Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta launches tomorrow!

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So what can we expect from the PS3-exclusive Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta, exactly? DICE Producer Gordon van Dyke joined me via PlayStation Eye chat to talk about the Arica Harbor map, the destruction you can cause due to the game’s Frostbite engine, and how you can win your way into the beta. Oh and there are lots of explosions. Pretty, pretty explosions.

To elaborate on a few things – you can follow the Official Battlefield Bad Company 2 Twitter here, and one of those sites giving out beta codes is… this one.

We’ll be giving out beta vouchers starting Thursday afternoon (PST) via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. So start following!

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  • When can we download the beta, at 1201 am ET? Pls. Comfirm.

  • Gordon, 2 questions, will it support cross-game invite like Moder Warfare 2?
    second, how come on the boxart, on the top right corner, it doesn’t have the PSN logo like U2, GoW Collection, and R&CF:ACiT? thanks
    oh, also, when will we be able to download it? and where do we return feedback?

  • Thankfully I was able to obtain a code from IGN just minutes before they were all gone.

    I too would like to know when the beta will be available for download.

  • would love to have a beta key code please :)

  • Hi, Gordon.

    I know I’m late to the party and you’ve probably moved on, but I wanted to say 1) thank you for letting us PS3 gamers blast away at the BFBC 2 beta. I loved the multiplayer in BC1, so I can’t wait for this bad boy.

    And 2) I have one suggestion (assuming the game doesn’t already have this) and it is: for the final game, please try and get us TOTAL controller customization. In many FPSes, we’re often left to a handful of pre-selected layouts, and for me, personally, I can never find the right layout in any game. Total controller customization would
    eliminate that problem.

    I hope it makes it into the final game. And thanks again!

  • Gordon,
    how else can i get the code? i dont have facebook or twitter

  • Hey Gordon, I watched all of your interviews especially with the HipHopGamer and I love it.

    I even watched most if not all of Patrick Bach interviews as well which are awesome.

    I have a question which isn’t really about the beta(pre-ordered the game october 31st and got my beta key and the limited edition :D): how are the PSN trophies for this game this time around? I felt trying to obtain the platinum in the first game to be very challenging. I still don’t have it. :(

    I can’t wait to hear about the story mode.
    Is there more missions this time around than the first?

  • cant wait! i freakin love BC1 and i know this one is gonna be 3x better =D

  • Nice, really looking forward to this.

  • Gordon Van Dkye is an awesome name. Its not only a name, it is a full fledged Love it. Seriously though, I enjoy listening to you, and hearing what you say. I followed the 1943 launch on the other platform and got to listen to several of your interviews and really enjoyed your info and overall enthusiasm.

    For those out there that haven’t played the original Bad Company, what is wrong with you? There really is no excuse. You can buy it brand new at $19.99 and it comes with a great campaign that is very entertaining thanks to the action and the humor of the squad. Then the multiplayer is just fantastic, large scale completely different than anything else out there.

    For those in the BETA, see you online. I got to participate in the BETA for BC1 on the 360 and DICE knows their #*$# but don’t forget to give feedback, because it is afterall a BETA not a DEMO! Mr. Gordon Van Dyke, you rock sir.

  • It is 12:11am 11/19/2009…

    The code I got from IGN does not work, will try again later.

  • 1221 am code didnt work i think it could be because of the firmware update try again later

  • 15 mins till 12 here gonna try code again in a bit. maybe codes wont work till servers go live
    today at 9 am gmt

  • Only if my PS3 worked I would join :)

  • Hey guys i cant wait to play bf2bc. still trying to find the code, can anyone help

  • is this correct that the beta is only available in North America.can someone let me know, i cant get the code and this sucks

  • Two things that will make BFBC2 EPIC

    1. PLEASE do not put a limit on how many melee (knife) kills are stored… seemed like the BFBC 1 stopped at 1500.

    2. organize the melee by dog tag name or the date a that you killed them. Trying to search for the people you just knifed was extremely frustrating especially when there are 1500 dogtags that were only ranked by the number of kills

    Add these two elements and this game is going to be #1 for 2010.

    By the way cant wait for the beta!!!

  • so i live in california and its 12 midnight and its still not working??? 12:27 actually … i got my beta from fileplanet did i get gyped?

  • hey gordon i had a second question when i do get to play the beta where can i give feedback?

  • still cant claim code gonna try around 7am 9 gmt its 3 a here

  • West coast Canada here, got my code from fileplanet and it is pass 9 GMT now, still doesn’t work.

  • Same with the 2 posts above me. Please get this straightened out.

  • not sure i converted the time right before
    if i understand right gmt00 time is a day behind so it would be like 3pm cst whens its 9am gmt.

  • yo whats up with my battlefield bad company multiplayer stats being resetted? i noticed it aft 3.10 update. it won’t even let me rank up! please talk to DEVS about this please.

  • beta bug #1:
    start time 9am gmt (4am eastern U.S.)

    = nada @ 5am eastern ;]

  • Hello ! Can i Have a code please ?
    I’m a fan Of Battlefield Bad Company ! And I have not a code for the Beta… Please can you help me ?!!

  • Another awesome game from DICE ^^ Finally ordered Bad Company 1 looking forward to order Bad Company 2 soon. I have two questions if you don’t mind. Should I contact my shop/website or you about making them participate in beta? In Turkey, it’s really hard to find those games! Also we can’t get 1943 for PS3.

  • Forgot to ask my second question. When will you guys going to give info about Achievement Challenges? Also any luck you are giving away beta codes from official site,

  • Me too, beta doesn’t work yet. its 3am here in texas, still nothing

  • i clicked the link for the facebook and it took me to another blog about how bfbc2 was going to be giving out keys not face book, some one please give me the link to the facebook>?

  • PlayStation needs to lock up exclusive advertising rights to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 just like 360 locked up exclusive ad rights for MW2.


    I just noticed you have read and replied to some posts here.

    I want to add one thing. Please ensure that invites and a good party system is included in BF:BC2 for PS3. Uncharted 2 set a new bar that every other multiplayer game on PS3 should live up to for invites and the party system. I’m sure Naughty Dog would be willing to share code if any help is needed ;)

  • sooo what time (est) can i punch in my code???????????????????? anyone please TELL ME

  • @ everyone still needing a code goto here:

    they are giving 65,000 away. good luck

  • Hoping to get a beta key not only because to keep me away from MW2, I know it will be way better than MW2

  • I would like to get a code!! Thanks in advance Sony & EA!!

  • Code still not working here, 8h53AM EST.

  • Pls can somebody tell me where to insert beta code to download and play ???

  • perg, you’re supposed to input it on the PlayStation Store, under Redeem Codes, but it doesn’t appear to be working yet.

  • thanks very much. Finally somebody who has the answer :)

  • the code is bogus i got one last night tried it this morning and got an error code … every time i tried it …

  • I found on the Internet forum on various reports that the U.S. Beta will be available only 9:00 am. I fear that the code which I will come. I saw people who already play the EU Beta BBC2.

  • its 11:35amET where I’m at, still not up

  • same here for me. 11:42am EST and nothing.

  • Lord God please give so we can download Beta BBC2 on U.S. store please.

  • can some plz post if they get it working plz

  • can someone post if they get it working plz

  • passed 9am now, before it said invalid code.
    now it says


  • I really really want to play this game, but i really need that key. Sow PLEASE give me a key, then we drinks a whiskey to celebrate it with the one who gives me that key.

  • 10 mins after 9am, still doesn’t work.

    what’s wrong?

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