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Nearly half a million of you purchased a PS3 in September. Amazing. Welcome to the PlayStation Nation and to what will be one of our best holidays yet.

We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times for PlayStation as we continue to redefine entertainment experiences for consumers, both at home and on the go. Over the past few weeks we’ve launched several game-changers such as the sleek 120GB PS3 at a new price point of $299. We’ve also introduced more storage capacity with the 250GB PS3, debuting November 3 at $349. We’ve made unprecedented strides in digital and mobile entertainment with the availability of PSPgo. Last week we launched the critically acclaimed UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves which is receiving rave reviews. The best part is that we’ve only just begun an onslaught of relentless, rich content hitting throughout the fiscal year, including Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, God of War III, MAG, and ModNation Racers.

We’re also seeing tremendous response to the great value of the newer, slimmer, lighter 120GB PS3 system, which surpassed its one million unit mark worldwide just after three weeks on shelves. In NPD Group‘s September 2009 video game sales data, released today, the PS3 ranked as the top console sold for the month, beating out all our competitors. It was also the only hardware platform to realize an increase of 112% when compared to the same period last year.

PS3G box left angle

The PSPgo is driving additional momentum for the entire PSP platform. In its first three days on store shelves, top retail partners experienced a 300 percent lift in overall PSP hardware sales compared to the previous week. During this time, the PlayStation Network also experienced the largest number of downloads ever for a single week period. In addition, the new 250GB PS3 will provide the ample storage needed for what is expected to be a big Blu-ray holiday with blockbuster releases like Transformers 2, Star Trek and Hangover. And we’re continuing to stack the chips this holiday with great game content including God of War Collection, LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year Edition as well as popular third party titles like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2.

If you haven’t already experienced UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves for yourself, this is a must-have this season. The Naughty Dog team has delivered a truly visually stunning and immersive game that is clearly only possible on the PS3. It has garnered an average review score of 96 with over 64 perfect scores by game reviewers. This game promises to be a system seller for PlayStation and we couldn’t be more pleased.

There simply has never been a better time to be part of the PlayStation family and we look forward to providing you with the best entertainment content and experience for many, many years to come.

Jack Tretton

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  • Keep up the good work!
    I will always stay with that brand because i know it is synonym of entertaining, quality and originality.

  • Congratulations on a great start to the new Playstation initiative Mr. Tretton. It’s been a long and hard road to get here and I’m glad we have. Some of my best videogame memories have come from Sony games and I will continue this tradition by supporting future titles like God of War III and Heavy Rain. Once again, congratulations.

  • Awesome, Jack. Been with you guys since day one and have been a loyal fan, even through the early “dark days” of the PS3. Congrats on turning the ship around. PlayStation = gaming. Go Sony!

  • PlayStation Nation FTW!

  • yo Jack :)
    i contributed… again :D i bought my second ps3 last month. my original is the home entertainment hub for the lounge and the second is my home entertainment hub for my bedroom w00t! it goes nicely with the new plasma i put in there a couple of months ago. thanx for the price drop! i was able to convince my wife that it would be a way better option to by another ps3 instead of a popcorn hour for the bedroom. she agreed pretty fast when i showed her the killer deals going for it.
    lucky i did too. my original broke down bang on a week after buying it :( got it back yesterday only to find they sent me one with a dead bluray drive. damn thing wouldnt even take a disc at all. stupid service monkeys :)
    good to see we are on top of console HW sales for the month! its still beyond me why people are buying 360’s i mean, come on! the ps3 only does “everything” ;)

  • I guarantee that’s not Jack Tretton, just someone representing him.

  • Hats off Jack Tretton… er… better keep your hat on, don’t wanna see your balding head. XD
    A big toast to you Mr. Tretton, to Sony and PS3 =D

  • this definitely the best and worst period to be a playstation owner best because of all the great games worst because of all the great games… how in the world am i supposed a) buy all these games b) actually get time to play all of these games completely c) have any normal life… so many great 1st party games and exclusives it’s crazy. times like these i wish i was spoiled 12 year old so my parents would buy me all my games… sadly i’m not…

  • Jack, you’re the man. Now maybe you can help us get rid of this “mister1337” pout-box. He is NOT a team-player for the PlayStation Nation as is made obvious by his last 8,000,000,000 complaints about not having that crappy “Dissidia” game that nobody else likes on the PSN yet. Can you maybe send him a personal message explaining in slow, simple terms that he’ll understand that Square Enix makes the decisions as to when/if that game will arrive on PSN, NOT anybody who runs the blog? We are all very sick of him. Can we get him booted, or maybe just ban his comments? That would ROCK! Thanks, Jack!

  • all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

  • great news,

    I hope (know) you guys realize that this is the time to kick em (competitors) when their down….they aren’t standing around twiddling their thumbs.

    Now is when you guys do something like mandate that all games be “49.99” and drop the psp go’s price, then introduce cross chat (examples..but damn fine ones)

    then get low and dirty like the competition….drop off a nice big bag of money to a Mr. Hideo Kojima..and secure that Zone of Enders 3 he keeps mentioning…

    the ps3 is “the people’s champ” right now…momentum wont last forever…Time to go for the knockout blow.

  • i don’t know why you guys keep asking for cross game voice chat considering that most online games are voice chat so you either go with strategies and use the text chat or just talk with friends, anyone see my point? oh well, time for a compliment; Mr. Tretton, its people like you that make me happy to know i made a good choice to attend school in a year for video game design

  • Mr. Tretton you rock!

    I hope Sony Corps. gives you a nice raise for all the hard work and dedication you put in pushing the PS brand. I also like the fact, you aren’t like Nintendo/Microsoft employees who resort to smoke and mirrors/bad mouthing the competition on a 24/7 basis.

    Keep up the great work, and I am proud to be part of the Playstation Nation!

    PS: Ignore all the immature brats who write nothing but stupid fanboy comments. PS3 rocks, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. You haters can burn in hell.

  • @15 – Not jacks first time on PSBlog brother…its like his 4th or 5th.


    Keep up the game momentum and get REQUESTED features into PSN….and I think you will snug as a bug in a rug.

    Also, I know Sony has their own vid store but I really would like to suggest Sony get on the Streaming video band wagon. Take to MS but not only getting Netflix into the blackbox but also Hulu and maybe fancast?!!…and even pandora or slacker, sure not net video but….net radio, which is also very cool

  • Jack Tretton is awsome.

    From the office of sTaB_u_N_uR_i
    Vice president of all things awsome.

  • I Luv U JACK!!! amazing how im reading this it sounds just like him

  • Cool, now how about video store in Canada.

  • I consider myself apart of the PS family. PS3 Slim is well worth the money. No noise, no significant heat like the previous model, my room is way cooler. Sony, you guys are the real hardware engineer geniuses. I hope this also eventually happens for you in software. I love my PS3.

    PSNID: stennex.

  • Yea okay Sony, the price at $299 is now good. What isn’t is your software is years behind the 360.

    Here is what is needed desperately:
    -Cross Game Voice Chat
    -Auto-sync Trophies (at least on console shutoff)
    -Improved/fixed Friends List
    -New Avatars
    -Better/faster in-game XMB
    -Improved Web Browser (webkit based or something)

    3.0 was pathetic, stop patting yourselves on the back and admit it. Most people who own both consoles buy their games on the 360 simply because it does more. I’m not one of them, but most people do.

  • Just wanted to add how refresing Jack’s E3 presentations always are. Both he and Phil Harrison, rest his Atari bound soul, are great speakers, truely class acts, who do/did the Playstation brand proud.

  • PS3 is my first PS anything. I’m a strict Nintendo fan.

    I’ve always wanted one, so i’m glad the price dropped. I love it! Looks nice next to my Wii.

    I wish
    – games were a bit cheaper
    – it had Halo

    OMG there’s a lilac PSP. I may get one of those too!!

  • Jack, you have to do something with the RPG-fiasco on the PS3. There are simply no RPGs on it. The hardcore fanbase, the most loyal fanbase are the RPG-fans. Give us some RPGs.
    You got great IPs by yourself. Are the Lad 1+2 should be remade (Remakes) and you have the AWESOME “Legend of Dragoon” (Forget Wild Arms and Legend of Legaia). You have big First-Person-Shoots, a big Racing Game, big Action Adventures, but simply NO RPGs!!
    Do something. White Knight Chronicles isn’t big enough. We need something like LEGEND OF DRAGOON. A big SONY RPG! Do something…finally!.

    And by the ways. It would be great if Naughty Dog could get a second studio. They are one of the three best studios in the world. Two studios would be great, so the could create two games at the same time and Even Wells could overlook them both.
    (maybe like Insomniac Games, with two teams)

    This would be great!

    Keep on rocking, Jack!!

    , kind regards

    A loyal PlayStation Fan.

  • I Love This Man.. Strangely Enough.. Its cause he rocks the and he is the THE KING of the Playstation Nation Much Love To yea :P

  • A 300% increase in PSP sales… Are Go sales no good enough to brag instead of veiling them in PR talk? Actually, I think I answered my own question.

    Anyways, it’s a good time to be a PS3 owner =]

  • he, who has not played uncharted 2 yet should be shot.
    far to good a game to miss, even just for a week.
    props to naughty dog for creating what is the best game this generation.
    now get working on uncharted 3, O and make sure you bring Chloe back.
    because that kitty got wet ;)

  • I’d like to have a beer with the Big J.T(shortened sounds so kewl!) and play some games…. :o Does Mr.Tretton have a PSN ID?

  • You’re an incredible speaker, Jack! I’ts great to have you representing the PS brand.

    And everybody owes themselves to try out Uncharted 2. What an incredible ride.

  • I’ve been a part of the PlayStation Nation since 1998. My brother and I grew up on Nintendo in the ’90s but when I saw Sony’s little grey beast, I switched over immediately. My brother stuck with the Big N until I eventually converted him. I’ve always stuck with Sony and their PlayStation. Sure I had to go through two PS Ones, three PS2s and two PS3s but I have never regretted it once. When the PS3 was released, I could’ve easily went with the Micro$oft [DELETED]. The PS3 had inferior games and an inferior network. I stuck with it, though. I knew that in the end, they’d prevail. And look at that. A couple years later and Sony is once again rightfully wearing the crown. Not only do we get 95% of the kick-ass third-party games but we also get WAY better exclusives such as the Uncharted franchise and Metal Gear Solid 4 (and a few hundred more, may I add). The PlayStation Store is better than ever and my impulse buying is at an all-time high (the last part isn’t necessarily a good thing but oh well). Yeah, after 11 years, I’m still part of the PlayStation Nation and I’ll be here until the day I die… or until I loose my thumbs in a freak blender accident while making a smoothie. Long live PlayStation!!! =)

  • P.S. Jack Tretton rocks!

    I’d apply to work at Sony just to work with him if I knew anything about making video games. Keep on rocking, Jack! Hope to see you around still when the PS10 arrives!

  • They said the Fortune Hunter Edition winners would be posted here on the 19th. I don’t see them.

    Maybe they were posted but then vanished, like those incredibly stupid vanishing XMB menus. I can’t see how anyone ever thought it was a good idea to hide options from the user.

  • Keep up the good work!! Jack and Sony!!

  • Mr. Tretton please do something about relase GoW:Collection in Europe!!!!


  • man it makes me wanna get one but i cant afford to pay out big bucks. i already have a 40 gb. and i wanna upgrade to a bigger one. but you guys have to find a way for us to upgrade without paying big bucks. like just sell the harddrive itself so that we have an option to choose. if you do sell just the harddrive i would buy it in a heart beat but just cant afford to buy an system that almost cost a house payment. since the economic is horrible around here people are struggling to make an living.

  • cross game chat please……..

  • oh and some of these new avatars we have been hearing about would be nice

  • Asocia1975
    you do realise you can change it yourself?
    just get a normal 2.5 inch SATA HDD and away you go.
    its extremely easy, google has a highly detailed guide takes less than 5 minutes.
    just be very careful with the blue screw the idiots sony hired tightened the screw so much when i went to looses it the head threaded and i had a hard time getting it out.
    other than that its real easy, and you can find any 2.5 inch laptop SATA HDD online is cheaper, or any local computer store will have them.
    O what ever you do dont get a 7200RPM HDD stick to the 5400RPM HDD, the ps3 runs hot as it is adding in a 7200RPM drive is asking for trouble.
    i went for a 500GB 5400 RPM HDD for 200AUD

  • I had to buy a 120 gig, my 8o gig died because I used life with playstation when Sony put out the bad firmware that was overheating all our units before this one.
    After speaking with an insider at Sony he said “The bad firmware is what caused the yellow light of doom on your system.” great way to move us all to a new unit Sony. :(

    I wish my new crappy 120 gig did EVERYTHING like my Sweet 80gig BC, 4 USB input, SD and other card reaing other OS using PS3.
    These new PS3s are garbage and do NOT do EVERYTHING like your BS advert says. They are junk, the lag and constant freesing make me want to vomit.

  • wait why didnt they talk about the game ratchet and clank in the line up?

  • As an owner of a PS3 since the launch in Europe, the main thing I want is the huge line up of PSone classics to be available on the store. Over here in Europe as well (don’t forget about us)

    There’s only been one decent PSone game released over here this year which was Final Fantasy VII. It’s been a god awful year in terms of PSN content overall but the lack of great PS1 games makes it a lot worse.

    Please do whatever is possible to make the great titles of the PSone available. Having never owned a PSone I would personally spend hundreds of £s to experience all the classics I have missed.

    Thank you.

  • Just finished Uncharted 2 and I must say I’ve never played a game that has pulled me in this much since the first Uncharted. I wish more games put this much effort and time into their games before the rush them out the door.

    ND should win game of the year hands down. No other gameis going to come close to what they have achived, most games I can’t wait to beat. This game I didn’t want to beat right away because that means I would have to wait another 2 years before I get to see where we go next time.

    Thank you Sony for beliving in ND and letting them try something new with Uncharted. Some companys would have insisted they stick to the same games and what they know that have worked in the past.

    Loved the game and I will continue to support Sony and ND as long as they bring us Quality over Quanity games.

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 10/10
    Thank You!

  • Great Jack I love my PS3, just bring back Backwards Compatibility

  • Goodwork sony guys , Just please don’t make the mistake that you did in the last update and everything will be fine , PS3 is the BEST!

  • @190 read it again
    I pitty the fool who doesnt own a PS3!! LOL :)

  • congrats Jack and Sony excellent to hear the wonderful news!! ive had my ps3 almost a year now and my psp almost 2 years and i couldnt be happier! I havent got Uncharted2 yet but figured i’d get the 1st one and Im greatly impressed and lookin forward to my purchase of the second. But right now my eyes r on GOW! thanx for bringing this and all thats been brought to us over the past! keep up the great work!

  • dear sir i think the ps3 rules the video game universe all the other console are apsolute CRAP PSN ID angrystslayer im getting a pspgo next year currently playing gt psp and uncharted 2 MAG BETA

  • Hey Jack,

    is there any chance that you can bring us music videos on the Playstation Network also PS2 classics?

  • “The PSPgo is driving additional momentum for the entire PSP platform. In its first three days on store shelves, top retail partners experienced a 300 percent lift in overall PSP hardware sales compared to the previous week.”

    This is because with the release of the Go you are seeing people picking up the 3000(note you mentioned a lift in overall PSP hardware, not the Go specifically). Come on Jack, I bought one and had to return it, drop the price fifty bucks. To have the only difference be $50 between a handheld and a console is crazy!

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