Developer Diary #1: SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 for PSP

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With the release of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 right around the corner, we’ve got a series of exclusive developer video diaries we’d like to share with you all. The first video in the series, which debuted on GameTrailers last Tuesday, takes a look at the overall storyline and discusses how the team created the game with authenticity in mind. Check out the first developer diary with Slant Six below:

A new developer diary will be posted on GameTrailers later this week, so be sure to check it out!

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  • amennnnn….@50

  • @49 Yeah checked your stats on socom and guess what their all 0. So ya before you come on here spewing you talk how bout actually playing the game. lol got you troll.

  • @49 Yeah checked your stats on socom and guess what their all 0. So ya before you come on here spewing you talk how bout actually playing the game. lol got you troll.
    edit:emerjq24 Stats are also at 0 loud mouth.

  • amennnn @53

  • lol dont listen on what they say they might disappoint you.

    look at socom confrontation……….

  • What is Slant Six completely neglecting Confrontation? We are Still waiting on some DLC you know!!!!


  • I would love if there was a DLC that added a campaign still play old socoms campaigns

  • Wow everyone is really harsh here, if I were S6 i wouldn’t make anything for you guys. I bought Confrontation and yes it’s not as good as everyone wanted it to be, but it’s still enjoyable. I appreciate them actually trying to fix these problems and don’t mind if patches come out now or 4 years from now, all that matters is that they are working to fix it.

    This game looks great, and this blog post has nothing to do with Confrontation so I don’t understand why people are still bringing it up. This looks like a great addition to my PSP library.

  • wow your funny i can spell fine i missed a few words like you missed a big block of words saying socom psp not ps3. you showed your intelligence by leaving a comment completely off the subject. you can take the time to attempt to look up my stats for a game i dont have, but you cant take the time to the read.the heading of this blog ? yeah your as smart as they come!!!! anyway i apologize for going back and forth with mad people over old titles. im not here for that

  • @60 You don’t have the game so please just leave it alone. Yes you’ve been exposed for a liar. Now as far as responding to me just stop you are making yourself look dumber and dumber. I told you why i came on this public blog is because they won’t let us say anything on smart guy. lol

  • @61 umm really?? i’m lost ? i should just let you keep making yourself look like the idiot that u are,but ill help you to that status a little bit quicker. Again you make my point sound even better. Not once did i say that i owned socom confrontation, so where are you getting that from?? which leads to you saying i was exposed huh ? let this person @61 be a very good example, make sure you read something before you start running off at the mouth. You than confuse yourself and other people reading your comment. such a sad example for a person to still be stale and hostile after a year. sadly im sure the next time there is a update on a PSP game not a PS3 game you will be posting yet another completely off the wall comment. You must be like 12 and its pass your bed time and your just typing whatever trying not to get caught by ur parents..Go to bed you have school tomorrow. nite nite dont let my comments bite lol oh yeah you seem sensitive ill let you have the last comment anything to help you build your self

  • im just demanding customer service. -6 provided 00000

  • You guys have the nerve to show us a game form a developer that has ruined the SOCOM franchise? Why after a YEAR we have yet to see DLC for Confrontation? Why all the patches to add features to a game that should have been there in the first place? Slant Six are a bunch of hacks who lied to the SOCOM fanbase and gave us a game that only resembles SOCOM. Give the franchise back to Zipper or at least a developer that knows how to program a game properly.

  • @62 get off the jock. You write paragraphs to justify your stupidity. You are loser and writing long mindless rants only again shows that you my boy are a idiot. lol

  • I don’t know what’s worse, ignoring the games existence until your good and ready, or charging for map packs and fixes for a year old game. People waited a year for map packs and how do you repay their loyalty? By screwing them over and charging.

  • Lol. Forget the haters. After the 1.3 update, Confrontation is exactly as advertised, so I’m sorry you didn’t do a little research before you bought into it. I can’t wait to download this as soon as it becomes available. I do wish SCEA would do a promo like SCEE is doing for PSPgo owners, though, especially after the LittleBigPlanet PSP fiasco.

  • @67 – WHAT? The game wasn’t “feature complete” until 1.5 and the tournaments and ladder matches still don’t work well.
    Have fun downloading this game. We welcome you to the forums to complain once you realize that s6 is garbage. But your posts will probably be deleted.

  • @68 – Any true SOCOM fan knew that Confrontation was fail immediately when it was announced. No campaign, online only, different dev… come on, what were you honestly expecting? I played the beta luckily, so I never had to buy the full version. You should’ve stuck with Warhawk and waited for a true SOCOM to be released. I still expect FTB3 to be good, though, due to the fact that it’s a PSP game.

  • @ 53


    Don’t try to pretend that you think every PS3 owner only has one PSN ID. Most have more than one. Myself included.

  • Jeff this is off topic but SCEE is bundle the psp GO with either Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Gran Turismo , Assassins Creed or Little Big Planet , my question is are you guys planning to do something similar?

  • Not buying, due to developer /6…

  • Tactical Strike & Confrontation both sucked…DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SLANT 6 GAMES.


  • How long is this garbage board gonna be up, 8 out of 10 people are dissapointed with Slant 6, Zipper, and Sony about Socom. Maybe because we are 1st day buyers. Why does the Psp game look so much superior to the Ps3 game? Maybe Slant 6 needs to hire gamers.

  • @70 No my gamer buddy you are just upset that you’ve been found out to be a forum troll. If you did have another name you would have posted it don’t be upset at cause your stats are at 0. Later you avid Socom player. lol

  • is the blog broken or are you guys still recovering from your turkey and stuffing induced comas?

  • I’m simply amazed that Sony just allows the current socom developer to put out this many updates for games that never actual seem to make a deadline. Confrontation anyone? must have forgot about the DLC that was coming out at the beginning middle end of the year. Thank god for COD modern warfare2… and if confrontations dlc comes out in January.. well to late.. thats month is all M.A.G.’s…. Its time to do something about this group. Slants’ website doesn’t even work correctly… no wonder their games take so long…

  • Yeah.. I love confrontation.. The problem is the constant empty promises that flood my email and the fact I can’t seem to get off the mailing list. Good game, but playing maps from versions ago is not worth it after a while… Other games have map packs in waiting at initial release. Socom can’t seem to remake an old map after years. For the price of PS3 games new, invest your money in a company that consistantly delivers.. Long live ZIPPER! and I hope someday they retake socom again.

  • SOLAME a new came from slant six! if you buy this then your a sucker! I will never buy anything from Slant six again.

  • I find it insulting that you found time to make an entire PSP game to sell to me for $39.99 when it releases and a map pack for $14.99 for a game that doesn’t have all the advertised features over a year after it launched. At the very least, that map pack ought to be free as thanks to the hardcore SOCOM community players who bought your travesty of a game when it launched. They’re still waiting on you to make the damn game run like it’s supposed to. I will not be purchasing any product associated with Slant 6 ever again. I think you got quite enough out of me already.

  • Hello Mr. McCarthy, All jokes aside what we want from the Socom Confrontation team is an answer or an apology for what they have done to our beloved franchise. Yes the Psp and Ps3 are separate platforms but how can Slant 6 really think that being silent or not being honest about Confrontation would go over well with gamers. If they had any decency the map pack if ever released would be free at least for 24hrs. If i acted how Slant 6 has over the last year i would be out of a job. So in closing i would like an honest answer on what’s going on with Confrontation. P.S..if Sony has moved on just say it.

  • @73

    I agree, for the most part. It’s rediculous the PSBlog vids don’t work on PS3. The part I don’t agree with is that you make it sound like that’s always been the case. This just started about 2 weeks ago. And it sucks….hard. It makes no sense at all. I don’t know why they would change the video format to one the PS3 browser couldn’t play. It makes no sense, and I have comment on it in every video post since this started, and havn’t gotten a single reply on the matter, nor has any of the other people who brought it up.

    They need to go back to the original video format NOW, not later. There was nothing wrong with it, and it played perfectly.


    I really don’t care what you think. You’re a pompous know it all, who in reality has no clue. This is my main name I post with here and on the forums. My other name is for Socom and on games that I care about rank online.

    YOU are the troll. A typical inter-tard complainer who’s mad becuase I LOVE confrontation now that it’s been fixed. I know your type. You’re all over the place. If Zipper’s name was on C insteadc of /6, with all the same issues you wouldn’t complain a bit. You’re a TROLL.

  • Oh, and just as an adendem to that, the reason I don’t post my other name online is because it’s HIGHLY offensive due to it’s meaning, not because of swears or anything. It’s not something I’d share online with people I chat with. I don’t even tell my PSN friends the name. But it’s good for pissing off my competition, which is why it’s my ranked name.

  • No wonder Socom: Confrontation was terrible. How did Slant Six have the time to update the code from the ps2 to ps3 for socom AND work on a psp game?

    Sony really didn’t take Socom serious enough to invest proper production in the game.

    Can we forget about confrontation and fire team bravo, instead just release a remastered version of Socom, Socom II and Socom III on one disc like the god of war collection.. it will sell and play a lot better than confrontation and fire team bravo

  • lol thats hillarious at @62 im still laughing. lol funny s*** man

  • best corporate blog? I think not.

  • This article is still the newest one. Boring…

  • Sony needs to kick Slant Six to the curb. They are messing up the SOCOM series.

  • Uh. @2, Socom is definitely not a good reason to buy a PS3. It’s also not one of the best games on the PS3. It’s probably one of the worst. I loved old socom, and was really disappointed. About 8 thousand people play socom at most daily. Not that many.. Socom was almost as bad as Haze..

  • Funny,so we can get no replies in here but on the other crap you guys reply. You guys aren’t right but it’s ok you people are just showing your true colors. If you do buy any /6 Socom title make sure to get it used that way no money goes to /6.

  • I doubt they will reply to comments directed towards the ps3 title since this about a psp title. maybe you guys should start a thread voicing your opinion about confrontation, you might have a better chance of being heard.

  • Yeah you’re right Emerjq24. If you click on this guy Scott Mccarthys’ threads he’s posted four times and never responded to any one of them. He’s the one who posted the Cold Front map pack 2 months ago. All we can do is hope for someone to actually care.

  • how do i get the beta?

  • sorry for being a noob

  • I just want to know why the price of games downloaded are the same 40 bucks, when the company saves money on packaging and the disc? The downloadables games also have no resale value-so why cant they knck everyprice down?comment if you think the ps store games should be less expensive:)

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