Coming to PSN this Week: Numblast

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It’s out in Japan, it’s out in Europe, and this week: Numblast will be available here in North America!

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Get your hands on this addictive puzzle game (available for both PS3 and PSP) at the attractive price of $4.99 for either platform. Based on simple number combinations, Numblast is colorful, quirky, fast-paced and easy to pick up, but only those with quick wits and mental agility will make it to the top of the online rankings.

Here’s a trailer of the game in action:

Log on to the PlayStation Store this Thursday, November 5 and download your copy of Numblast.

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  • OMG WTH is up with these stupid games! When is frogger and dead nation coming to psn? Stop releasing crappy games that only little kids want to play!

  • I just played the Japanese demo and I must say… i love it I Love It I LOVE IT. Day one purchase for me.

  • This is one of the best puzzlers I’ve played (my friend bought the Japanese version so I’ve already played it) and I think $5 is a steal for this masterpiece of a game. Reminds me of when I used to play Devil Dice on the PS1.

  • I really love this game, ive had it for a while in the UK but ive found it hard to get a full numblast =[

    Will there be a soundtrack release for this?

  • Um, why is she reciting the Greek alphabet?

  • Whoever made the decision to turn the original name “Qruton” into “Numblast”? It sounds so cheesy!

  • Buying it

  • This game looks pretty high quality on the game play element…..

    Unfortunately, I’m only a “casual” puzzle game fan, and this game’s complexity scares me. Sorry.

  • What not having a demo tells me is “We have no confidence in our product — so we’ll try and get as many impulse buyers to buy it as we can.”

    If you were that confident in your product’s quality, you’d let the gameplay speak for itself… the consumer knows quality, looks for it and will pay for it.

    MS forces all devs to make a demo for all downloadable games… and I’ve ended up buying several games I wouldn’t have otherwise based on a demo — and sure that works both ways, but if you put out a good product you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right?

    Anyway, no demo, no purchase. LEARN.

  • @28 Towers76
    Custom soundtracks are in :). Also: this game looks awesome in native 1080p (a bit hard to get numblast for me though :p)

  • Senpai! Senpai’s been turned into a monkey!


  • Got the European version and its a fun and beautiful game! Really for 5 Dollars its absolutely worth it. Plus you can change from English to Japanese voices if you’d like.

    @H8_is_bad, why don’t you shut the hell up, ego tripper. You’re not the only one living on this planet so developers need to fulfil “your” needs.

  • @Xoonaka, you’re absolutely wrong. The game is quite casual and is very easy to play. It may look complexer than it really is.

  • @jqtaxpayer, whoa you seriously can’t miss 5 Dollars? How sad…

  • Complexer? You must be a fellow graduate of the Florida education system.
    I like turtles.

  • Since it’s only 4.99, I will probably be buying it.

  • Did anyone order a Pizza?

  • this game looks … whats the word im looking for ? interesting ? … doesnt seem like a good game … now critter crunch theres a good game

  • Though I read about Numblast a few months ago, this was the first time I saw the game in motion. Being a puzzle game fan, this game looks it can be a pretty interesting one. I’m also glad to see that Numblast is being released as a dual PS3/PSP release (I feel that more PSN games should be released on both platforms more often), but I’m saddened to hear that a demo won’t be available in the U.S. (I also feel that more PSN demos should be available as well).

  • Thanks for the tip about the voices, Onna76_NL!

  • Wow, someone complained about no disc, there’s something new <_<.. you'll never get a disc version of 95% of the PSN games, so you might as well stop asking.

    I've had a slight interest in this game for a while but lost it once I assumed it would never come to the US, but now that it has, despite no demo (surprise..), I'll probably pick up the PSP version.

  • at the attractive price of $4.99 for either platform…it doesn’t say for both so you guys must know how to read

  • Looks good, but sadly my Hard Drive is Full, already deleting stuff just to get Demo’s..Curse you Tiny PS3 Hard Drive!!

  • I will buy 1st chance i get for the PSP. I wish some of the great puzzle games i bought on PSN were also for PSP.

    Thats right! PSP is perfect for puzzle games.

  • This looks alright, but I’ve got enough puzzlers for now, how about some good new 2D style games like Bionic Commando Rearmed, Soldner X, etc?

  • where is the demo at?

  • LAME!!!!!!

  • @ESHAM976
    I agree. You know what isn’t lame? Dissidia. You know what else? It still isn’t up on PSN.

  • I guess I’ll check the demo out on the Japanese store first.

  • Love puzzle games, but numbers aren’t really my forte. Why can’t they just make it about letters?

  • @ bowkeman
    it isnt really about numbers, you can think it about letters, it would be the same, i think its better with numbers due to the numerical succession that occurs during the chains, but nothing else.
    @ jqtaxpayer
    okey… we are a little aggressive over here? actually there IS a demo, on the european psn and on the japanese psn, if you wanna try it, you’ll love it if you are into puzzles, it’s fast paced and fun, one of the best i’ve played, its a shame that the fact that there is no demo gets you to miss a wonderful game, seriously, what did you do in the previous gen, where there wasnt that many demos out there?

  • Hey something I noticed at the end of the video…it shows like 6 or so different colored 3000’s…does that mean Sony will be releasing those colors soon? Or was it all for show? I own a 2000 and a Go but I think my friends would like those colors.

  • This is a brilliant puzzler. i´m a euro, so i had this for some time. (on 80% trophies at the mo)

  • There’s an english demo in the HK store.

  • hey, is it out already? i checked the store and they didnt update it, not even updated pulse. is it going to be released today?

  • How many trophies will this game give?

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