspired our Team Morini in The Saboteur. Confident and wise, Vittore serves in many ways as a replacement to the father that Sean lost many years ago. While Sean may not always listen to him, Vittore tries to guide Sean on the path of right. Along the way he might help Sean track down something that’s very important to the both of them… their car, the Aurora.

Kurt Dierker – Overly cocky but good at what he does, Dierker is the type of bad guy you love to hate. Dierker drives for Team Doppelsieg which is our fictional version of the Mercedes team of the 1930’s where he is famous amongst the racing circles and is going to be a tough match for our hero Sean in his first race. We also wanted Dierker to be the perfect poster-boy for the Third Reich which he represents with the cold calculation of a steel blade. From the first time you meet him in the bar to your run ins with him throughout the game, Dierker is a jerk.

The Saboteur - Vittore The Saboteur - Kurt Drieker

Skylar – While she starts in the game as mainly a sexy friend-with-benefits from Sean’s past, Skylar’s past with Sean helps pull him into working with the British SOE (Special Operations Executive). When Sean first met Skylar, he mistook her for another bored rich girl with an infatuation for race car drivers. He had no idea she was actually a secret agent and the groupie act was merely a cover act to fool the Gestapo. Although being Irish makes him very reluctant to work with the British, the SOE has a great deal of connections in the world which can help him get closer towards Dierker.

Luc – Luc is the charismatic guerilla leader and another key character in the game. He becomes a leader in the French Resistance movement early in the game and by eventually uniting the various rebellious factions of Paris into one single Resistance movement. In the first scene, Luc finds Sean sitting at the bar of the Belle du Nuit, drinking his life away. Luc convinces Sean he should foster his hatred for the Nazis and do something more than sit back idly. The two of them go into the night together and the resistance is born. Their friendship continues to be one of opportunity, both need each other but as time goes on their reasons for fighting grow further and further apart.

The Saboteur - Skylar The Saboteur - Luc

Bishop – The British SOE have use for the skills of our renegade hero. The real SOE were set up by Churchill as his secret army with the charge to “set Europe ablaze.” Bishop who runs the SOE in The Saboteur has Skylar bring Sean to him because he understands that by pointing Sean towards Dierker, he can tap into Devlin’s hatred and put a serious dent in the plans of the Nazi occupation. Bishop is a devious mastermind behind several SOE operations – his business is secrets and business is booming – and his own identity is one of the closest guarded secrets of all.

The Saboteur - Bishop

That’s just a sample of the main characters. There are lots of other interesting characters to meet along the way to seeking revenge: Dr. Kessler, the defecting German scientist, other Resistance leaders like Dr. Kwong and Father Denis, the sexy Giselle and her crew of dancers at the Belle, and more. I hope you enjoyed my posts. Now go and kick some Nazi butt in The Saboteur!

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  • Hey Tom,

    Saw this game sitting in our backroom at GameStop and wondered what it was about, it looked pretty cool based on the cover but sounds like people are enjoying it, so I’ll definitely try it out.

    P.S. Good luck with the job, I’m a game production student, so here’s hoping I get to work with an awesome team like yours someday. =]

    • The industry is big yet small at the same time so the chances become pretty good we may someday work together. :)

  • much love and respect to everyone at pandemic. i’ve been proud to play and show off your games to my friends since the first battlefront.

  • Hey Tom!

    Living in Australia, I managed to pick this up last week (on launch day!). I haven’t been able to play it yet (I still have to finish Assassins Creed 2), but so far I’m loving the atmosphere. Can’t wait to play it.

    Hope we see a sequel. Any chance we might get some more DLC like the knife and Midnight Show?

    • Hehehe, yeah, I\’ve got a huge backlog of games I\’m trying to get through right now too. I just bumped Sab up to the top, well, because I can. :)

      As for sequel, not sure. It was designed to be a franchise but we\’ll have to see how thos one does first.

      As for more DLC, there\’s nothing announced I can talk about.

  • Hi there, I m french, I love your game, and your beard rocks !
    Thanks for making a game settled in Paris ;)

    I just wanted to say that all my thought go to the Pandemic crew. You guys did an excellent job with The Saboteur. You all rocks dudes !

  • Already bought it and I love it good game =)!

    • It\’s fun. I got a copy yesterday and played until like 2:30 in the morning. Couldn\’t stop blowing up towers and tanks, etc… :)

  • Seeing all those answers I’ll ask a serious question:

    Why do you (and too many others) use copy protected saves?

    It became popular when trophies were added to the PSN.

    Cheating with trophies can be prevented by locking the save to a PSN account. Hacks are prevented by signatures.

    Enough other games show that there is no need for protected saves.

    It’s very frustrating if you can’t make a backup.

    • You know, I wish I had a better answer for you, but I don\’t honestly know. It might be some sort of TRC (Technical Requirements Checklist) thing of Sony\’s.(?) That would make sense why it all kinda happened around the trophy release. If there was someone around me I could ask that would know, I would, but there isn\’t. :)

  • Dear Mr. French

    Please ignore all the trolls and haters. I think Saboteur looks great, and you will find loyal fans (like me) very easily on this here Playstation Blog.

    Please continue bring great games to the PS3. We like your games!

  • Such a shame about Pandemic. If everyone’s as nice as Tom here, they really got the the SHI* end of the sh*t stick.

    While I think you’re nice guys I do think Pandemic at EA just wasn’t working, just a bit cruel to do it before christmas.

    • It could give them the chance to:
      1) catch up on sleep
      2) catch up on games
      3) catch up with family and friends they haven\’t seen forever
      4) finish shopping early
      5) get a leg up on finding a gig before the new year starts

      All hypothetical of course.

  • Please answer #54..I’ve been wondering about that as well..

  • I hope to see you on the blog again Tom!

  • I am looking forward to this game…A LOT…I can’t wait, but have to. I will get paid on Friday and pick it up then. gotta use my pre-order Nazi blade =)

  • I’ve been following this game for a few weeks now. Love the art style and the open world. Game looks like it is so much fun. It’s a definite purchase for me! Good luck to you guys in your future endeavors!

  • Ive bought too many unfinished games already, that were supposed to be finished…and those studios werent shut down.

    This game will be poor. Good concept, terrible execution.

  • I don’t quite understand how a company can expect folks to plunk down $60 for a game with no demo, when the architecture for getting a demo to the masses is in place now with the PSN.

    Frankly, the only reason I can envision a developer declining to produce a demo is because their game sucks…much like not submitting movies to be reviewed prior to the weekend release.

    I’ll pass. Give me a demo, and I’ll consider it.

    • Sorry it\’s a demo or no deal for you. It\’s not just as easy as \”turn on demo\”. Especially in a sandbox game like ours.

      I\’m honestly a huge fan of demos and wish we could have done one for Sab because I think when you get the game in people\’s hands they tend to get it more than just seeing screenshots or video.

  • You’re a good man, Mr. French.

  • Best opening scene to a video game ever. I’m surprised the reviews on this game aren’t better. I’ve been enjoying it lots and lots!

  • Ok after staying up all night I have to admit that this game is loads and I mean loads of fun. I havent had this much fun since I dont know when lol Thanks for an amazing adventure.

  • Lots of love Pandemic gang!! AS for Saboteur, As of Dec 8 it has not yet launched in Europe. Whats the hold up and why am I still on a waiting list for the game? I cant wait to give it a go.

  • I’m really looking forward to play this game… I love story driven games like Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed and Yakuza… I think the line between movie experience to game experience is disappearing… Heavy Rain is coming soon to prove that too :D

    • Hehehe, that line is gettling blurred. What Uncharted 2 did still blows me away. Heavy Rain looks pretty damn interesting. I had a chance to play it at a post-E3 show but was running around talking to people. I\’m very currious to get my hands on it.

  • Heya Tom French (and Pandemic)

    First of all: Pandemic had the most awesome studio logo EVER.


    In all honesty I was never really a big fan of Pandemic, I bought all of your PS3 games but I think Mercenaries 2 and Lord of the rings Conquest are average at best, they however are fun 2 play and that’s what games are about. I am However, really enjoying The saboteur, Up until now I always said that Batman arkham asylum was the surprise game of the year but it turns out that my opinion has changed, its now: The saboteur, you guys really go out with a big bang!

    And that leaves me with a disappointment, knowing that a studio put so many hours into making this game, turns out 2 be great and as a reward it gets a evil decision of EA.
    I had the same feeling with FASA (makers of shadowrun)
    Part: 1/2

  • I hope you and the other Pandemic lads find new work soon, so you can use your talents again.

    – Quick note: I noticed that Altair vehicle in Saboteur, awesome!

    – Quick questions:

    1.was the most difficult game to make on the PS3? Mercenaries because it was the first PS3 game, Lord of the rings because it was a Licenced game or the saboteur?

    2. Whats your thought on the motion control abilities? (360: Natal and Playstation Wand) Do you think it has the potential 2 really bring something new that will be a benefit for the hardcore gamer? Part 2/2

    • Hey, thanks for all your nice words. I definitely think The Saboteur will surprise some people. And now to your questions…
      1) It\’s definitely a different challenge than developing on the other console. It\’s tough to say which one was more difficult especially since the whole time I was working on The Saboteur. Mercs 2 was definitely tough because it was our first. I know for The Saboteur we had to redo some systems so that it would work OK on both consoles.
      2) I\’m very curious to see where these go. I\’m actually more curious to get my hands on them to see how it works. They are definitely a step towards all of us having Minority Report in our living rooms.

  • I hope you and the other Pandemic lads find new work soon, so you can use your talents again.

    – Quick note: I noticed that Altair vehicle in Saboteur, awesome!

    – Quick questions:

    1.was the most difficult game to make on the PS3? Mercenaries because it was the first PS3 game, Lord of the rings because it was a Licenced game or the saboteur?

    2. Whats your thought on the motion control abilities? (360: Natal and Playstation Wand) Do you think it has the potential 2 really bring something new that will be a benefit for the hardcore gamer?

  • I just got back from picking up my copy of the game, the guide, and my preorder codes, life is good when you’re The Saboteur!!! :P :D

  • m.r French if you’re still reading this can i barrow your beard for a bit I need to uproot a tree with my bare hands and my goatee isn’t cutting it

  • 49 replies within 74 comments. I dont think i’ve seen this much care to our comments b4.

    I like you Tom French. You’re OK in my eBook.

  • LOVE your game, as well as your commitment to it’s fans (as well as potential fans)! Gotta agree best opening ever!

    I’ve been trying to convince my buddies to buy the game… I say the words “nudity patch” and suddenly they are in. “killing nazis” “free roam” “blow alotta shi^ up” , nothing. “Nudity” BOOM!
    Either way, its fun. Love the black and white thing, honestly one of the greatest ideas ever, way to innovate.

    Good luck Pandemic Guys, Happy Holidays to you all!

  • Real nice game.Thanks for thinking outside the box.And you guys made a Big Bang getting out the business.Hope you find a new job.


  • Mr. French was active on the blog, answered my questions, worked for pandemic (lov them), and made a different approach on WW2 games

    picking up The Saboteur my friend :)

  • Dear Mr. French,

    I have had my eye on this game for a long time.. i loved the setting, the sandbox nature and the gameplay variety.

    Having bought MW2, Uncharted 2 and fifa 10 recently… i wanted one more game for december. I was initially gonna buy AC2… but then i thought ‘you know what.. the sabouteur may not be perfect, but it looks fun as hell… and it offers a ton of value.”

    So I’m buying The Saboteur this weekend.. and its gonna be the first game ive bought that received below a 75 metascore… but you know what. Eff it. I’m tired of sequels. AC2 is likely great as well.. but Ive already played AC1.

    Also… i gotta say the deciding factor was how awesome you are when you post on the blog. You respond to everything, and really communicate with us lowly consumers.

    Seriously dude, good luck in the future

    • Wow, that\’s 2 down. Nice! I hope you dig it. I\’m definaely having a blast.

      I\’ve set a goal to 100% the game at home, everything; every mission, every target destroyed, every perk, every weapon, every vehicle, every trophy/achievement… everything! Currently over 20 hours in, 60% missions complete, 18% freeplay targets destroyed… Still a lot to do but having fun.

      It\’s funny how different it is playing it at home. Maybe it\’s because I actually have to worry about dying, maybe it\’s my 60\’ TV, maybe it\’s the little break since the last time I sat down and just played it, I dunno, but it\’s been awesome. We\’ll see how long it takes me to finish…

  • Also… I’m curious.

    Lets say there’s some big bug or glitch in the name that needs a fix. With Pandemic’s closure… is this possible?

    Is there any chance of DLC? We all know how much EA loves to milk every last penny out of the consumer lol

    • RE: glitches – You know, I\’m not sure. I know they addressed the PC/ATI issue so yeah, I\’m sure they could (and obviously can).

      RE: DLC – I\’m not sure honestly. I\’d like some more but there\’s nothing announced I can comment on. :)

  • are you guys going to explain the anti-aliasing effect in depth? it would be nice if other games could use MLAA on the PS3 ;)

  • I am very impressed at the rich characters this game has. And the story has me hooked. I haven’t finished it yet but I hope that despite the studio closing; we can see a sequel to this amazing game. Very awesome game indeed!

  • i was playing this game and i fell in love with the very first mission!!! though it was just to learn the basics, it was freaking cool how the game operated, and how smoothly he is able to go vertically… but what is best is when u go on rampages… in words i cant explain, so u’ll have to play to find out for urself!!!

    p.s. pretty much anyone who liked GTA4 san andres would love this game 2!!!

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