MLB and Lucasfilm Join PlayStation Network’s Video Delivery Service

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This week we’re excited to report the launch of several new partners on PlayStation Network that offer even more downloadable entertainment and sports from PlayStation Store.

MLB and Lucasfilm on PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service

Lucasfilm Ltd. presents Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a CGI animated TV series set in the fictional Star Wars galaxy. And for you baseball fans, we’ve just launched MLB content – the current 2009 World Series featuring the Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees (in case you’ve missed any of the games so far), and also a section with classic games. Our new partnership with Image Entertainment, Inc. brings us feature films like Powder Blue and Management, MPI Media Group brings us classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ContentFilm International brings us movies like Hurly Burly and Interstate 60 and finally, New Video brings us Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Additional titles for all of these new partners will be added over time, so check back often!

Here is a list of the new content that’s currently live on the Video Store:

2009 World Series Classic Games

StarWars: The Clone Wars

New Video
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Eaten Alive
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Image Entertainment (Egami)
Powder Blue
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy
Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale
Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself
Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security
Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man
The Hit
The Seamstress
The Hunt
Death Toll
Bridge to Nowhere
Alien Tresspass
The Crew

The Auteur

Content Film
Devil in the Flesh (aka Teacher’s Pet)
Devil in the Flesh 2 (aka Teacher’s Pet)
Illuminating Angels & Demons
Night Feeders
Cracking the Da Vinci Code

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  • Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale
    very funny suff!!I like good comedy. very intersting Thank U 4 Update! go Colts

  • This sounds great but I have one question.

    How does this work with the whole Net-Flix thing?

    It looks like the store is striving to get more and more content on the PS store but then you make an agreement with Net-Flix, I am confused. Should I go sign up for Net-Flix or support the store?

    I hope this gets answered.


  • canada sucks donkey ballz U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A

  • @53…

    Shouldn’t you be in nursery school right now?

  • @52…

    The store is for one off purchases/rentals, new releases.

    Netflix requires an approx $10/subscription fee for the delivery of DVD/BD discs to your home…in addition to that service they offer streaming of some movies over the PSN.

    So…one is an ongoing subscription to older content (for the streaming part) suplemented with new releases in hardcopy and the other service is for digital delivery of new content in one off rental or purchase form.

  • great to see all this will finally be coming to canada.. where is that anyway?

  • Sucks for all the Canadians that can’t get the video service. But is their no Playstation blog for Canada? I doubt complaining in the U.S. blog is really going to accomplish anything.

  • Kristi Fernadez replied, “Whoa Whoa Whoa I’ve answered this Canada questions weekly and numerous times. We have no announcements to make on the US Video Store blog post at this time about the release of the Video Store in Canada. Sorry!”

    Umm, I think that is kind of the problem and the point. Maybe you SHOULD make some kind of statement rather than that you have no statement to make. Then you might not have to whoa, whoa, whoa. 2 months? 6 months? 1 year? Wait for the PS7? Maybe you don’t have a hard, set date, but surely if you’re actually WORKING ON IT, you have some clue about how things are going with it. The silence leads us to believe you’re not working on it.

  • What’s his name from Sony Computer Entertainment Canada has posted Here from time to time.

    He did when PSN Cards Finally came to Canada. So this is the blog for Canadians.

    If only Sony actually gave Canada the appropriate amount of time and effort.

  • @Kristi Fernadez

    Thats not enough… make it happen…

  • @58, do you want her to just make something up? :\ Or do you think that the folks at the PSN are sitting there snickering at how they are totally screwing over Canada by not being able to make money by selling things to them? Honestly, of course they want the video store to be available in Canada because that means more profit opportunity for them…

  • Where is the subtitles for moves/television shows??? Come on!- Get to work on this one now!

  • How many times do these Sony guys have to tell you Canadians? It’s not as simple as just adding it to your PS3s, there’s legal issues, which they’ve said like hundreds of times in other posts.

  • @ 5, there are lots of Canadians on this Blog, so it does make a difference. As you may have seen, Canada gets included a lot more in Blog posts and that’s because we keep posting here. Plus our website sucks and I’m not even sure if we have a Blog for Canada.

  • I meant a 57 not 5, wow we really need a comment editing button.

  • We dont have a blog on the Canadian site.
    And i would like to remark that i had to call Sony in the USA when my PS3 broke. The SCEA includes Canada, so we have a right to be here.
    But i have to admit that every time everybody complains, it is redundant. Somebody will post when the time will come. Everybody knows that it is legal issues, so i dont think the complaining will help. Can’t wait to get the option, but i can wait. Anyways, too many games im playing right now.

  • I bet getting the video store up and running in Canada is going to take like 500 man hours of labor and SCEC only has one guy working on it and he can only spend 5 hours a week on it.

    So its going to take 100 weeks before its ready and the guy only started 6 months ago which means we can expect the Video Store no earlier then March 2011.

    The reason for the delay is probably something about that stupid.

  • Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) is responsible for the continued growth of the PlayStation® market in the United States and Canada.

    That is a direct quote from SCEA on the website.

    So my dear Americans (US ones)…Canadian’s have every right to have their hard earned and spent dollars respected on this blog…Canadians pay the SCEA salaries too.

    It is a VERY simple answer that is needed.

    We are working on it or we are not working on it. Any other answer is unacceptable.

  • What about buying whole seasons? Downloading (and paying) for each episode is just crazy.

  • I have money. I wan’t to spend it. Get this service up and running in CANADA!!!!!!!

  • The only evidence I can find of Sony saying anything about this is HERE.–a007924-p0.php

    Let’s hope they’re working as hard as they claim to be.

  • Any news on when Netflix will be coming out? Isn’t it scheduled to come out this month?

  • MLB? Awesome :)

  • Since not in Canada … ou should put except Canada beside the update so we know.

  • i hate the yankees and the phillies so you better put the 1969 and 1986 championships on the store! (lets go mets!) :)

  • Hmm if this was the US Blog, where is the Canadian Blog?

  • None of the actual Star Wars movies?

  • Qat bout the star wars movies

  • Obligatory “Canada” post.

  • “I was excited about this until I remembered I live in Canada”

    LOL, well said. Same too, I suppose there is tons of Canadians reading this blog, hoping each time to see a topic named “The video store FINALLY hits Canada, Yeah!”

    I’ll continue to wait I gess.

    “While this is just a guess on my part, I’d imagine that Quebec’s bilingual laws are a key factor in the video store not being there. They seem to keep a lot of content produced in USA away from our friends to the north.”

    Yeah, it’s exactly that. But still, I don’t see the problem of making the content available in both languages, I mean, on the DVD, it’s in French and English and there is no “delay” for a traduction of some sort. So they have the french and english version of EVERYTHING on day one, why not just post both? I’m french from Québec and I want the video store! It’s not harder to post 2 videos, anyway Québec residents are buying more video games/consoles than any other province in canada, even it’s they are not the biggest one, Sony would make tons of money, ahh.

    Anyway, the same old boring post, I’m sorry..

  • Someone should start a petition to have this. Maybe they’d listen? Someone knows how to do this? If someone post it on the blog here, everyone will join for sure. (especially if “first post” in the video store update, lol)

  • Canada just seems to get screwed over, time and time again when it comes to this stuff.

    PSN cards took forever, no video store, there is also no zune hd in Canada.

    This country for some reason likes to control what we watch which is a bunch of bs. **** the crtc, rogers, telus and anyone else ******* with our freedom to watch what we want.

  • #27 YANKEES WON!!!

  • Yankees Won! #27. #28 is coming home next year=].

  • and what about NFL?

  • this is not me

  • well i have question.. wen will psn moie support subtitle option , not one one can hear like my nephew.. I felt bad beacause i bought superman vs dooms day and he asked for subtitles and there where none.. Please look into doing this ty 4 your time

  • freakin’ Canadians, get your own blog to whine on!!!

  • Could this be a hint that some day I’ll be able to watch on my PS3? I am willing to spend money on it. Hopefully if it ever happens Sony and MLB can show some common sense and offer much less expensive subscriptions for only the one team that a given customer is interested in. On any given night I’m only interested in watching the Blue Jays (NO, I’m not Canadian). I don’t need to have every game being played by every team available for me to watch, and I don’t want to pay $200/year for the one game per night which I do want to watch.

  • -_- Where are the -real- Star Wars Films? The only “spin-offs” that I can ever accept into the real star wars universe are Shadows of the Empire and The Force Unleashed. Not any of this extra crap, and yet, we’re swimming in it.. :/

  • And @Canada people

    Stop complaining. Blame history. We have economic powerhouses like NYC (well..-former- powerhouses lol)

  • At least people in Canada can use Amazon or iTunes or whatever. For Mexico there’s only illegal download. And you wonder why all the piracy. If people all over the world could access content from all over legally, perhaps piracy wouldn’t be such a big issue.

  • Oh, and we (mexicans) can only get PSN cards via Internet on the Sony Style page.

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