Win the Ultimate UNCHARTED Adventure

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Hey UNCHARTED 2 fans,

UNCHARTED 2 Pepsi Promo

Win the ultimate holiday gift! This month, if you live in select states in the West and Midwest regions you’ll have a chance to win the ultimate UNCHARTED Adventure courtesy of our partners at Pepsi. Visit participating stores and purchase specially marked Pepsi 12-pack products and you could instantly win:

The promotion ends on December 12, so visit participating stores today!

For more information on the promotion visit our Events page.

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  • -_- Sorry about the double, my computer’s acting up lately and it didn’t seem to post the first comment.

  • Florida gets the short stick again. I’d trade you all of Orlando for a chance to win.
    I like turtles.

  • Where is the Cental love??? REALLY, i need 2 know… really disappointed that im not able to participate!!!

  • 13 states what about the other 37? GO COLTS!!

    I only win free Pepsi every time I play Pepsi games. (Buy one get one free) Deal is so old.

    But good luck to all your going to need it.

  • No love for Florida?

  • I am Canadian, and I love PlayStation. Too bad the relationship is one sided, for the most part.

  • That’s a GREAT contest, too bad it doesn’t cover a large portion of the people who would’ve loved to participate.


  • Again, Canada is excluded. Good work, Marketing. Also, Pepsi is horrible.

  • The title makes it sound like you can win a trip, that’d be cool. Maybe Borneo or something.

  • No Midwest love, Sony? :( Oh well, good luck to those who are able to take advantage of this.

  • I’m out of luck. Only 8-packs are sold around here.

  • I dunno, having to buy a 12 pack?! has anyone seen the prices for 12 packs of pepsi?

  • One might assume that the only places eligible are those places where Pepsi’s sales are the worst. Screw you, I hope sales fall in the rest of the nation.

  • boo!! no texas support : (

  • lol @ 45 for taking the time to get an actaul population on hawaii and alaska.

    I live in texas, so yea this contest doesn’t benefit me either.

  • I’d be pretty damn happy with the motion comic. I loved the first episode

  • I’ve got to say, I’m loving Uncharted 2. The first game was good, but this game is AMAZING.

    I’m hoping that Pepsi-themed giveaways in select regions of the US aren’t the extent of the holiday marketing Sony’s going to be doing. Somehow, Sony needs to communicate that EVERY SINGLE PS3 OWNER SHOULD HAVE THIS GAME. Uncharted 2 is to the PS3 what Halo 3 is to the Xbox 360.

  • Dear Naughty Dog,

    There are two big issues with UC2 multiplayer that need to be fixed

    1) i log onto MP and it says my save file as been copied/modified and story line currency is removed. I went from $400,000 to $50,000… wtf. I make copies of my save data every 3 or so weeks.. i didnt upload a new one, just made a copy onto a flash drive. This is garbage

    2) the $40,000 + level deduction penalty for quitting/disconnecting is ridiculous. You lose hours of progress for something so trivial. Seriously.. nobody likes quitters, but this is wayyy too severe

    please fix these. I cant play MP otherwise,, and its soooo fun

  • How can it not cover New York?!?

  • Things are going from bad to worse. FHE = USA only » “Ultimate Uncharted Adventure = A few US states. What’s next, Ultra-Rare / Unique-Badass-Edition will be for Naughty Dogs CEO’s roommates only? Seriously, this one sux.

  • @45

    Really? You’re that upset at Sony because you can’t go buy a 12-pack of soda and have a slight chance of winning something that will probably cost less than the box of soda itself?

    Wait… something’s coming to me…

    Yes! I’ve got it!

    wait for it…

    wait for it…

    Kitty got wet.

  • No love for TX? :-(
    I didnt win FHE and now this? xD

    BTW, someone mispelled Michigan as “Michegan” on the Events or promotion page for this giveaway.
    Here’s the link:

  • Oh come one…. SODA?? I don’t don’t drink that poison junk anymore. Diabetes and obesity in a can. Uncharted 2 is encouraging very unhealthy habits. What’s next, Uncharted 2 tobacco advertising? Guess I’ll never win.

  • I live on the east coast so don’t really care still love pepsi though caffeine and corn syrup ftw.

  • Wow, so lame. What about the rest of us not living in those 5 states? You guys suck!


  • once again US only come on DOG i live in UK and love uncharted and so do a bunch of others please can we have some form of promotion its not like you lot in states have already had the mega awesome cinema stuff and also awesome fortune hunter edition copies etc. :(

  • HAHA. I live in CA. Pepsi, here I come!

  • About time Wisconsin gets to be a part of a contest. Plus I already drink Pepsi products here! WOO HOO!

  • You guys seem to hate the East Coast for Uncharted. First the Movie Theater Event, and now this. Why can’t Florida get some love?

  • If you are a Uncharted fan dont you think you would already have all these except for the bundle of course…
    Even if you win you dont really get anything. You would be getting a game you already own…
    the motion comic is free on the ps store… How about adding some of those Uncharted t-shirts or some free DLC. That would make more sense…

  • plus… Coke FTW!!!

  • Man I Would Definitely Appreciate Having Heeeeeeeeem!

  • Haha how useless. A promotion which covers less than half of a country.

    Only with Sony :)

  • This is lame. Texas is closer to the west than to the east. BS!

  • you guys either do a whole 50 state promos now on or dont do them. simple as that.

  • @70
    This isn’t the first time they’ve shafted us on contests for more expensive items.

    I also would like to know where you live since you can buy PS3 games let alone a PS3 + 2 PS3 games for the price of a 12 pack of soda. As either A) Soda is grossly over priced there or B) your gaming gear is significantly less than where I live.

    Honestly my biggest issue was not so much that I can’t enter, but rather the vast majority of the country cannot enter. To me that just screams mentally challenged on the part of SCEA staff. Dumbest idea next to removing PS2 BC and the PSP squirrel commercials.

    We’re talking 77% of the US not able to participate. considering that maybe 38 million are actual gamers (maybe more) you’d think that they’d try to shoot for the entire US population.

    As I said I’m not pissed about not being able to enter (unless this was for treasure hunter edition) so much as i am at the people who didn’t think “oh [DELETED] there are only 300 people participating in this thing”. Florida has been left out before, usually you can expect 3 or 4 states to not play nice, but 35 states COME ON…. To quote a certain VP of Awesome at SCEA “What’s wrong with him?!”

  • when it said win the ultimate ucharted adventure, I thought the grand prize would be a trip to hawaii or something crazy like that…

    but any ways……… weird-misleading titles aside..

    Shouldnt this be available throughout the US and not just some select states? Kinda lame if you ask me.

  • Honestly the competitions here suck.


    Then again, it IS SCEA’s marketing which is the worst.

  • Ahh, I was hoping for a potential trip to the Himalayas too… ah well.

  • @87

    Obviously I was refering to Eye of Indra as what would cost less than the actual soda. So did you miss what I was obviously implying, or are you just throwing out lame jokes regardless? Even if this contest was available in your area, there’s pratically no chance of you winning anything but EoI so it’s a waste of time to even acknowledge the possibility.

  • didnt know eastern kentucky was a state

  • Look at all these americans complaining because they aren’t included.

    Now you know how THE REST OF THE WORLD feels.

  • Michigan is spelled wrong too

  • come on. no NY.

  • Nice to see West By God Virginia included in a contest for once. (I guess I’m drinking Mounrain Dew for a while.)

    Any chance a limited edition copy might get thrown in somwhere?

  • @93 america is the world you just haven’t noticed

  • People drink pepsi?!?

  • It’s a good cross promotion…but why can’t you guys ever do stuff for the east coast?

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