ModNation Racers Walkthrough #1: Character Creation

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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the Blog radio silence since E3, but ModNation Racers has been keeping us very busy. The good kind of busy, as you will see! During the recent Media Day at United Front Games, we opened up our new Yaletown-district studio in Vancouver to the media, giving them a hands-on preview of the Public Beta – which will be out very soon. Check out some of the feedback from the press: 1UP, G4TV, GameDaily, GameSpot, IGN.

We’re really excited to show all of you what we’ve been working on, and we want your feedback! There’s a lot of new features, game modes and weapons that haven’t been seen before – and much more still to come!

Each week in December you’ll see a new ModNation Racers video walkthrough right here on the PlayStation Blog, starting today!

This character creation walkthrough is with our Art Director, Rob Oliveira (aka Robo). He’ll step through some of the basics of creating a Mod, which is just the tip of the iceberg that is character creation in ModNation Racers for PS3. Really, there are so many options!

And next week, Rob dives into some of the deeper features of character creation – like decal layering. Enjoy!

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  • When will the beta give away start?

  • I wish there was anther way to get into the beta beside buy lbp:goty I’m going to buy it just not any time soon don’t have the money right now. So is there anther way it get into the beta if not will there be anther way to get into the beta?

  • the videos arent playing on my ps3?
    it say its “not supported”

  • Awesome!!!!!! Cant wait for this game… Any news on Beta codes for people that already own LBP…. I already have LBP and over 90$ in add-on DLC… I want this Beta bad!!!!

    Note: The bigger the beta the better the launch will be… I dont want a repeat of the LBP launch… Remember how laggy it was? Take notes
    from Zipper Interactive and the M.A.G Beta they have had the beta running for months and updated it multiple times and just now is it getting ready to launch after nearly 4 months
    of feedback and suggestions from fans/testers…. and keep up the good work the game looks amazing!!

  • This game looks awesome can’t wait to add this to my library of games ^_^

  • This is how PS Home avatars should’ve been like.
    I’ll be picking this game up day one. Great vid!

  • Ive been waiting for this beta eveery since I got the LBP GOTY Edition. Hoping for an announcment soon.

  • Wow…I can’t wait to play the Beta and looking wayyyyy forward to it. :)

    By the way is there any feedback or suggestion page if we need to comment and suggest about the beta?

    • There will be one. The site will be sent out to all people who are on the Public Beta. Sorry for taking awhile to reply to these posts – our roof was on fire, literally! Our studio is on top of a brew pub and there was some issues with the chimney, but all sorted out now!

  • Dan and guys at United Front please answer my questions….

    1. Are you guys okay, you guys didn’t get hurt from the fire?

    2. What other way(s), other than LBP GOTY is there to get into the BETA?

    • Hey DZORMAGEN. Thanks for the concern, but we\’re all good. No damage done to the building either, just a chimney fire that the Vancouver FD took care of.

      As for other ways into the Beta, one of the guys from Sony would be better at answering that. We\’ve been head down and just focused on getting the code side ready.

  • I already pre-ordered so I’m already stoat out on this already.

  • Can you redo the video and tell everyone that your the Managing Art Director. Your kinda screwing up the flow on the blog not managing something.

  • This is rediculous. One of my most anticipated game and I can’t even watch the video for it on the PLAYSTATION Blog with my PLAYSTATION 3 web browser. FIX THIS!!!!! GO BACK TO THE OLD VIDEO FORMAT SO WE CAN WATCH IT TOO!!!!

  • Looks fantastic. I am eagerly looking forward to ModNation Racers. I think it is going to be a lot of fun. One thing I would love though is if you were to support four player split-screen. Everything I have read so far indicates you are targeting two player split-screen. Two player is good but four would be much better. Anyway, keep up the good work. I look forward to playing it.

  • I would love to also see camera support ala LBP! So we can make are own stickers for the cars, etc….

  • @bow7
    Seriously? It isn’t going to be 4 player? I mean that would be a horrible move, specially for this game.

  • Good to see everyone at United Front is okay! =)

  • I’m really, really excited about this game. I just hope you incorporate 4 player split screen, it would be a real shame if you didn’t and would make me second guess my purchase decision.

  • Glad to know you guys at United Front are ok! ModNation Racers def. impressed me a lot at E3, it was on my top 3 fav list for the Sony E3 thing. Cannot wait for the beta, and I will def. be buying this game (pre-ordering it more likely).

    Also a question, as for the beta, will it be early december or late december when it comes out?

  • ——————————-


    Seems like a awesome game. Just like LBP did – Before they milked DLC.

    Are you guys gonna nickle-n-dime us for DLC too?



  • Nice to see Monation Racers. ^_^ Will it do trophy support?? I’m curious…

  • Once I heard there was 4 player split screen support, it became a must buy for me. Thank you for keeping the spirit of multiplayer gaming alive! And for making a game so customizable! I can’t wait to try this out

  • Gonna definently pre-order this. looks like a lot of fun, and it will be a great counter-balance for Gran Turismo 5.

    one uber realistic.
    one just plain old silly fun.

  • Hopefully there is an invite to the ModNation Racers beta in this month’s Qore.

  • game looks great since the first time i saw it and its a definite buy for sure

    things i hope it has: split screen local, split screen local online, loops, lots of power ups

    also i dunno why you guys didnt just cooperate with MM and just use sackboys for a kart racing game since the whole playstation brand can be spread across multiple titles.

    thought that would be cool. (kind of in the same idea of mario, but less milking of the franchise)

  • Will there be a Launch event in Vancity? I’d like to come and show support for a great game :)

  • The game looks great, but this character creation thing is kinda pointless. What this game needs is brand name recognition like Nintendo does. If this is owned by Sony they it should have Kratos, Killzone guys, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, and best of all Sackboy. It should be marketed like the ultimate Mario Kart meets LittleBigPlanet with tons of cool character and make your own makes and people.

    Then it would sell millions.

  • Hey Ron, how about an answer to my question (#30) you know, the one about beta testing in europe…Ta


  • I’m just wishing you guys were european, so:
    a. We would have two Gaming 3.0 companies to be proud of
    b. We would get some swag equal to US Swag…

    Pretty please, give us some swag as well? Show your ancestors some love and all that =P

  • I was one of the poor saps that bought LBP a year ago, before the vouchers came in the box for the privilege to partake in the Modnation Racers Beta that these Blogs are promising will happen in just a matter of days.
    I called Sony and asked what about me? They said keep checking the blogs. That they’re WILL be something that we can do to get in on the fun.
    That was 3 months ago.
    And still no word on how a loyal LBP fan who is dying to try Modnation Racers can do besides buy the same game again at full price.

  • I don’t think it is fair that just because people took a year to get LBP they get a voucher? I bought that game day one and paid for updates, no love? no love…

  • @guitain…
    Bang on mate! considering we’re the biggest market for the PS3, you’d think we get some love! I had to jump thru hoops to get the BF:BC2 beta, or ANY beta for that matter (i.e pretending to be american)

    Add me if you like mate…seedaripper1973

    (I’m UK based)

  • This game looks FREAKING AMAZING!
    but before i even consider buying, i would have to know that there is some sort of multi-player (leaning towards offline), because this just seems like one of those games you would play with your friends on your couch together.
    Can’t wait for more!

  • First day purchase for me =) mario Kart killer. This game looks amazing

  • Hi, guys from United Front, many thanks to bring us a decent Kart Game (Car’s Ohama and Madasgascar Kart are really worst to me), the last good and crazy game I played It was been Crash Team Racing (Please Naughty Dog back to Crash Bandicoot Franchise) Vivendi put the franchise in the trash!

    And please tell me the Beta will be in that month! before Christimas all right? :D

    If Little Big Planet has the Sackboys? Modnations Racers has Modboys? :P

    To my mind the Gold Trophies will be Create, Play and Share! dah! huehueheuheuhe!

    So i really want the beta online as soon as possible, that weekend? ok! :P

  • I bet this game is going to suck the life out of me just like LBP did…..LOL
    What I attracts me to MNR is the fact that the creating process seems a lot faster than LBP also semi-automated (since you essentially building a race track).
    Looking forward to it

  • Will we see a ModNation PSP release? It’s listed on GameStop’s website, but there has never been a word mentioned aside from that. Can you offer any clarification?

  • can’t wait to jump in have had my code for a few months now(since they where available) looks very sweet been looking forward to it since E3. on;y 1 question how soon is soon and will the beta run 24/7 or will it be limited like the mag beta was?

  • ooops that was 2 questions…

  • LMAO, you made your character look like Dylan Jobe!

  • Don’t forget the Black Mage outfit components- I want to race around as Vivi. Maybe you could throw in a giant sword accessory too…

  • I am scared of that “new video each week of December” comment. I would think they would show the videos before the beta starts officially which may mean no beta in December. I hope I am wrong but considering for months now they have said that the beta would start in December and last I checked it is December now and still all they will say is “keep checking back” or “coming soon”. “Soon” to people in the video game industry could be a month or two. How hard is it to say a date? They obviously know when it is going to start. There are people with codes right now that have been waiting for months and all they want to hear is something a little more concrete than “we will get back to you.”

  • The majority of all the comments so far have been asking about the beta start date. It will be the same for any video after this. Sony should just announce the date and get it over with instead of stringing people along.

  • Hey Dan, like LittleBigPlanet will ModNation Racers feature clothing pieces from characters in other first and third-party games? For example, can my mod character wear Kratos’s kilt and war paint, or Ezio’s assassin robes? Thanks.

  • Great stuff Dan, I’m more excited for this game than anything else right now.
    Unannounced features you say? Here’s hoping for a battle mode. Also looking foward to seeing Kart customization. There hasn’t been much on that but looks great.

  • Please tell me that custom soundtracks will be supported.

  • “We don’t need no water…” Haha. Glad to hear everyone was ok.

    Game looks amazing so far, congrats! The look and feel of Mod UI is great. A definite buy for me. It’s awesome to see ‘create. play. share.’ really taking off. Best of luck in the upcoming months before release.

    Oh…so you work above a brew pub? Too perfect haha.

  • Haha looks hilarious! Mod Nation Racers, it only does everything :-)

  • Hey I’m liking what i’m seeing thanks for the great video. I was hoping to see some other modes though I would love for you guys to have a battle mode in the game and 4 player split screen can’t wait for the beta

  • i knw u cant say much, but is there hope 4 dlc characters. like gow katos, lbp. ?? just asking not trying to get u fired..

  • Hey!

    This is my most anticipated game of next year. I’ve been posting every strand of information about Modnation Racers on the GameTrailers forums, sharing the MR love!

    Any news on if us UKers will be able to get in on the beta?

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