Celebrate Halloween PlayStation Home-Style at the Zombie Rally

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As you may know from visiting Central Plaza in the last few weeks or watching one of the recent newscasts on PULSE, zombies have staged a full-on invasion of PlayStation Home. It’s certainly no coincidence that the living dead are coming out of the woodwork just in time for Halloween (it is their version of Thanksgiving, after all – complete with morsels of mortals upon which to ravenously feast). We here on the PlayStation Home Community Management team want to roll out the proverbial red carpet for our reanimated brethren and throw the biggest (brainiest?) bash of the year, but we’ll need your help in overcoming a few obstacles along the way.


First and foremost, we’re asking that all of you ghouls and gals visit the DeadQuarters to “undead yourself” (and all of your friends). There’s no need for any complex magical systems or exposure to dangerous radiation, simply enter the DeadQuarters (whether it is your own space or a friend’s) and watch as your wardrobe fills up with free zombie items. Becoming one of the walking dead has never been easier.

While many of us are happy to embrace zombies as our friends, neighbors, policemen, payroll auditors, brain surgeons, and 400-level college philosophy professors, there are a few extremists out there that are determined to keep PlayStation Home free of what they call “a moral menace.” At the forefront of this political movement is the think tank organization known as the S.P.A.Z. (Society of People Against Zombies). Headed up by R Phunrooner, President (and reputed “recovering horror movie addict”), this group has taken an aggressive approach to ridding PlayStation Home of the undead – from a full-on anti-zombie advertising campaign to actually attempting to censor the male zombie head.

Luckily, the S.P.A.Z. is not without opposition. A non-profit zombie rights organization is challenging R Phunrooner and the S.P.A.Z.’s efforts by setting up a webpage where zombies and zombie-sympathizers alike can voice their support for the deceased (that have just recently returned to life).

So after you visit the DeadQuarters and become one of the living dead, we need you to go to www.undeadyourself.com and cast a vote to allow zombies to roam free in PlayStation Home. The ballots close on Friday evening, so make sure you do this NOW. Then, we ask that you come out to Central Plaza dressed in your finest funerary threads right at 8:59pm PT (11:59 EST) to find out the results. Werewolves, vampires, and all haunts of the night alike will want to come out to for this event, as it will determine the very future of PlayStation Home.

See you fiends Friday night!

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  • Awesome! I figure you probably can’t say anything about new content, but. I was wondering if these could be In a future update. Ok first, me and my friend were talking (using the helpful phone-a-friend feature!) how you should have a jukebox of sorts in your inventory(like the bubble machine) so you can play the music on your system so you can have dance parties at your personal space(Neptune suite!) Also, with the calling feature, I wish you could have a phone call with more than 1 person like a voice chat! Hope this give you guys so good thoughts!

    Strack 94 PSN

  • One last thing. I have notice thru my jogs around the central plaza, it seems to be very lagy. Also it seems that many things have expanded(such as the 10 ROOM THEATHER!) but the bowling ally remains the same. I suggest two floors and more room for bowling arcade games and posible some new games like airhockey, foosball and ping-pong. Feel free to sign me up to work for Sony any day now. Lol

  • yo is there a thread where we post suggestions that the moderators ACTUALLY read cos i got a bunch & most include getting rid of that stupid suspension due to report crap.some dude was bein racist so i talked trash he reported me & i got suspended… so like wth? anyways… yea i got tons of ideas & so many people back them 100%

    but yea if someone could direct me to that thread id greatly appreciate it.

  • When can i start to shoot things!!!…..

    i dont wonna be a zombie,
    i wonna shoot a zombie(with my home character)

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