It’s Almost Time for Braid on PSN

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Hello again!

Joel DeYoung from Hothead Games here. At long last, we’re thrilled to be able to tell the PlayStation community that Braid will officially be making its way to the PlayStation Network on November 12 for $14.99. The gang here at Hothead has been working hard to bring this amazing game to you as soon as possible.

Along with today’s announcement, we thought you’d enjoy taking a peek at the Braid trailer and a few screens of the gameplay experience. Check ‘em out below:

Stay tuned next week to catch an in-depth look at bringing Braid to PSN – It’s been a real pleasure working with Jonathan Blow and Sony on this project and I’m looking forward to sharing more details of that effort with everyone here. See you soon.

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  • YES!!!! Finally a 2d platformer. Day one buy.
    Thank god. We get Trine and Braid. WOW my head will explode.But damn all these good games coming out this month.How am i going to juggle all these games? But anyways 15 dollars is fine
    you [DELETED] are tight wads, shut up and play it already you know it’s going to rock and you’ll get your money’s worth

  • Well, I guess I should be happy that too many games are coming out for me to keep up. This will be one that I probably have to let go until a later date.

  • $15 is a bit steep for a year old game.
    I’ll have to think about it.

  • I’m sure i’ll buy it since I’ve heard good things.
    Never felt compelled to get it on my Xbox though…but since I play my PS3 98% of the time when I’m playing a console I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

    $15 does seem rather steep though seeing as how PS3 only owners had to wait.

  • Please, please tell me that this will has lossless audio assets. (24-bit would definitely be a bonus.) It’s such an important aspect of the game, and HD audio would really help justify the price point. I don’t care about surround sound too much, but lossless is really a necessity since the $6.99 games on PSN have done this consistently (for the most part).

    Besdies the audio being HD, are the graphics 1080p native? Critter Crunch has shown that a lovingly animated 2D game done in 1080p can look even better than most 3D games in 720p.

    Looking forward to answers. I’m so excited to buy this!

    • The audio is 48 kHz stereo so it will sound great coming out of your PS3. The game will render native at 1080p as well. I hope that helps answer your questions!

  • Im sorry but this game has been out for some time on PC and XBL for 1+ year now and you finally put it here for $15? Sorry I will pass. Especially since there are other games releasing tomorrow that are cheaper and are new that have caught my attention.

  • If this version had something new for PS3 then I would double dip, but as is I already own it on 360.

  • yeahhhhhhhh woooooooooo!

    got this on steam for $5 and played the crap out of it. will gladly pay the full price this time around on PS3.

  • I don’t understand how everyone is complaining about the price saying they had to wait.

    You guys don’t have computers? It’s been out for a while there, and it’s still $15 on there, so why should PS3 be any different? I guess where there’s an opportunity to complain about something, people will jump on it

  • Sweet, about time. Will it have custom soundtracks, if you can’t tell that’s alway what I ask. (cause it’s important)

  • I agree with others about the game’s age – I don’t find paying full price for a game this old and one that has already been out on other platforms (that, for whatever reason, has stayed away from PSN for this long) as appealing.

    While I do want to play it, I guess I’ll wait until this game is well below the $10 mark before I buy it.

  • Great, i played the demo on xbl but never bought it, getting it this time for sure.

  • Cool but what about Castle Crashers!!

  • This is last year calling. We want our news back. But I’m just busting chops, I’m almost certainly picking up Braid!

  • $15?! What extras are in it? There has to be a ton of extras for a port to still cost that much. If there’s no extras then I’ll just wait until it’s $5 before I buy it. If it never gets to $5 then I’ll never buy it. I’m not going to buy leftovers from another system unless you put extras in it.

    If you wanted $15 for the game then you should’ve made the game available on the PS3 to begin with.

  • LOL! 15 bucks? Give me a break man. What a joke.

  • I won this game last year from the VGA’s. It’s a good game overall, not what I expected, but it was really fun. I’m not sure about paying $15 to get trophies for it, but maybe I’ll catch it when it’s on sale for $10, or maybe… You guy arent doing a PSN Braid give away are you?

  • Anything exclusive to PS3? Got it for PC already, do I have a reason to get it again?

  • Is this the same Jonathan Blow that worked on the PS3 version of flow?

  • Wow. Sony, this is not a good price for a game that isn’t really new. It’s just a port…

  • Joel,
    Since you’ve obviously stuck around to field a question or two it’d be wise on your part to take the dislike of the price back to others who make the decisions and let this new web 2.0 work to improve your games sales as opposed to ignoring it.

    • We definitely read all the feedback here, and always appreciate the chance to hear directly from players! Thanks.

  • It’s great to see the same complainers as always are here. I can’t wait to download this, myself. Thank you for bringing it to the PSN.

  • Good news. I always wanted to play Braid, but I couldn’t bare to power on my X-Box and feed it $, even for such an interesting title. Glad I’ll finally get to give it a try on the best console made today. Thanks!

  • I will be purchasing this game when it releases. One of the reasons I purchased my 360 was for this game. I will gladly purchase it again to support this masterpiece of an experience. Plus this means more trophies, lol, I’m kidding.

  • This pretty much seems like too little too late. This was released so long ago on XBLA it doesn’t even seem relevant anymore. Especially considering we’re getting the same price and seemingly no new features. Just and extended waiting period for a game I never finished in the first place. Back to Uncharted, Borderlands and Brutal Legend for me..

  • I don’t get how people would supposedly jump on this game at $9.99, but are absolutely appalled at a $14.99 price point.

    It’s five dollars.

  • you know im really tired of these games coming out at $15..$20…$40….CMON! That is totally rediculous for a game that isnt even that good to me why on earth would i spend that much for something that MAY be ok but MAY be horrible too. No way, i havent bought a game on PSN for a long time because the price points are WAY to high for what im getting in my point. Ill save my money for 3-4 games and get a REAL game like Batman A.A. Sheesh. Greedy devs thinking their stuff they made up in 6 months or less is worth 1/4 price of a retail game.


    End Vent.

  • It’s the same price as on 360. According to Wikipedia the game was criticized for it’s short playthrough.

    I would like to get this game because Edmund M. took part in designs, who I was a fan of at one point.

  • I have to agree with 90% of everyone else posting an issue they may feel towards the price for this game. For a game simply released at a later date with no additional content can not be justified at the stated price. To pass the cost of additional production and licensing to the consumer is unjust. Is it not the same game already released 1 yr+ on XBL and PC? Is there anything new? I would like to buy this game but I can’t justify a premium price for an old re-release with no additional content.

  • Well, you really shouldn’t be surprised that people are getting pissed off at the prospect of being sloppy seconds for the same rate. Honestly, I was going to say pretty much everyone else here came in to say. I see no reason to, now that it’s all been said.

  • Wow this looks very neat!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet, I loved this game when I first played it, and I’m glad more people are gonna be able to enjoy it.

  • Jonathan Blow, if you’re reading this, thank you for bringing this game to PS3. Been waiting for it. Don;t listen to these other knuckleheads in here, they have no idea how good this game is.

  • $14.99 for a year old port. I don’t think so! $9.99 would’ve been the sweet spot. Looks like you guys are going to get the same treatment at Bionic Commando Rearm. No sale!

  • Will it have trophies?

  • SOLD! I’m getting that for sure.

  • You what’s funny about all these people complaining about the $15 price point? Its that, even if this game was released a year ago, it would still costs $15 today. People here seem to think that downloaded games decrease in value as time goes by. It doesn’t work that way, this isn’t some old game taking up space on a shelf at some retailer.

    That is why game prices go down, because they are old games that are taking up shelf space for newer ones coming out. They need to get rid of those in order to make room. When you have something that is downloaded, it not taking up space from a newer game. That’s why they don’t receive price drops. The only time that they do is when either the game sells poorly or its part of some special promotion.

    If you are getting so huffy over Braid’s price, why would you continue to pay $10 for a game like Everyday Shooter when that was released over a year ago? Besides, its not like the developers are giving any special treatment to a single platform since Braid costs the exact same amount on the PS3 as it does on the 360.

  • Wow I’m surprised it’s already almost out. I thought it would be out next year. Finally someone knows how toget a game out earlier rather than later. But this is going to not sell with Modern Warfare coming out that Tuesday.

  • DING! It’s past time for Dissidia to be released on PSN!!!!

  • Can’t wait! I was tempted to pick this up previously, but never did. I’ll definitely be getting this on PSN. Trine and now Braid? Fantastic!

  • lol

    $10 its a day one buy

    at $15… its not. Seriously, the game is a year old and ive heard its like an hour and a half long… should be $10

    Call me cheap, i dont care. You’re losing a lit of sales considering all the complaints here

  • Sorry guys but this is WAAAAAAAYY too late getting here. I won’t support this kind of crap with my money.

    Give us the damn game the same time you give it to the other console, and I’ll buy it next time.

  • I will buy this when it comes on a disc.

    Not before.

  • @94

    GET OUT, stop making spam accounts. Mods ban him.

  • Though I do agree that Braid is a must buy for anyone who consider themselves real gamers, I feel that $15 is a little high for various reasons.

    I understand there are costs involved in porting it to the PS3 and putting it in PSN, among others, but the general feeling is of people who expected a lower price point.

  • As if my wallet wasn’t light enough as it is… It’s about to get 15 bucks lighter lol

  • been wanting this game since i seen it on 360 but only own the ps3 and would normally pick it up day one but just got trine(awesome game)mw2 next week and the gow collection the week after that and not to mention how much sleep ive lost (and counting) over uncharted 2

  • I don’t think so, not for $15. Played it on live and it wasn’t worth it then and definitley not worth it a year later at the same price.

  • I found $20 on the floor, does anyone know who it belongs to?

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