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Nearly half a million of you purchased a PS3 in September. Amazing. Welcome to the PlayStation Nation and to what will be one of our best holidays yet.

We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times for PlayStation as we continue to redefine entertainment experiences for consumers, both at home and on the go. Over the past few weeks we’ve launched several game-changers such as the sleek 120GB PS3 at a new price point of $299. We’ve also introduced more storage capacity with the 250GB PS3, debuting November 3 at $349. We’ve made unprecedented strides in digital and mobile entertainment with the availability of PSPgo. Last week we launched the critically acclaimed UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves which is receiving rave reviews. The best part is that we’ve only just begun an onslaught of relentless, rich content hitting throughout the fiscal year, including Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, God of War III, MAG, and ModNation Racers.

We’re also seeing tremendous response to the great value of the newer, slimmer, lighter 120GB PS3 system, which surpassed its one million unit mark worldwide just after three weeks on shelves. In NPD Group‘s September 2009 video game sales data, released today, the PS3 ranked as the top console sold for the month, beating out all our competitors. It was also the only hardware platform to realize an increase of 112% when compared to the same period last year.

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The PSPgo is driving additional momentum for the entire PSP platform. In its first three days on store shelves, top retail partners experienced a 300 percent lift in overall PSP hardware sales compared to the previous week. During this time, the PlayStation Network also experienced the largest number of downloads ever for a single week period. In addition, the new 250GB PS3 will provide the ample storage needed for what is expected to be a big Blu-ray holiday with blockbuster releases like Transformers 2, Star Trek and Hangover. And we’re continuing to stack the chips this holiday with great game content including God of War Collection, LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year Edition as well as popular third party titles like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2.

If you haven’t already experienced UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves for yourself, this is a must-have this season. The Naughty Dog team has delivered a truly visually stunning and immersive game that is clearly only possible on the PS3. It has garnered an average review score of 96 with over 64 perfect scores by game reviewers. This game promises to be a system seller for PlayStation and we couldn’t be more pleased.

There simply has never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation family and we look forward to providing you with the best entertainment content and experience for many, many years to come.

Jack Tretton

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  • All I read was “blah blah blah” *blowing smoke up the backside of everyones anatomy* and the not so hidden chuckle as Sony goes all the way to bank while shafting thier PSP customers. I seriously believe that Sony needs to separate the PSP store from the PS3 store. They make big announcements for the PS3 about whats coming up in downloads and it’s almost like, oh yeah heres some leftover scraps for you psp owners. People may disagree with me but that is how Sony has made me feel.

  • which to play with Jack a Co-Op game on U2 lol….

  • and i will be loyal to PlayStation for the rest of my life :)

  • love the new ps3

  • VIDEO store in Canada PLEASE!!!!

  • sony playstation is horrific.for people that want the best online multiplayer experience available get an xbox 360.if you want a multimedia machine that is good for watching movies get the ps3,i mean come on ps whats going on with the “home”thing?
    i spent 2 hours going round the home network trying to find someone to talk to about games ect and all i got was some retards doing a bodypop in my face,wheres the speach?????the home studio part is so cool i like that but come on,get people talking for gods sake not dancing and other retarded body functions,your supposed to be a games console not a 3d social network.i predict that xbox will dominate the gaming market by 2013,your going down the tube fast playstation,start catering for gamers not net geeks….nuff said.

  • oh and just incase you guys think im one of the xbox die hards,your wrong i bought a 120g slim to see if it could compete with my 360 experience and i was let down in a major way,the only reason im keeping the ps3 slim is to play blue ray.ill leave the xbox to deliver my gaming requirements.jack if you want my advice my friend start getting gamers talking to each other in an easy direct way,make it easy for groups of gamers to play games with each other.people dont buy a games console to walk about bodypoping with one another,they want to turn on there machine have a quick look at who is playing what and jump straight into the action.when you realise that and make a network that delivers this THEN AND ONLY THEN will you have a console that can call its’self a “GAMES CONSOLE”,UNTILL THEN THE PS3 IS JUST A GLORIFIED BLUE RAY PLAYER.

  • WOW! I bought the first ps3 60 gig for $600.tx and got error code 80010514 a day after warranty, Got a 40 gig from a friend after two weeks we get error code 80010514 again. Sending in the 40 to get fixed for $158.tx. Can we get a two year warranty on these things? The ps1 had and issue. I used to shake mine to work lol, the the ps2, which after awhile I had to turn a certain way and place it unleveled to work. So u see I have been a great customer over time. I am going to purchase the latest and greatest and I want it to be Sony. But I would also like to have a system that works for a few years at this price. You know times are tough enough right now and its nice to relax and play a game system that I chose over the rest.

  • i have an XBOX 360 and ps3 the xbox service is way better sony should charge for online use so we could get things quicker. sony has let XBOX take over the gta series what a BIG L for sony.

  • wow ps3 XBOX has snatched gta right out of your hands

  • @258 wow, i got a 60gb ps3 since 11/17/06…yes launch, no fail

    @259 so we may not have GTA exclusive anymore, but you do know Rockstar, the same company that made your beloved GTA is putting out a brand new exclusive IP called The Agent. you better read up…

  • regardless if your not happy that you just bought a ps3 and think that xbox online service is better, sony did what they needed to do to get you complainers to buy a ps3

    epic fail for the haters..

  • good comments

  • My ps3 keeps saying error and won’t allow me to sign in to play online now how can I fix the problem?

  • “Nearly half a million of you purchased a PS3 in September. Amazing. Welcome to the PlayStation Nation and to what will be one of our best holidays yet.

    We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times for PlayStation as we continue to redefine entertainment experiences for consumers….”
    you guys probaly wouldnt have sold so many if you guys didnt break out systems and charge us to get it fixed! might as well just get the new ones. damn dou**** it might be your best holidays but not to the ones who have to spend more money because of a flawed firmware… oh ya youve “redefined” my exp. you dont even keep us informed with whether youll evvvvvver fix this! NICE WAY TO IMPROVE SELLS! n i liked sony but your dumb firmware messed up my ps3! n when you mess with my ps3 you mess with my feelings. I hope whatever GOD you believe in rings in a hellstorm of pain on your butts

    to- the people in sony who are responsible.

    from- pissed off buyer

  • i have a question, ive been tryin to upgrade the memory on my 60g ps3 with no luck what flashdrives work well with it and how do i use it? pleease help!!!

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