LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – The “LBP PSP Update” Edition

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Sackboy Helps with Math and Science Education

We’re uber excited to team up with the MacArthur Foundation & the Entertainment Software Association to encourage students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math in new and revolutionary ways. As announced today at the White House, Sackboy will be playing a big role in the Game Changers competition launching nationwide in December. Stay tuned as we’ll have more info soon (unfortunately, I can’t say or the Secret Service will sack-slap me), but for now, check out the below links of official stories/announcements:

What’s New?

LBP (PSP) Launch
As you all know by now, this week marks the launch of LittleBigPlanet (PSP) around the world. And while thousands of you are already playing, creating and sharing, there is a large audience we still have to cater too – our PSPgo and PSP owners who want to buy LittleBigPlanet (PSP) on the PlayStation Store. Read on…

LBP (PSP) on the PlayStation Store
Good news. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we have everything in place for a
PlayStation Store release tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24…right before the turkey break. We apologize to our PlayStation fans for the delay. We’ve had our teams around the world working on bringing LBP (PSP) to you as fast as we could and we’re very happy you’ll have it before the break.

New Online Update
You’ll be happy to know that our development team at SCEE Cambridge will continue to support LBP (PSP) post launch with ongoing game improvements and upcoming downloadable content. And this has already begun with a new update available for download now. This first update will improve the performance of some of the physics and tools in the Create mode.

Updates are new to the PSP, so we thought a little step-by-step instruction would go a long way:

  • Be sure to have online access on your PSP
  • On the XMB, highlight the LBP game icon
  • Open up the menu with and select “Update”
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions

New on the PlayStation Store

So what’s on the store this week? I have two words for you: Mon. Tage. Sorry, couldn’t resist. All kidding aside, check out these two new items on the Store this week:


LBP (PSP) Demo
Download this today to see why Sackboy continues to get rave reviews from our friends in the press.

LBP Turkeyhead Sackboy Costume

LBP (PS3) “Turkeyhead” Sackboy Costume
For all you LBP (PS3) owners who missed out last year, this special Sackboy costume is back for a limited time…so you better “head” there now!

Workshop of the Week

Over on our newly revamped site, check out the three video podcasts/tutorials that Media Molecule created a while back. We recently watched these again, and now we have the “create” bug (I know what I’m doing this weekend). Head on over and refresh your knowledge. You can apply these principals to LBP (PSP), as well.

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  • Its amazing how much faster load times are for the digital copy of lbp vs the umd!! :D

  • Its amazing how much faster load times are for the digital copy of lbp vs the umd!! :D

  • Hey Sony. Can you guys hide the update from my Games menu, or at least give me some way to organize my games on my PSP? The LBP Update pops up like it’s a game.

  • ola!!tenho o LPB pa psp,foi a primeira vez que experimentei e adorei,mas cheguei a tynsel town,opening fright,e nao sei que fazer com o macaco.ele tem a actriz na mao e nao sei o que fazer para continuar o nivel.nao saio dali!!por favor ajudem me!!adorava puder criar os meus niveis mas sem passar esta parte nao da!!o meu mail é [DELETED]!!!por favor ajudem me!!beijinhos

  • por favor alguem qe me diga como passar a parte do macaco!!!o que faço para libertar a actriz??ajudem me queria continuar a jogar o jogo!!

  • sera que nao ha ninguem que ja tenha completado o jogo que me possa ajudar?comprei o jogo com tanto entusiasmo para agora deixa lo de canto…

  • mark never answers my commente.:p

  • Yhow do u set up online map downloads in game of lnp psp I got stuck trying it and just stopped please help

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