Happy Loco-Ween! LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Approaches!

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Hello PlayStation.Blog readers!

Halloween is just around the corner, but wait, so is LocoRoco Midnight Carnival! I’m happy to announce LocoRoco Midnight Carnival hits the PlayStation Network for PSP on October 29 for $14.99!

So that means in two short weeks you’ll finally be able to get your LocoRoco fix, complete with 16 brand new stages, full competitive and co-op modes, two mini games, and three additional bonus stages! On top of that, we are very eager for LocoRoco fans old and new to try out the new “Boing” mechanism which adds even more fun and challenge to the game. It will keep you on your toes and keep your palms pretty sweaty…please wipe hands clean once in a while!

As we get ready for the LocoRoco Midnight Carnival launch and before we all go “Trick or Treating,” we’d love to highlight some other cool features of the game…like new LocoRoco accessories!

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Accessory 5

Gandalf the Yellow?

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Accessory 6

Harry Potter Who?

Just like you would wear masks and costumes to dress up for Halloween, LocoRoco now has the ability to dress up for a variety of added features.

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Accessory 04 LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Accessory 8

As you play and collect pickories, you can go the Bui Bui store and purchase accessories for LocoRoco, some of which can give you special abilities! Check some of them out!

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Mask 5

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Mask 1 LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Mask 2

Helper’s Mask

Having trouble getting through a certain area? Do you wish you had someone carry you over and bypass that area? Yes, your wish can be granted! Ask your friend to wear “Helper’s Mask” and play the level together. Then you will be able to hold onto your friend and bypass the area!

Heart Glasses

Some accessories are meant for certain LocoRoco! Find out what happens when each LocoRoco wears their own accessories.

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Accessory 1

These chic and sleep specs would look just dazzling on Viole! She certainly looks happy when she wears them. Her boings turn into her color and she starts singing!

Stay tuned to the Blog next week as we cover how multiplayer works!

Till then, have a great weekend!

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  • Ok, So I am wondering if Midnight carnival was like the Halloween demo of locoroco that released way back?

    • I think you could say it is somewhat similar, but the high concept is geared more toward the new game mechanics. Very addicting!

  • Sorry Tsubasa, I dont believe you.

    The bandwidth cost of downloading a PSP game is way less then the cost of manufacturing a UMD, shipping it etc.

    There is zero valid reason to charge the same for retail and download.

    itunes albums cost less then CD’s, they dont cost the same price.

    Furthermore, I do not believe the pricing of games on PSN for the PSP is in the best spot on the supply demand curve for maximum revenue generation.

    The entire games price structure needs to be changed. Straight to DVD movies do just fine and have a similar if not higher production cost then full priced retail games.

    • Sorry, can\’t help (single-handedly) you here…

      I must say, though, it\’s a bit unfair to be comparing us to other industries that have different pricing and business models.


    First of all, thank you for responding; I appreciate it!

    As for “tracking your titles” I am guilty as charged! All I can say is that the games you are associated with are among my favorite titles! (While possibly not your title, quite a few gamers – myself very much included – still hope a domestic release of “Forbidden Siren” / “Siren 2” will be approved. Please…?!?)

    Re: “LocoRoco Midnight Carnival” being a global PSN title, I was afraid that was the case. While I certainly understand this decision, I am also saddened by it, especially as Sony promised they would continue to support ALL existing PSP models/users. *SIGH*

    “Perhaps I can share your comments w/ our internal teams for possible future solutions.” — Thank you; I would very much appreciate this! As I mentioned, the two European “PlayStation Network Collection” compilations were a GREAT idea, and I picked them both up myself. Perhaps a similar UMD series can be released here as well containing LocoRoco MC, Patapon 2, and echochrome? (Hint hint…)

    Lastly, I wish you the much success with “White Knight Chronicles”… I cannot wait for my chance to enjoy this title myself!


  • Man this Loco game looks awesome! I’ll only buy it if it comes out on UMD though.

  • First of all, Beastly. Seconde of all, holy crap you actually answer unlike other people. And lastly, this is a question, will you have a continuation of the series with “big games” or ones like this one “small”, because you can only go so far with these guys no matter how adorable they get?

  • I hope that they post it early on thursday. As I have a late flight Thursday night. I am glad to see that another LocoRoco is making it to the PSP. It really is a good franchise on this handheld.

  • how much space do i need on my memory stick for this game???
    just to see if i have to delete something for it… getting it from PSN!WOOT!!!

  • $14.99 is a steal for a full brand new game

    Defintely want to see that PS3 game in the future too, and a locoroco dynamic theme too :P

  • This defiantly needs to be released on UMD just like the last 2 titles. Also, please make a locoroco dynamic theme.

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