UPDATED: Coming to PSN: Revenge of the Wounded Dragons

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UPDATE: Please be advised the release of Revenge of the Wounded Dragons has been temporarily delayed. A revised launch date will be announced once it becomes available. will become available December 10th, 2009.

Hey Everyone!

A Big Hello from Wanako, Artificial Mind & Movement’s studio based in Santiago, Chile! This is Luis, I’m the Producer of Revenge of the Wounded Dragons. We are very excited about this new release and I wanted to share with you some tidbits about the coolest features that this baby has for you.

In this dual-mission drama where you are the hero, your little sister was kidnapped by the local mafia Boss, while your grandfather has been killed by the same ruffian! But all these years, you were trained by the old man in the ancient art of Kung-Fu, your most lethal weapon.

One of our goals with this new title was to revamp the genre using today’s graphics capabilities, but keep the most entertaining arcade mechanics. And the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network are the perfect place to make it happen! We know that some of you are big fans of old arcade games and that is exactly what we’re giving you!

Revenge is all about old-fashion arcade, and I mean it: Tons of enemies, loads of melees and fire weapons, challenging bosses, power ups, dragon rage, mini-games to let you breathe between chapters, finishing moves and much more!

You’ll be able to play the Story Mode either in single player or with a friend in cooperative multiplayer, but when you get to a mini-game, it turns competitive! Using a split screen, you’ll have to defeat your friends and battle for the best time.

Revenge of the Wounded Dragon

Revenge of the Wounded Dragon Revenge of the Wounded Dragon

As the game progresses, you’ll travel through a beautiful comic story between chapters, and contend with challenging Bosses, so be prepared!

Here is a more complete list of the coolest features in this action-packed game!

  • Single player and local multiplayer modes
  • 4 beautiful environments with immersive levels, totalling 24 areas all of them packed with enemies
  • 10 mini-games: Play them in single player or against your friends
  • Finishing moves to defeat your enemies
  • Dragon rage, your special power
  • Coop moves to use with your friends in multiplayer mode
  • Cool animated comic storytelling between levels
  • 12 PS3 Trophies
  • Leaderboards
  • The ability to create your own soundtrack and relive your game by taking screens through the XMB!

Thanks for reading about our game and get ready for some unique Kung-Fu action! Revenge of the Wounded Dragons will become available on the PlayStation Network tomorrow December 10th for $9.99.

Revenge of the Wounded Dragon

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  • online would be nice but this looks good

  • At #45(mcbuttz78) theres no need to ask if it have trophies or not, remember that trophies are mandatory for all games now. Also look at their post and it syas it has 12 trophies, which answers your second question, no platinum, at least thats what I think.

  • Looks like Invincible Tiger, only worse. Much slower and clunky animations. Invincible tiger has online co-op too.


  • Looks good, but because when I saw the picture and title it made me think of Double Dragon. Now I don’t want to play this, I want a new Double Dragon. Why can’t Million do something with the rights, or sell them to someone who will?! WHY?!?!

  • Nice price, you got a customer. I really hope this is a good game.

  • 1. does it render 1080p native? (or 720p? with FSAA?)

    2. are the audio assets 24-bit lossless and output as LPCM?

    Thanks in advance for answering questions; I want to know this before I will purchase.

    I love the idea of having the local co-op turn competitive for the mini-games. There needs to be more local co-op games without splitscreen on PSN.

  • 2009 Double Dragon!!!!! Nuff said, im getting this day one. Now…all they need to do is have Battle Toads for DLC and this will be GOTY lol

  • Were you guys inspired by the Black Belt game for Sega Master System?

  • This is the third video I am not able to watch and its getting annoying. If I was a game developer I would be very upset about this new update hendering videos from playing. If someone sees actual video from a game it could mean a verified purchase, not to mention it could be the only time a customer would see the game. It also makes it look like Sony isn’t putting much effort to help market which could make or break a new game developer.

  • by the way

    just refreshed and still no video.

  • Love to see new developers for PSN, but please try to consider Online Capabilities for your next releases :)

  • Quick tip Luis Romero!

    If you want to sell the game to us… there are two things you MUST do.

    1) Respond to out comments. There’s nothing more frustrating then a developer expecting us to give money to him despite not having time for us.

    2) Get a DEMO on the PSN store. It’s hard to purchase a relatively unknown game based on a few videos and images.

    Hope you take my advice on board.

  • looks like Christmas has come early for me this year. I’m going to treat myself to this game. :)

  • ssp_619 said:
    “Sony ONLINE entertainment:
    Single player and LOCAL multiplayer modes
    Irony at its finest…”

    What irony? Local multiplayer IS multiplayer (unless you have no friends, that is..). I strongly prefer offline multiplayer, that’s for sure. Playing online in multiplayer is just for when you don’t have the time to call a friend or when they’re all working/at school. It’s cool to have online, but offline multiplayer will always be the finest for me. (I LOVE to beat down my friends at home but online against people I don’t know? For me it’s like playing against a really good AI, it’s cool, but it’s not passionate, lol).

  • this game looks like a lot of fun to me

  • I’m very impressed Sony! I love beat-em-up games like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage! In fact, bring all beat-em-up games to PSN, especially Super Double Dragon!


  • i might buy this… if the the wife doesn’t kill me

  • Will there also be a demo?

  • Temporarily delayed? Hours after it’s announced to be coming tomorrow and with no reasoning or estimated new date?

    LOL! Wow…

  • I hope yah delayed it to put in online multiplayer. I hope a demo is also available.

  • WHAT THE FLUCK!..i was SOO hyped to play this game tomorrow..now its DELAYED! NOT COOL >:X PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!!!

  • Jeff,
    Why is it that for the last few days this site’s videos no longer work on the PS3 browser? Did you guys change formats or something? Could you please try and get this fixed, or go back to the old format? My PS3 is my only browser. The latest developer PSEye chat worked, but the game video before that didn’t, and none of the game videos since have worked either.

    As for this game….you guys REALLY need to add in online co-op, otherwise sale will be a bit lack-luster I’m sorry to say. I know it’s annoying, but thats just how gamers are now. Especially with games like this. Trine would have sold probably triple if it had online co-op. Same goes for Rag Doll Kung Fu and this game as well. I suggest working on an online co-op update ASAP. It will equate to much more success for this otherwise great looking game.

  • When it comes out on a disc, I’ll buy it.

  • I can dig it….day one purchase…Thank you.

  • cool game, @:21 and :25. Why does that scene look like something out of a Samurai anime (ie: Ruroni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo)? Please respond?

  • Well that stinks =( was looking forward to playing this today. Hopefully you guys can iron ou what bugs are causing this.

  • sorry to bash you, but WET is a very hard game
    i still cant beat that fricking level, the one your falling and dodging these plane debris parts when iy blew up.

  • not online coop?

  • controls and gameplay look stiff as hell :s

  • Looks pretty fun and worth a look.

  • You guys did an awesome job with Assault Heroes, so I will be all over this!

  • I’m sure you are as disappointed as we are about the delay. Thank you for the updated information.

  • Hope this delay is only a few hours. You guys are going to miss out on a lot of impulse buying that would have occurred because of the pre-holiday free time we will all be enjoying starting tomorrow. People at home with not much to do would be buying this like crazy. After Black Friday and the empty wallet syndrome we will all be suffering from, it will be an uphill battle.

  • How hard it is to do a beat-’em-all with the gameplay as deep as double dragon from 1987?

    Turtles in time – failure
    Invincible tiger- failure

    Take a good look at double dragon advance (2004) and see how you can make a awsome good game even better. Lets hope this game isin’t a failure too.

  • Straight liner gameplay – bad choise IMO

    Finishing move are looking good. Stomping downed opponent them like Dragon bruce lee is looking awsome. Pushing downed opponents in the face is a awesome finishing move too.

    Raging mode and pistols are mehhh….

    This game will not satisfy a beat-’em-all player as it is.

  • I already purchased it, I have to say that it’s a nice game for real, my issue is only with the controls that don’t respond as much sometimes, specially the dodging move, I successfully dodge an attack 1 out of 10 times, I thought that it was me not doing it right but now I played through the all game, and I just jump over the attacks, it’s safer, also some of the trophies don’t come up even though I meet the criteria, then again it could be me not doing things right, all in all it’s still a highly enjoyable game and I recommend it to any one who likes beat em ups and platform games, I hope to see more games from Wanako, I just wish developers would start making more beat em ups and please add a block function in them.

  • I purchased the game as well.i like the graphics however i think this game can be vastly improved by giving a better effect on each hit … i really don’t feel it.
    i think as well it needs a bit more of a dynamic feel in the combos specially when switching from one bad guy to the other it would be nice if the combo can have a smooth transition, and maybe a bigger variety of moves. hope an update would bring this. Thanks for listening :)

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