Military Madness: Nectaris PSN Game Night

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Hello PlayStation Community!

This is Marcello Lagosh, part of the marketing team at Hudson Entertainment. I am pleased to announce an event of EPIC MADNESS! Members of Hudson Entertainment, Backbone Entertainment and are forming Voltron to challenge all of you to a fun night of Military Madness: Nectaris on the PlayStation Network. We will be hosting 4-player versus matches over the PlayStation Network tomorrow, Friday, November 20th, from 5pm PT/8pm ET to 7pm PT/10pm ET.

Sounds awesome, right? This madness has yet to begin!


If you come in first place in an online match with one of the people below, you will win a Military Madness: Nectaris Dog Tag. Only a few of these were made and are numbered for authenticity. To receive the Military Madness: Nectaris Dog Tag, send a PSN message with your email to the game host (their PSN IDs are below) for the match you placed first in. They will send us your email and then we will contact you for your shipping information. It’s that simple. Every person on the list below will be running their own online match so be sure to search the Friendly Match section of Multiplayer to find us. Just a reminder, we are shipping these tags to gamers in North America only.

If you don’t already have Military Madness: Nectaris yet, the full game is on the PlayStation Store right now for only $9.99. Finally, to stay up to date with this event, look for updates in the comment section of this post and @HudsonEnt on Twitter.

So let’s review. You can play an updated classic in 1080p against the people that made it and the gamers that love it, then win rare item for beating them. “THIS IS MADNESS!!!” you may say to yourself. No, it’s not madness. This is how we do things at Hudson Entertainment. We are all about having fun and doing something special for all the gamers out there. So get ready for the reign of MADNESS that will descend upon the PlayStation Network tomorrow night.

So what do you think? Leave thoughts in the comments section. I will be reading the comments and answering any questions that I can.

The Challengers:

Marcello Lagosh

  • Marketing team member at Hudson Entertainment
  • PSN ID: Zakupilot256


  • Military Madness: Nectaris Producer
  • PSN ID: GoldenGod503

Michael Graeb

  • Engineer at Backbone Entertainment
  • PSN ID: lowly_programmer

Eric Hope

  • Engineer at Backbone Entertainment
  • PSN ID: NinjaKittens

Kyle Tunison

  • Engineer at Backbone Entertainment
  • PSN ID: Derrigo

Karl Raade

  • Lead Artist at Backbone Entertainment
  • PSN ID: Spazticus_1



  • Founder
  • PSN ID: X_Sushi_X

  • Mod
  • PSN ID: Fivespot


  • Mod







  • Sisters in Gaming podcast
  • PSN ID: nermassa


  • Sisters in Gaming podcast
  • PSN ID: SaberG





  • 360 Nation podcast
  • PSN ID: Randum

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8 Author Replies

  • your icon is char aznabl the red comet awesome

  • We got another member of Backbone Entertainment joining the Madness!

    Karl Raade, Lead Artist, PSN ID: Spazticus_1

  • @alicethesister

    I understand you’re upset with the Socom Devs but do you really need to take it out on Hudson and the rest of us?

    Hudson is doing a really cool thing for their community and fans of the game by holding this competition and they asked a number of hosts from the VGEvo podcast network to join in and help increase people’s chances of winning the dog tags.

    I’m co-host of a _360_ podcast and I’m joining in. We’re all gamers first and foremost and we all own 360’s, PS3’s, Wii’s, Dreamcast’s, Saturn’s, Atari’s, you name it. I’ve met almost all the other podcasters on the network in person and I can tell you for a fact that there isn’t an elitist or fanboy among them… except maybe that Torgo guy… kidding!

    We’re all taking the time to help make this event a fun event for everyone. You’re certainly welcome to join us and I hope to see you there.

  • @alicethesister

    HIRED!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

    I think they sent that fat SOny check to the wrong address.

    Go Hudson!!!
    Go VGEVO!!!

  • VGEvo ftw first og all:) everybody reading this blog should go check out that site.

    I think this is great developers playing with players, thumbs up.

  • @ Alicethesister

    I found your socom answers!

  • Wow!

    So these guys even talk trash behind my back on their own site!

    Classy, folks:

    zakupilot256: Yea, I would goof on alice but I am sure I would get a talking to or Jeff would pull my comment.

    ConfidenceMan2: I think alicethesister spends his nights at home wearing fatigues and a helmet, polishing his gun for hours…yes, that’s a euphemism

    I don’t think there’s anything else left to say. This kind of BS is why it’s not a good idea to hold events on ugly 3rd party sites like Vgevo and PSnation. All they do is talk about you behind your back where you think you won’t notice. Great PR job, Marcello. Great job. Next time you do an event, maybe you should keep your ugly little fansite out of it and keep it true to what PS Blog events are really about – PS Bloggers.

    The PS Bloggers are their own community, don’t force-feed us your pathetic one.

  • Big props to Hudson, Backbone and everyone at VGEvo for setting this all up.

    I’m really looking forward to this event… even if I will get my butt kicked the majority of the time. ;)

  • I’m going to get this game as soon as I get home. Love the original Nectaris: Military Madness on PS1 and still have the copy :). Anyway, Ramba Ral is the best!!

  • HA! alicethesister, you are too much! You must have spent some good time trying to spy on us at VGEvo.

    For those of you who aren’t narcissistic and enjoy good conversation and no flame wars, you are all welcome to come down to VGEvo and check us out, we’d love to have you!

    And as the host of The Amplified Gamers I am really looking forward to this event. Hudson is being most kind and truely cares about it’s community. I hope to see more developers follow in their footsteps!

  • Fallacy arguments are the best for mind control, bud. Just because I think it’s a travesty to turn the PS Blog as an events space for a bad website, doesn’t mean I’m in love with myself.

    That is, however, in case you’re implying that.

  • Oh not at all!
    Everyone can be a bit narcissistic at times, including myself. I simply hope you are not trolling for the sake of trolling.

    Will you be coming out tonight alicethesister? It’s sure to be a wonderfully fun evening. I take it you’ve had some fun with this game? I do love getting in touch with new communities.

  • I won! Good Game Zakupilot256!

  • Keep getting Failed to Join when I search under friendly matches (quick match)

    First time trying to play this online lol

    Also misread the times, thought this was from 5 to 10 pacific, whoops! lol

    Well if any of the hosts are in reading this (doubtful) could one send a game invite perhaps?


  • Nevermind got in a game with NinjaKittens, time for me to lose badly lol

  • Had a fun time getting schooled online, definitely learned a lot playing against some true MM pros! :) This was a blast and an awesome community event to be a part of, good games everyone!

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