It’s Almost Time for Braid on PSN

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Hello again!

Joel DeYoung from Hothead Games here. At long last, we’re thrilled to be able to tell the PlayStation community that Braid will officially be making its way to the PlayStation Network on November 12 for $14.99. The gang here at Hothead has been working hard to bring this amazing game to you as soon as possible.

Along with today’s announcement, we thought you’d enjoy taking a peek at the Braid trailer and a few screens of the gameplay experience. Check ‘em out below:

Stay tuned next week to catch an in-depth look at bringing Braid to PSN – It’s been a real pleasure working with Jonathan Blow and Sony on this project and I’m looking forward to sharing more details of that effort with everyone here. See you soon.

Braid Braid

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  • Now that you’ve figured out how to program on the PS3 I’ll gladly buy your NEXT game that isn’t 1+ years old.

  • fecking shweet

  • Awesome news! Can’t wait to download it :D

  • @KSPRAYDAD what does the age of the game have to do with anything? This is a fantastic game that everyone should pick up, if they haven’t already on XBLA/PC.

  • looks cool but what does the name have to do with the game??

  • Excited to finally get a chance to play it. :D Thanks for bringing it to PSN.

  • Awesome news guys, thanks for porting it! I played it on 360 and it is a most fantastic game, one that fits the PSN better than LIVE when you look at the library. I do wish however that, while yes, it is an indie game with less than stellar production money, that you could sell us this ported-nothing-new-about-it-at-all-except-its-a-year-late version for $10. Not $15. But hey, that’s probably not your choice alone, and I’ll buy it either way. I just mentioned it in a sense of fairness.

  • Listen to me very carefully. When the game came out over a year ago, the creator of the game said he had wanted it to be $9.99 instead of the $15 that it was. Now, 18 months later, you expect me to pay ffull price for a game that even the guy who made it wanted to be cheaper WHEN IT LAUNCHED!?

    Guess what; not happening. Throw it up for $9.99, and maybe give me some new content to make up for it coming out so very much later, and I’ll reconsider it.

  • Any thing new in the PS3 version?

  • ha cool game. have you guys heard of Machinarium? thats another great independent game i’d like to see on the psn

  • I cannot wait to review this game! I’m so excited for this :]

  • This game is amazing. Buy it or I’ll hate you.

  • @4…nothing.

    I mearly mention that fact since I prefer my games on the PS3…but this game is late to the party and any and all multiplat owners would have picked this up on X or PC eons ago.

    Now that they know how to program a PS3 title I look forward to their next game being multiplat with same day release.

  • Just wondering, is there any exclusive content on the PSN version? or are we getting the same version at the same price a year later?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful we are getting a PSN version, and I will buy it either ways, but I was hoping for some new content, or a less expensive price, but from the reviews, it sounds like it is worth it.

  • Not trying to be a hater here, but $14.99 for a 1 year old game? NO THANK YOU!

    I tried the game on my mac and I like it, but if you are going to sign exclusivity contracts with MS, at least drop the price by half when bringing it to PSN.

    Don’t come here one year later thinking we’ll pay full price for a game that should’ve come same date as other consoles and didn’t because MS paid exclusivity.

  • One of the screen shots looks like the Donkey Kong arcade game…

  • $15 bucks?! I don’t care how good the game is supposed to be, there’s no way in hell I’m paying $15 dollars for an 2D indie side-scroller that’s over a year old already.

    I know the development team has no control over this, and I’m sorry that I can’t support them, but this is just ridiculous.

  • Yeah, I kinda agree with most on here. It doesn’t seem right to be paying full price for a year old game with zero additions.

    I am glad you brought it to the PSN for those that don’t care about the price, but I won’t be buying it for $15.

    It has been a year since release, I can wait another year for a price drop.

  • YES! Day 1 buy for me! :)

  • Thank you for bringing this to the PS3, I truly appreciate Hothead games interest in bringing this to us.

    Have there been any enhancements or additions to the PS3 version?

  • hmm expensive for a year old game… at least give us a demo to see if it’s worth it. It looks $10 would be a so much better price

  • @ colonel007 :

    So true my friend ! They didnt sell well on xbox and they want to take our money now. $7.99 no problem. $15 without me, even if the game is good !

  • Yawn. Maybe I’ll finally buy Abbey Road.

  • I have it on 360 and ill be buying it again its that good.

  • I have it on the 360 and will be buying it again its that good.



  • More than a year old and no price drop?

  • You f’in dorks know that you’re not forced to buy any game, right? You f’in dorks know this, right? F’in dorks. No reason to complain about a price. F’in dorks.

  • Will this be available on the UK store as well this week?
    Please!! :)

  • I got it on 360, but I haven’t finished it. I may pick it up for PS3, but probably not until sometime during the winter.

  • $15 on PSN buys you Burnout: Paradise. Braid compares to this…how?

  • do not want

  • Joel,

    when is it coming out in Europe?

    • Unfortunately we don\’t have a settled date for Europe yet, as the game is still in submission with Sony\’s Europe division. We\’ll let you know just as soon as we do!

  • If this costs 15 euros in europe ill pass. THATS NOT HOW CONVERSION RATES WORK!!!

    any word on when Picel-Jumk shooter is out? I have 10 euro in my PSN wallet just waiting to be spent on shooter.

  • Kind of surprised to still see games listed as PSN, but no mention of which system can play it as the comments make it sound like it’s PS3 only.

  • 15$?! You are crazy.

  • The people complaining about the price are the people who have never tried this gem of a game.

    $15…and well worth it.

  • Lmao @ $15. Compare this to R&C quest for booty and tell me your game is at the same level. No way.

    Hopefully this game doesn’t sell well enough to make you think you make class A games. Kudos for being a developer on any system. I’ll take the kudos back for thinking you’re a A+ developer and for thinking you can over price a cheap $5.99 game. Hell, PJM and PJE are cheaper than your game. .

  • just no.
    A year late with no additional content for $15? You guys are crazy. If we are getting a port of a year old game with no improvement or additional contents, we should not have to pay full price of it.

    @30 BrianMcGuinness
    You are calling other **** dorks because they are complaining. Yet you are complaining about them complaining. What does that make you?

  • Will probably buy this, looks good

  • You guys can complain all you want about the price. Braid is one of the best DL games ever made and for $15, it’s worth its asking price. I’m buying it immediately. Thank you, Hothouse Games and Jonathan Blow for bringing this game to the platform that will truly appreciate this game, the PS3.

  • Yeah, $14.99 is a bit much for a game I had forgotten all about. Plus with all the price drops I’ve seen in the store of games I’ve paid full price for and the overpricing of all games in general, I’ll be backing off the PSN for a while. I haven’t had a raise in 3 years, but the price of all these dl games has pretty much doubled. I’m going to stick to one full game every month and a half. Let me know if the prices become reasonable.

  • no way im not buying this game, sorry it looks like SNES graphics. i was hoping built from ground up in HD form.

  • I already own Braid on Mac, but I’m considering buying it again on my PS3 — it’s that good.

    And to everyone complaining about price, $15 for one of the best games ever made? I’d pay $60 for it… $15 is a steal.

  • no thanks, tried it on the 360 found it boring. i agree with everyone who feels that year late ports should not be full priced unless something was added if only to justify the late arrival and the asking price.

  • Best game I owned on my xbox. I’ve been missing it ever since I traded my xbox in for a ps3. Will get this for sure. Thanks guys!

    The music is fantastic in this game as well!

  • I almost feel sorry for the guy who makes this entry since Im sure he is not the one who chooses the $15 price tag for the game, but I feel compelled to join all the people complaining about the price, yes is a year old game, 2D and indie, I will not buy it until the price reach $9 or less, if you want better prices, dont buy expensive and you will see the price drop, just wait, even more in this case.
    Im just saving my next purchase on WipeOut HD which is $20 and I dont see how this game is just $5 less, no way.

  • I’m sorry……. but I’m more excited about Castle Crashers coming and BOTH of these games SHOULD be $10, it’s just a slap in the face for PS3 owners otherwise!

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