Dragon Age: Origins Live Chat with Bioware Today

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It’s an exciting day here at PlayStation.Blog – we’re reaching across the pond and joining PlayStation.Blog.Europe for their very first live chat. We will have two of Bioware’s co-founders, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuck, to discuss their upcoming medieval RPG, Dragon Age: Origins.

The live Q&A will be taking place here at 11:00 am PST (7:00 pm BST), so be sure to have your questions ready! This live chat will be moderated by Jem Alexander from sunny England, so if you see any extraneous letter U’s floating around – don’t worry. You’re still in America, land of the free.

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  • @46 DMPrince
    I just want to know how hard it is to enable in-game music and why 99% of developers don’t support this feature. Sony should make all these feature mandatory starting January 2010.

  • All of my questions – which are legitimate – have been filtered. Kinda lame.

  • @50
    I seen one user had his/her question submitted 4 times already. This user stupid question like, “I am so glad I pre-order”
    Honestly, how the hell does these question get through, but important questions don’t

  • Mike Laidlaw: “Working with the PS3 was a blast. It was nice to go hands on with the hardware and flex our programming muscles to make sure that Dragon Age was the same great experience on all three platforms.”

    And the ocean is blue. The Ocean is not blue, but is a reflection of the zone in the upper atmosphere. I am just pointing out their usually BS statement.

  • Mark Darrah:
    The PlayStation 3 has a special edition.
    It contains:
    A special disk with a featurette and other content
    Cloth map
    Tin Case
    3 exclusive in Game items
    And More!

    He forgot to mention that the PC and Xbox 360 Special edition (which we PS3 owners are paying the same price for) have extra content for Mass Effect 2. Again, more PR BS from these guys.

  • [Comment From Onna76_NL Onna76_NL: ]
    Is the game going to have a special edition? If so, what does it include?

    How the hell did this get through?

  • install + no custom music =/= 360 version = fail!

    good luck next time.

  • Man these are cupcake questions… Not much that you couldn’t get by reading pre-views, FAQs, and such. Why don’t they take the harder questions… Errr.

  • the live was ok. i didnt get my question answerd but i understand they have huge fan base so im ok with it not being answerd. I had a good time . seeing them come and give us juicy info.

  • DoktorZee_BioWare: “One of our goals at BioWare is to make sure that each version of any game we release feels absolutely designed for that platform.”

    Please tell me this idi0t did not just wrote that. If they were taking advantage of the PS3…well I don’t think I need to say more because we all have seen what the PS3 is capable of, and this game….well let just say it not on par with other PS3 games that take advantage of the system.

  • @BloodyCow.

    Sony isn’t. this is the only way they can get devs to work on anything ps3 by not being strict with them.

  • Such a bloody uninformative scam. This is sooo Bioware style.

    I’ve been asking this question several times: “Why are there no tree shadows in DA.”

    Of course; not being displayed.

  • I tried to get my questions answered and it didint even show up. Im a sad panda.

  • I would like to ask Sony to please work with Bioware to allow them that PC-PS3 toolset connectivity that was mentioned in the chat.

  • Ok so heres the deal. Bioware is operating out of Canada. But yet they charge Canadians 69.99 for all versions of the game. Ps3 PC 360… How is that fair when the dollar exchanges at about $62. Pretty bad when I have to import from the US on a Canadian made product.

    Ok so thats said and done. Why the hell is the french version 54.99 and the English is 69.99? Thats not discrimination against english speaking Canadians? Never ever in my live have I ever seen a game cheaper because it was in french, this is an insult.

    If you are going to rip off your own people I will never support your company. In fact I hope Dragon Age is riddled with as many bugs as Neverwinter and the baldurs gate series. I hope it has the huge amount of graphical and gameplay glitches that Mass Effect has and it makes people see what kinda shady business you are running.

    Scamming your own country-man … Shame on you.

  • Hmph. From what I read, it seems like they think we should be THANKFUL that they didn’t screw us over and make us wait longer.

    And it seems EVERY GAME has a soundtrack that is simply “too good” to be traded in favor of in-game music.


  • I would like to ask Sony to please not work with the scumbags at Bioware on any project.

  • Ok, so Jem redeemed himself in the end there… I’m curious to see DA on a console because all the videos so far have been of the PC version, but overall the game looks pretty good.

    If the controls work well, I’ll definitely pick it up.

  • All I wanted to ask was for some PS3 footage and wonder if they thought about adding keybord and mouse support.

  • I’m sure the blog was under some kind of contract to make sure bioware is ignorant to ps3 gamers real questions. I don’t blame the blog. I blame bioware.

    Thankfully, bioware proves thier averageness in thier lack of quality development & thier unwillingness to answer proper questions.

    I’m left unsatisfied & am not interested in any bioware made product. I feel the company does not respect me as a customer of videogames entertainment.

  • If the Bioware team reads the blog and can post I have a few questions:

    1. How big is the PS3 optional install?

    2. Will PS3 users be able to upload characters from the character creator?

    3. How does the store work?

    4. Does content purchased on another platform carry over to PS3 w/o being purchased again?

  • I was looking to know how the PC versus PS3 versions stacked up. I can see why it didn’t make it on a ps3 blog, but I still need to know. I will be playing this game, I just don’t know on WHAT.

  • just read that Dragon Age on PS3 is launching along with it’s competitors in the US on November 3rd.

    that is awesome! can’t wait to do my next Bioware epic!

    love you guys over there at Bioware. Really wishing and hoping and dreaming that Mass Effect comes to PS3 as well.

    but for now hella excited for Dragon Age. my RPG for this winter.

  • I hope it has Online and Offline Coop!
    The game looks like more of Coop then BioWare Style RPG!

    Please announce MultiPlayablity!

  • I agree with you entirely, MAGNUM-RAM.

    Biowhore is unwilling to answer questions which are not complete butt kissing like they’re used to get from their overzealous fanboys/fangrils over at their forums: “Why are you so awesome bioware!?? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

    Oh, and if they do answer such questions then you can expect a big dose of BS on how you are wrong and they’re right because it’s their game bla-bla yadda yadda yadda. Like kids in a playground.
    I have 0 respect for biowhore.

  • After finding out that the price of the game will be inflated by pieces of the game are being sold separately at launch — because, let’s face it, that’s what launch day DLC really means — I think I’ll just stick with Demon’s Souls. If the OK-but-not-great Mass Effect was any indication, I’m sure I’ll be much better off anyway.

  • Man, my question about world size and layout wasnt even asked . . . didnt know that wasw such a tough question . . .

  • Truly this is the age of no dissidia on psn

  • Hate on Bioware if you want but I enjoy their games. The question\comment filter system though does suck. Relevant questions were not posted so people could say useless praises. While a few congats are fine please fix it where there needs to be a question attached.

    I do wish they used a game engine with a little more graphical power.

  • I find it nearly impossible to “hate” on Bioware. They’ve produced some of the best games I’ve ever played.

    Hell, if they’d only made Baldur’s Gate I and II and then called it a career — I’d still love them for it.

    But they’ve produced a handful of legendary games. In fact, I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything they’ve made.

    November 3rd will be a glorious return to Bioware heaven!

  • seriously who was the person that picked what questions to put up? i mean i saw a few people that kept getting their questions asked. whats the point of having everyone submit questions if you are going to take questions from the same people the whole time.

  • MixedKidx

    This is the same stance they took during the Uncharted 2 live chat. Your questions or comments will only be addressed if you are a mindless sheep who gives them absolutely 100% praise and doesn’t bring up a valid point regarding an improvement in Gameplay/Mechanics.

    Uncharted 2 is an awesome game I still would have liked to have my questions addressed before I shelled out 60 though.

  • Okay – seriously Sony.

    Making a specific point to make fun of how other people write (British people add “u”s to their words! They’re STUPID! LOLZ) and to add the phrase “Land of the Free” is groan and cringe inducing.

    Why is this American site so xenophobic towards the rest of the world?

    Oh, right, because they’re ignorant Americans.

  • Ray Muzyka:
    Blood Dragon armor comes in all new copies of the game on PS3 as well – it kicks ass. The Blood Dragon armor is linked to your online community account so once you register and download it for PS3, it’ll ‘unlock the magic’ of the Blood Dragon armor in Mass Effect 2 on 360 and PC too!

    Anyone else think it’s weird that if I buy a copy of Dragon Age Origins, I’d get an armor for a different game on a different console?

  • This is bull,i must have asked at least 12 questions and none of them were even put up there….talk about a let down.

  • Tell Bioware to bring Mass effect on PS3.

  • really looking forward to this game! i’ve loved bioware games – maybe you can bring jade empire to the PS3!

  • OMG so many games, so little money :(

  • Soooo… it’s Nov 3. Where is it? Is Canada not part of North America again? Did Edmonton move?


  • Hi All,
    I got 2 (multi)Questions:

    1:/ Is there going to be an MMO(multiplayer)
    update(option) in the near future?, I mean, how about even a Lan-party multiplayer mode ?, specifically for the PS3, or even the PC versions ? In other words, what the hek did I buy these 2 extra (dual-shock 3) game controllers for !!!???
    -and please don’t answer “….’cause of “Little Big Planet” :( ”

    2:/ And the most important on right now is: Is there any patche(s) for the PS3 to “IMPROVE” the HORRIBLE (fps-stuttering)gameplay of DragonAge Origins ?


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