Coming to PSN this Week: Peggle & Peggle Nights

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Hey everyone, I’m Michael Santora, an Associate Producer from PopCap Games, bringing you all of our titles in association with Sony Online Entertainment. You may remember me from such blog posts as the announcement of Heavy Weapon on the PlayStation Network.

Peggle PSN

I am super excited to be able to tell everyone on the network that yes, we have listened, and yes, YOU CAN PLAY PEGGLE ON YOUR PlayStation 3 this Thursday! Peggle took the PC world by storm back in 2007, and quickly became the casual game that everyone – including a ton of hardcore gamers – played. Following on its heels, Peggle Nights was released and has also received major excitement and fanfare from the gaming masses.

Peggle PS3 fans, I bring you the double-shot of good news that not only is Peggle available this week, but Peggle Nights will also be available as additional downloadable content. This gives you two separate Adventure modes and two sets of Challenges to complete, in addition to the online Peg Party & Duel modes for multiplayer competition.

Just like Peggle on the other platforms, you have the ability to replay your best shots. Everyone has seen some of the amazing shots people have found ways to post to to show off their skills, right? Well there’s an exclusive new feature in Peggle and Peggle Nights on the PS3 that enables you to automatically upload your replays to YouTube without ever leaving the game! When I saw this for the first time, I was pretty blown away, and I am looking forward to seeing some really crazy and amazing shots from the many Peggle masters who have been waiting for PS3 Peggle to come along.

On behalf of everyone who worked on this title (and there are a whole lot of us) we all hope you love playing this game as much as we loved working on it.

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  • All right PopCap, I’ll be quaddipping into this.

  • A demo for a $10 game? Most $20 can’t even get that part right. This is def a + for pop cap. Good job on the demo guys. *thumbs up*

  • A-WE-SO-ME!!!!!!

    I got this through steam, but I will be getting this on thursday for sure!

    Does it have trophies?

  • Great game that I’ve conquered on my iPhone. I’ll purchase if this has trophies… So, does Peggle support trophies? If so, how many and of which caliber.

  • Oh great and the release date for Australia/Europe will be in 6 months? That is what I hate about the PSN compared to the Xbox live where its released worldwide.

  • When will it come to europe?

  • Never played it. Can’t understand what’s going on in the videos. Might pass!

  • Finally

    I have been waiting so long for this announcement. I wish you didn’t drag your feet on this. Still it is my favorite game on my phone and I can’t wait to get it for my PS3. Please PopCap keep the games coming to the PSN. Open the flood gates.

  • So I’m guessing this means we won’t get a PS1 classic. Though if we do it will probably be complete crap.

  • Will Peggle be hitting the Australian PSN Store this week? I honestly don’t know what my Fiance loves more: me or Peggle

    I can understand if it is Peggle, so addictive

  • Europe ?

  • Hey Michael,
    First I just want to say that I adore Peggle, and think it is one of the best puzzle games I have played. I already played and completed it though, on my iPhone. I have not, however, played Peggle Nights before. I was wondering if that was something I have to buy Peggle first to play. Thanks for your help. :)

  • No extras = no buy. This is the Braid thing all over again. I don’t bother paying full price for late ports when they don’t have a good amount of extras.

    This also sucks because it means next week we’ll probably get Diner Dash so that’s a waste of 2 weeks.

    We need Spelunker & Explodemon (haven’t heard much from this game in a while).

  • Ugh…. Why must they bring stupid games to this to PSN this thursday is going to suck except for BB:BC2 beta.

  • Hmmmm, not sure what this game is. from the vids it looks like another “breakout” type game. If so, I’ll probably buy it since I can’t get enough brick breaking, and since this has custom sountracks. I wish Sony would make custom sountracks mandatory. I passed on that brick breaker with bosses (forget the name) because of no custom tracks, and am finding it hard to keep playing Marvel UA2 and Dragon Age because of no custom tracks.

  • Hahaha sweet!

  • wait, so peggle is like arkanoid or something like that, but sped up 10 times? if so, sounds like fun!

  • How much additional content is in Peggle Nights?

    Think Plinko meets Arkanoid. It’s really fun.

    • Peggle Nights gives you a new Peggle Master, as well as another full Adventure playthru with 65 new levels, and a bunch of new challenges to beat as well. Peggle Nights is basically another game in its own right. When we released it on the PC & Mac platforms, it was its own game. But for PSN (and, yes, Xbox) we made it an add-on pack instead of a standalone title.

  • Cool, its like pachinko,kind of. Remote play? Does that require another purchase or somethin? If its free from the ps3 to the psp, I am in. Yah should make all the psn games like that. It would be worth the money. I don’t understand how multiplayer works. Is it one at a time?

    • Remote Play is a PS3 feature that lets you play your PS3 games through your PSP over the wireless network. It\’s not something where you can put Peggle (or any Remote Play title) onto your PSP and just go. I don\’t want to mis-explain it, but think of it like streaming video of your game being sent to your PSP.

      For Multiplayer, it depends.

      In Duel mode, it\’s a head to head 1v1 game, and you take turns making your shots. Highest score at the end of the game wins.

      In Peg Party, you & up to 3 other people all play on your individual boards. There\’s a timer for how long you get to choose your shot, and then everyone goes at once. If your shot finishes early, you can even watch the shots on the other boards while they\’re in progress.

  • What? No World of Warcraft Peggle for PS3????? RAGE!!!!!

  • the first time i played this game on my ipod, i kinda had no interest at first. But then i kept playing all night long… what the hell with this game???
    I’ll buy it on the first day and try new features. Thanx!

  • This announcement is actually more exciting than the system update specs. It’s great that Peggle is FINALLY arriving on PSN.

    But boy, I wish all the people working on porting it had been working on polishing the PS3’s operating system. It’s been around so long and still has SO MUCH room for improvement! Yikes. I’m afraid this kind of glacially slow evolution is going to lead to a repeat of Walkman/iPod scenario, where Sony, the long-standing leader gets steamrollered by more ambitious upstarts and left in the dust.

  • Finally!!! I’ve been wanting this on PSN for a very long time, so hell yes; you can take my $15 right NOW. MOAR PEGGLE!!!

  • “No extras = no buy. This is the Braid thing all over again. I don’t bother paying full price for late ports when they don’t have a good amount of extras.”

    YouTube uploading, remote play, and custom soundtracks. All things that are PS3 specific, and shows that they really were ready for this on PSN, unlike Braid. Buying it. Without hesitation or regret.

  • This made me so happy I think I’m going to cry

  • Michael, can we expect to see any other PopCap games on PSN in the near future?

  • About time – it launched in April on XBLA, and I have PATIENTLY waited for the PSN version, as PS3 (strangely enough) still is my preferred platform for DLC. Is it out in Europe this week as well, or can I risk waiting for THAT release another half year? Come on, Sony, stop making me sad…

  • Good news, and its great that you’ve all added Youtube integration and remote play. Nice! Any news on an UK /EU release date?

  • I love the YouTube uploading features that PSN games have. I hope more have it in the future.

  • What a joke. PSN gets a game that is multiple years old and they expect to charge this much money for it? Peggle is a $4.99 title at best.

    Thanks for nothing, Sony.

  • A liitle late to arrive for the PS3.

    Unfortunaetly i already played this game over a year ago. I would however recommend this to those that havent played it, you should give it a try. It is entertaining.

    I may add this to my library in the future, i’m just going to wait for a lower price or sale price since i already played it.

  • I want BOOKWORM ADVENTURES Volume 2 ON BOTH PS3 AND XBOX 360! Do you hear me PopCap? If I have to drive every night to your offices here in Seattle and work for free to port it line by line, I will.

  • Wow, I seriously thought this was never going to happen… so much so that I spent the last ten dollars I had been saving for this for two or three months in my wallet on Rock Band DLC last week…

  • This game is NOT Arkanoid, it’s like downhill pinball without flippers, but it’s seriously addictive.
    And the price is right, both games where $20 each when they came out.
    This game has trophy’s galore built-in so I dont see why it would need Trophy support.

    I do have 1 very important question for PopCap.
    When this came out on Xbox I read you could only control the “shooter” and not actually aim the cursor like the PC version, how does this control?

  • Can you guys patch Zuma to get custom music? All Popcap games should have it.

  • I would like to hear about a Zuma patch at some time, as the Popcap games seem to be built off the same build. (based on the same menu layouts.

    Peggle has the best music, and you give us custom music for it. Zuma has the most repetitive music, and we have to listen to it over and over again.


  • Who edits these alleged “demo” videos – a spastic child? I’ve never played or even seen Peggle, so was wondering what it’s all about.

    After watching both videos, I still don’t know – when you cut away to a new scene every 1/2 second or so, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on, what the goals are or how it’s controlled.

    This isn’t some MTV cut-until-it-makes-no-sense competition, you’re trying to sell a product.

    Definitely no buy without a demo on this one.

  • You can try Peggle and Peggle Nights for FREE online. No need to wait for a PSN demo.

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