COLD FRONT Downloadable Pack for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

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Today, we are very happy to announce the COLD FRONT downloadable pack for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation. Loaded with new features and content, this pack brings a brand new snowy Eastern European area of operations into play with two all new maps and three classic SOCOM maps for 16 to 32 players. The classic maps are drawn from some of the most popular SOCOM maps of all time, each built from the ground up for the PS3!

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Kit yourself out in snow gear and fight your way through blizzard conditions, joining a team of mercenaries or a squad from one of the world’s top Special Forces regiments including the Russian Spetsnaz.

Try your hand at Arms Run, a new game mode that features dynamically placed missile launchers that must be activated or destroyed, depending on which side you’re fighting for.

Employ the new thermal vision scope weapon attachment to track your enemies’ heat signatures – vital in the dark and useful in daylight for picking out white camouflaged adversaries. In addition, we have new primary weapons to make use of and new attachments.


All told, this pack will have:

  • New Russian / Eastern European Area of Operation
  • Snow setting complete with snow effects, new snow gear and camo for both the Special Forces and Mercenaries, and thermal vision
  • New ARMS RUN gameplay mode
  • 5 New Maps: Uprising, Entrapment, Blizzard, Night Stalker, Vigilance
  • All new mercenaries characters with new looks and new VO.
  • New Special Forces squad, the Russian Spetsnaz
  • Gun turrets emplacements
  • New music
  • All new character specialization/progression system
  • Allows players to pick a primary and secondary specialization and unlock new equipment exclusive to those specializations
  • New weapons, including: 3 new weapons, 6 enhanced versions of weapons available as part of the new weapons specialization system, 2 new weapon attachments (including the thermal scope), 5 enhanced versions of weapon attachments also available as part of the new weapons specialization system.
  • 2 new grenade launcher ammo types (flash and smoke)
  • New Trophies

This pack will be available for download via the Playstation Network for $14.99.

Stand by. More information on this COLD FRONT DLC will be coming your way very soon.



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  • haha. haha. You’ll make nothing…at all. With DLC thats priced at $15, the best kind of jokes are the ones that are real, like this one. $15? haha.

  • cant wait!!!

  • lol the game costs less nowadayz. I guess this is really the biggest disadvantage with DLC. Content per dollar is just so much less unless you’re Rockstar Games.

  • Maybe if I post this here instead of the Socom forums something will be done.

    If a late joiner enters on the mercenary side during Kasbah Breach, they will spawn outside with the commandos, every time. Sometimes on a roof that you can’t even climb up to.
    And it’s just one of many things wrong. Take grenades for instance. If I see a grenade flying my way and it’s for sure gonna kill me, I’ll run to where it’s gonna land on the ground. why? Because if your right on top of one, it won’t hurt you. but if your far from it you’ll die. Just like breach doors blowing up won’t take any life when you stand really close to them.
    Where are knockdowns? I can run right through explosions that take half or more of my life. Socom had knockdowns. even from shotguns.

  • I could go on for a while more, but I’m not. Bottom line: I can’t really blame Slant Six for ruining Socom, they’re newbies and don’t really know what they’re doing. I blame SONY for ruining Socom. I knoe Zipper wanted to do M.A.G., and that’s cool, they should get their pick. But why push a game such has Socom to a company who had only made one game before, a PSP game that wasn’t very popular in the first place. at this point i don’t knoow how you could win back my confidence, but a $14.99 map pack sure wasn’t it.

  • $15? Yeah, right. This shouldn’t cost more than $6.99.

  • 15 is free to them there lucky they got 40$ off me for a [DELETED] game they call lagfrontation

  • 15 LMAO

  • I will pay 10$….15 is Nutz….maybe if it was sooner….Will more be made?…..THIS IS THE FREE DLC POST 4 whoever asked for it….

  • With this whole ordeal with updates and what not, in my opinion, all that needed to be fixed, as with all Socom games, is the glitching. Seems to me that the only thing killing the franchise, past and present, are the excessive updates.

    For example, before the 1.5 update everything was fine with the exception of the glitching. Now, after the update was released the accuracy of the shotguns have been bumped up making them into sniper rifles now, the servers are garbage (I don’t enjoy being booted from the Socom servers 2-3 times a night), and the hit detection is sketchy. Headshots don’t count anymore or it’s to the point where the opposing team are bullet sponges. Patch up the vulnerable area’s to prevent glitching and all will be good.

    As for this Cold Front map download- I wouldn’t spend $15 on it. New factions, new music, game modes, and character skins should all be free. When you break it all down to what is being offered all your getting is 3 new maps and weapons – that’s it. Everything else should have been free.

  • $15, I wouldn’t even pay that much for the game itself.

  • Id really like to play this pack actually. Too bad there’s so many new games out this month.

  • I bought the original game new for $9.99 when EB Games had their Daily Door Crashers in the summer. I played the game and yes it has some technical issues and occasional Controller + Wall moments, it is still very fun to play. Especially with friends. But I think I’ll wait for a price drop sometime in the future to get this DLC.

  • So we get to play a incomplete game for 60 bucks and played it for a year. You all admit on that things havent gone smooth and promised add-on to be a free “make up” patch to the community. In the end we will have a $75 game with 12 maps after 1 yr. you promised and didnt deliver. This add on should be free. PERIOD I cant wait for the next socom because I know for a fact that /6 will not be making it. Sony please bring back Zipper or anyone else. Never trust a title to /6 again, they have totally split a perfectly good loyal nitch fan base that would have exploded if this game had been 1.programmed 2.released and 3.marketed correctly. goodbye!


  • new music? with the proxy mics? most real players turn that crap off because it gives you away. who complained about the music to the point we asked you to go make somemore and throw that in a add-on and charge us for it? Ill tell you somethings we have been asking for since private beta. weapons, no run button, proper nade throwing, 1st person view, proper hit detection, reload hic ups. you fix this crap and I would pay 15bucks, lol. fix what we have been asking you to fix, we a the consumers. here is a little tip sony, cater to your customers needs and demands and you will sell alot of your product.

  • $15 for that all [DELETED] and a half made game? Are you kidding SONY? And i tho SONY was the best but i think X360 is looking better every day. I got 1 of my friends on X360 soon as i get 2 more. PS3 is going to be old news=[.

  • Well after the last patch 1-2 months ago the game is finally ready and is out of beta so the fact is the DLC shouldn’t be free,but $15 is a lot, $10 would be better.

    I know the DLC adds a lot but after all the space Socom takes on my hard drive is ridiculous with all the patches needed to fix the game. You owe the community and $15 DLC is not going to make people happy and you should know that.

    We waited too long for this game to get right almost a year and than you guys are just going to piss people off with this. Even though the majority of people complaining wouldn’t buy the DLC even if it were cheaper they just know they could complain for free stuff and feel somewhat justified.

  • Nice way to support the old time fans… completely screw up the release of the PS3 version, delay each patch months and months, then release new maps for $15 after no one cares.

    Yup, bravo.

  • I haven’t played since I got MAG. Slant Six is a poor development company as far as I am concerned. To make people pay after waiting almost a FULL YEAR FROM RELEASE is absurd. There are games that came out the same time that have been getting Constant DLC all Year. Sorry but I might have to pass. MAG IS SO MUCH BETTER!

    oh and just wait until SOCOM 4 by Zipper Interactive. They might say nay right now but it is in development also… I have friends in the know….TY Sony Jp. Friend

  • No F’n way is anyone getting any more money out of me for this f’d up game.

    It’s been a year since release and is still broken. Yet you want us to pay for content that -will- break something else?

    How do you expect players to have balanced gameplay with these new additions that sound as if they are changing the game mechanics when not every player will have them?

    B.S. and screw you guys for insulting the SOCOM community with such rubbish.

  • I’m so glad I passed on this game. I almost bought it but heeded the warnings. Now it goes down as a huge flopped release. Oh well. I’m glad the 4 people that have this game and are willing to pay 14.99 for maps buy it!

  • I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the price.

    By looking at the amount of DLC that’s coming with the pack, it’s A LOT cheaper than most games. CoD for example.
    It’s 14 dollars for maps alone.
    Seems like a damn good deal to me.

    Not to mention other companies don’t add anything more than small maps to their games after they are released.

  • 9.99 ok will get,,, but MAG is the game now….sorry socom,,, im in to MAG NOW you drop the ball…

  • I haven’t tried to play in a few months, but… does the game actually work now? I mean, it had been out for months when I last attempted to play, and it was still amazingly broken.

  • this really sucks it should be free, and will never compare to socom 2

  • This should be obviously free…

  • I don’t know what all the excitement is about. They’re just ANNOUNCING the DLC. With no date anywhere to be seen.

    And in the world of Slant Sux, we know that means we won’t actually see it until sometime in late 2010.

  • This costs half as much as dissidia and no one will buy it. dissidia is more expensive and thousands will buy it

  • when is this coming out looks good but god dang we been waiting forever !!!!

  • It’s priced higher than other add-ons which are $9.99 because it contains MUCH more than traditional add-ons. For god sakes, there are map packs that contain only two maps which are $10. This contains 5 maps, and a LOT more content. I think it’s worth it. They also didn’t release it right after release like some developers do (Infinity Ward already has their map packs in development. I’m sure they could put them in the game if they worked hard at it, but, like a lot of third party devs, they release add-ons right after market release to make more money).

  • this would be kool if this game wasn’t a compete fail. and I used to love socom. I mean I still love the old ones and the ones for the PSP

  • This story is written in advance.
    Half of the features announced will not be in the DLC, like they did with the “final” release a year ago, launched will be crippled with servers problems … disconnections …

    I think I will wait a while or I will pass I’m not sure…

  • And at $15 bucks thats a smack in the face. I should be paid $15 to play the game, and another $120 to say I like it. Heres a demo for you… man I love this game and with the new dlc I’ll be playing for months on end!!!
    ok please send the $120 to my paypal.. lol

  • this dlc is a very bad idea. the game is old, the dlc is overpriced, it did not have a great launch, most of the people who would have purchased this dlc eight months ago no longer play the game, and there are a plethora of big exclusives coming down the pipe. i guess since they spend time preparing the content, they might as well release it, but it may end of costing them more money to offer the thing with sony’s fee than what they bring in.

    note to developers: slant six is not the developer to follow for how to do business on the ps3.

  • lol

    a full year after release, shortly after all the features were FINALLY implemented and we are just now getting DLC

    furthermore, you slap a ridiculous price tag on it

    it’s not because it’s expensive, it’s 15 dollars…wow, it’s the idea that follows it though, this is a huge slap in the face

    I can go buy SOCOM:C for cheaper than 15, not to mention I wouldn’t even pay 15 dollars for SOCOM:C in it’s current state

    take your sorry A$$ DLC and your sorry A$$ dev team and do something else, you fail at making / supporting games

  • 9.99 yes please

  • $14.99 yea right.

  • i can’t imagine why Sony is allowing Slant 6 to steal more of our money,and I could have sworn this DLC was going to be free isn’t this false advertisment or somthing come on Sony please protect your customers and Tell Slant 6 to give us this for free 4 all the BS they have put us though for the last year.


  • the only reason i still own this game is because the trade in value is $3 where i live.

    the only positive thing i got out of this game was the headset. but that was kinda evened out because i broke one of my controllers out of frustration while playing this *game (I use this term loosely as this can hardly be called a functioning video game)

    the way i see it /6:three consumers: zero

    1.people payed money on launch to play this “game.” server issues kinda rained on their parade.

    2. people put in the game into their console only to realize that they were lied to on the back of the box. kinda rained on their parade.

    3. slant 6 asks for $15 for a DLC that shouldn’t cost a damn dime. (which is most likely to bring on a world of server issues along with it) kinda rains on the parade of those who expected it to be free (everyone)

    what do we learn from this sony? pick a day that isn’t rainy for a gosh darn parade.

  • For me the bottom line is that i used to love this game, but i cannot justify spending any more money on it. They say there is a time that you must pull the cord on a bad investment… this is the time. Sorry and RIP Socom: Confrontation. I hope to see a ressurection in the form of a new game entirely some day, but if it comes out soon after this DLC came out i am sure there will be a riot at your door.

  • when you buy it 1st day is 9.99 check

  • Wow, REALLY?


  • This is a nice ammount of new features and additions, but it shouldn’t be anymore then 7.99. Slant six would make double the profits on this DLC because twice as many people would purchase it at that price mark. Not to mention the fact that the people who still own this game deserve to not be extorted, as all we’ve wanted to do was play a working game from day one.

  • Yay more of a reason to get socom haha.

  • I am not paying 14.99 for this expansion…Hell I cant even sell the disk for $15…It was broken since the start and now you charge for an expansion…You’ve Got BALLZ! thats for sure

  • What a rip off, for someone who only wants maps 5 for $15 is way too much, and Blizzard is an old map(fun but old).

  • Wow… Just wow. Ship an almost unplayable game, it certainly wasn’t enjoyable, and patch it many times over but still take over a year to get it into playable form..? (Haven’t tried its only what I’ve heard.)

    And they want to charge 15 bucks to their most loyal fans?

    Wow… Just wow.

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