God of War III Ultimate Edition and Pre-Order Items Announced

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God of War III Ultimate Edition

SCEA and Santa Monica Studios are thrilled to announce the first Ultimate Edition for God of War. Earlier this year, we polled a number of fans on what would make an awesome collector’s edition for God of War. Well, we took your advice and created something epic and filled it with premium collectible and exclusive digital content.

God of War III Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition will feature the following:

Exclusive Collectibles
• High-End Sculpted Replica of Pandora’s Box
• Limited-Edition God of War Art Book featuring exclusive art, content and interviews

Exclusive Digital Content (Available via PlayStation Network voucher codes on day of launch)
• God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges
• Premium Kratos Skin – Dominus
• God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary – a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise
• God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game (mp3 digital download).
• God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (mp3 digital download).

But it keeps getting better for the fans. Those that pre-order God of War III at select retailers will receive a voucher code for first access to download the God of War III E3 2009 Demo starting today, plus you will receive an exclusive downloadable skin from the following retailers: Amazon, GameCrazy and GameStop.

God of War III Ultimate Edition

And as a special thank you to our Spartan Army members who signed up on www.GodofWar.com, we are sending out a direct email today with one free voucher code to randomly selected fans. So, please make sure you check your email inbox over the weekend to see if you are one of the lucky ones to receive a voucher code allowing you to download this demo instantly from PlayStation Network! Remember, it’s a random selection and only a limited amount of vouchers are being sent out, so good luck.

Thanks again to all the fans for their continued support and enthusiasm for God of War. We are all excited to give you an early taste of what is expected to be one of the biggest games of 2010!

In The End There Will Be Only Chaos…..

For more details on today’s announcement visit godofwar.com

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  • When is the ultimate edition going to be available for preorder?? i cant find it on amazon.
    and also will i get the demo if i preorder it?


  • Looks cool, but that digital download bs is lame as hell. When I get a soundtrack, I want the physical, high quality CD! Not some lossy mp3 files.

  • Very impressive collecters edition. Will the preorder demo be for either version of the game or do you have preorder the CE

  • Anybody find the preorder link online for any of the retailers?

  • @50. its available now for preorder. the demo tho, is only being released from certain retailers. if i was you and want the demo, id wait to preorder to see who will have those vouchers for the demo first.

  • OK One more time…..




  • its 99.99

  • This was the first Ultimate edition for God of War. This is a sign of things to come where they put shiny beads and trinkets into the package to justify a higher price. However, it’s awesome for the CE/LE/UE “collectors”. Sony I got an idea, how about you charge another $10 for the UE edition and lower the price of the standard edition by $10 to make up for the fact that it’s overpriced.

    Also can we get more games to the Greatest Hits status the competition is killing you on low priced games. It’s what made the Ps2 THE system to have. Great Games, Great Prices (TM).

  • Preordering when available! I can’t wait ^_^

    If all on Olympus will deny me my vengeance,then all on Olympus will die.

  • O M G !

    I wants.

    The second I find it for pre-order… it’s getting pre-ordered.

  • @54 why would you need a link just type in amazon, gamestop, or gamecrazy.. i’m sure lots of other retailers will have this avail for pre-order also.

    On another note this game is still set for a march 2010 release right guys?

  • HAHAHA $100. I took a SWAG at $80. $60 for the extras, not a complete ripoff for a statue/box, music and art.

  • Wow. Who will have the demo codes first?

  • Price? 100€?

    WHere is my action figure? xD

  • woow how much will this cost? if $100 and less im buying.. if more might skip :P.. it looks amazing

  • God of war 1 and 2 won’t be included with this edition?

  • I hope the Standard Edition gets this cover

    I like the one provided in the link much better. Love the white, rather than the murky version of the Collectors Edition.

  • Consider this BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!

    In The End There Will Be Only Vengeful-Chaos…..

    Amen to that.

  • I have to say, I NEVER buy a collectors, or ultimate, or rofflecopter edition of any game. MOstly because the bonuses are either a demo, a hat, or a keychain.

    I am willing to make an exception here. TWO Full albums, an exclusive skin, documentary, and a whack of other stuff…this is obviously designed for the God of War hardcore, and that is me, and you are definitely doing this game justice with this.

    I’ll be pre-ordering this ASAP.

  • Thats pretty epic!
    Im def. getting the ultimate edition!!!!

  • gamestop has it for $99.00. Has anyone seen it were it comes with the demo its says nothing about a demo in gamestops bonuses.

  • Sooo massive epic collection! Definitely must-have for every Kratos fan! I think it should be cost around 80$, but what is the official price? When will be pre-orders available?

    Demo vouchers for randomly gamers, I need change my pants! xD

  • I want to know how big the pandoras box is, i assume the games are coming in it but until i know im not ordering. Fantastic edition though guys if it is the way I assume it is.

  • @63 create a profile at http://www.godofwar.com.
    they will send demo codes throughout the weekend only!

    @70 my gamestop opens at 10am this morning.ill give them a call to confirm if they have the vouchers already.

  • Give me a price so I can hide that amount from my wife and buy this epic edition.

  • hey Anthony G.. im looking forward to getting this game, I have a concern though. When i pre- ordered the demon souls spoils at game stop they didnt give me a voucher or my extra stuff i orderd with it.. I talked to atlus they said they no control over it once released.? I want to know how can i be sure that this wont happen with gow3 limted edition. I dont want to blow my money again, is there a way to get in touch with yall ,is any thing we could do to be ure we get or spoils.. Ty 4 our time and look forward to the game

  • it’s so worth the $100, i’m gonna pre-order it this weekend. i hope i’m one of the members that gets a voucher for the demo, i’m checking my email all day! hey sony, i love GOW so much that i made it part of my psn name, wink, wink.

  • OMFG! I’m almost afraid to ask about price. Either way, though, I’m pre-ordering this immediately!

  • So its $100, that’s a little too much for me, while the pandora box looks real nice the other goodies don’t really justify the extra $40, maybe if you guys had included the blu-ray GOW1-2.
    Game gonna be awesome but i will just go with the standard edition.

  • Never mind… just found it on EB Games’ Web site. It’s $99.99 US. That’ll be about $109.99 here in Canada. I’m pre-ordering this after work! =)

  • Nice box art :)

  • @61 I checked all the online retailers and I saw nothing for ordering the ultimate edtion online or any mention of the demo as a preorder bonus. You got to love useless sarcastic people.

  • When is this going to hit UK? I will preorder the second it’s available. Need to play the demo now!!! =]

    • Release of Ultimate Edition in EU to come through your respective territory. Keep an eye out for future updates through the European PS Blog =)

  • I know im going to get a lot of heat from this but…

    Im sorry this is a crappy LE which i will not be getting. Everything in there is almost just DLC. A costume (big deal) and some challenge areas, with a sound track and some Heavy metal crap which im still trying to figure out what Heavy metal has to do with GoW.

    There’s no figurines, no maps, no little hint book (not like i even look at those, just saying). There’s nothing really memorable about that collection. Again most is DLC which after your done with the game has no purpose anymore. Soundtracks? Let’s be real. How many people actually go back and listen to soundtracks over and over and over. Documentary? Those are usually boring half way threw them and most wont watch more than once.

    How about something that i could actually display which would remind me of the game. Heck everything from my GTA IV CE i still use. I love the bag that game with it. I use that lock box like crazy for things. They even had a key chain thing which i use.

    You could have done so much better with this LE and you seriously want people to pay $100 for that. Sad… just sad.

  • “SCEA and Santa Monica Studios are thrilled to announce the first Ultimate Edition for God of War.”

    Will there be others? oh please don’t play with my feelings like that, i can only afford one damn you!

  • Ugh they really need to allow you to edit on here. I wrote game instead of came in the one sentence about the bag.

  • sick…the only question i have ¿¿¿what’s the size of that thing??? it’s freaking awesome, put a picture of that in the hands of someone to see the size of that, or a comparing chart with a polar bear…this will be epic

  • “Also notice that this is the “FIRST” Ultimate Edition. Which leads me to believe they are planning more than one.”

    I think you misread the article. It says first Ultimate Edition of God of War, not of God of War 3. They didn’t offer one for the other games. I doubt they plan to offer more than one Ultimate Edition of the game.

    As for ordering this game, I checked out gamestop.com and it has it for $99.99 but says you can’t order it online. What’s with that? Is it a mistake? You can always preorder games on their site.

  • Please don’t price it at $80 or above, and please don’t make it a Gamestop exclusive!

  • I must have this and even though GOW2 sucked… I will buy this uber le…

  • @89 the first ever for the series. they wont be releasing multiple collector’s editions.

  • any idea if they send you the demo code for preordering the standard version of the game from amazon? i just did that, and still no demo code in my email.

  • 1. Awesoooomme!
    2. Price?
    3. Europe?



    • 1. Thank you!
      2. UE is at 99.99
      3. Release of Ultimate Edition in EU to come through your respective territory. Keep an eye out for future updates through the European PS Blog =)

  • $100?? You’ve got to be kidding me. I would paid $75 tops for this.

  • Awesome! When is Amazon listing this? It’s up on Gamestop…but not available online…

  • Wait? “…to announce the first Ultimate Edition for God of War.”

    As in the first in the franchise or the first for this game? I hope there’s only one…otherwise it’ll just be a tease…

  • gamestop does have the codes i just talked with them but you have to go in the store to et the demo. You cant order online.


  • So if i go to gamestop right now and preorder i can play god of war 3 demo today?

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