NEW 250GB PlayStation 3 System Available November 3

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Hi everyone! Since we launched the slimmer, lighter 120GB PS3 system, we’ve sold one million units worldwide within the first three weeks. We know that all of you are really making use of the PS3’s hard drive, as more than 600 million pieces of content have been downloaded from PlayStation Network. But if you are the ultimate digital consumer craving a bigger hard drive, we have the perfect solution for you.

Today, we announced the availability of a new PS3 system with a 250GB hard drive hitting store shelves on November 3. The PS3 250GB system has the same slim look, feel and features as the 120GB system, but with a 250GB built-in hard drive for $349.99. With the new, larger capacity, you’ll have even more room to store your favorite games, movies/TV shows, music, photos and PlayStation Network downloads.

250GB PS3

We’ve been saying it for a while now—this year we’ll see the best software lineup to date. What better way to enjoy your PS3 than by playing some of this season’s exclusive PS3 titles such as UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and PlayStation Network downloads like PixelJunk Shooter, Gravity Crash, and Hustle Kings. In addition to the huge software lineup available this holiday, there are 2,300 movies available to download from the PlayStation Network’s video delivery service, with a third of those movies available in full high-definition.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and enjoy!

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  • Excellent Job Sony

  • Use a PSPgo with this new SKU and your set!!

  • Is nice, iLike

  • Maybe there will be a Uncharted 2 bundle with this new sku for the holidays.

  • U should bundle it with uncharted 2 then it’ll sell like crazy

  • kinda cheap… u musta know at the time of the 120’s release that u were gunna be doing this.. what if all those people would have rather paid the extra hundred and just coulda waited till Nov….

    this is a awful Microsoft like thing to do…

  • I do like the additional features of the new PS3 but I’m more than content with my 500GB PS3 that plays PS2 games…

  • Nice!

    I still like my 500GB PS3 Slim :)

  • its already available as a bundle here in europe. i saw a bunch of uncharted bundles and i took a pic of them, sent it to engadget, and they posted it.

  • Also, make it available in the US in white and I’ll highly consider picking one up.

  • That was very smart for making it $350.

  • They bundled this with Uncharted 2 in Europe… where’s the US version?

  • That’s great! Any news on 250GB bundles? Europe got some! How bout the US? KZ2 bundle? U2:AT bundle? Infamous bundle?

  • Nice but i have one and i do not know how to upgrade my drive.

  • Good job Sony.

  • Yea I love my 250GB PS3 that plays PS2 games and has Memory Card slots plus 4 USB ports.

  • WOW! What a price you got there! you’d be insane not to get this one instead of the 120!
    look forward to some new sku’s!

  • Back again at the top for being the most expensive console on the market. No thanks $ony I’m fine with buying a bigger HDD on ebay for my original 60gb console. You know the console that has everything.

  • I just wish I could get my 60gig first run PS3 to recognize DVD’s again. =(

  • Video delivery service? My PS3 doesn’t have that… Why?

  • I would love to buy a new PS3 in a couple of months. However, you DO NOT ALLOW US to transfer our SingStore purchases from one unit to another.

    How about you fix this problem?

  • Very sweet! I still got my launch PS3 60GB. Thats how you make a system that last long. Not like those 360 that got messed up within 3 years. Notice why they gave that 3 year warranty.

  • Nice move Sony, double the cap for only 50 bucks.

    @18 really? I sent in mine because it can ONLY read DVDs.

  • Good Job Sony. Providing bigger hard drive for only $50 more. XD

  • twice the capacity for only $50 more? simply awesome.

  • Can’t see the picture though.

  • now thats a good deal.

  • Great news thanks Kim, I just wish other countries could have access to the videos and movies, or at least being able to purchase, with my credit card (no PSN cards were I live), games and add-ons for the games I own, I thought that through Amazon that would be possible but sadly it doesn’t.

    Hopefully Sony will remember Mexico and other markets that support the brand since PSone.


  • Some of you people fail to realize that these new sku’s are for people who don’t already have a PS3. So all of you who have a 500gig or a 60gig backward compatible and are not down with sony introducing this new model, quit whining and let the newcomers enjoy this sweet deal.

  • 250 GB PS3 for 350$? That’s pretty awesome. I’m happy with my 80GB PS3 though!

  • that’s nice that a new playstation 3 is being sold but why are you guys avoiding the PSP GO owners? we got shafted on games last week and this week doesn’t look any better. should I pack up my go and return it?

  • I have to agree with topher, above. I just bought a brand new 120GB unit 2 months ago (to replace my older version 250GB-upgraded model) for only $299. Now you release a 250GB model for only $50 more? That’s a pretty low-down sneaky bit of marketing. Testing the waters to see how well the new unit will sell and then jacking around those MILLION customers who bought one by releasing a much better unit for a fraction more than the original. This will be my last Sony purchase. Time to get a Wii.

  • How could you leave out Demon’s Souls as a must have PS3 exclusive? It’s an amazing game and sold out everywhere

  • Until they can play PS2 games too, I really don’t care.

  • Awesome news. While everyone knows its easy to swap out a PS3 hard drive, the price point is perfectly respectable… not like a certain other console manufacturer raping their customers for HD space. PS3 is simply the best value out their right now, cold hard facts.

  • Is there a way we can replace hard drive on PS3, i would like to upgrade to 120GB. Is it possible to do the same.

  • No love for Demon’s Souls that is also an exclusive game?

  • “topher2099 | October 15th, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    kinda cheap… u musta know at the time of the 120’s release that u were gunna be doing this.. what if all those people would have rather paid the extra hundred and just coulda waited till Nov….

    this is a awful Microsoft like thing to do…”

    No, an awful Microsoft thing to do is sell the Arcade bundle without a hard drive then charge people $150 for a hard drive thats worth a third of the price for a normal (nonxbox) hard drive. If you have a ps3 slim with a 120gb hd you can probably switch it out for a 250 at about $50. smart people knew this was coming. people that were impulse buyers bought the 120gb slim and are now cursing sony for this 250gb version.

    The PSPGo is the the crappy microsoft thing to do, there’s no way that thing is worth $250 and it f’s over any people that wanted their games turned digital.

    The PSPMinis is a good idea but may need to be cheaper. i may have bought a $10 tetris but i dont have to be happy about it being $10.

  • It’s ironic to see people complaining about this new PS3.

    You’re the same people who were complaining about the PS3 “being too expensive”.

  • @36: You can get pretty much any 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive (normally used for laptops) and pop it in there. I’m sure there are online resources to walk you through the steps.

    An extra $50 for 130 GB of space isn’t a bad deal, thanks for not ripping us off on $$ per GB… *ahem* :)

    Still happy with my pre-launch 60 GB model, but I do need to upgrade that HDD….

  • Thanks a lot Johnny

  • I was expecting it to be $399, so this is a good deal.

    Is PixelJunk Shooter coming out this year?

  • LOL crazy deal compared to xbox 120gb hard drive is like 130$.

  • Oh and Devlsh one if you’re really considering a Wii, mine’s collecting dust. From Zelda and Smash brothers to Muramasa blade, it was a dust pile, after beating Muramasa blade it’s now gaining dust again. i havent stopped playing my ps3 since uncharted 1, but i dont play the wii, i barely get on the 360 anymore. There’s barely any games for it. Unless you throw Wii parties regularly or you’re 5 years old its boring. I don’t know any of the people that own a Wii that don’t own another system and it’s a nice $250 waste for most of them. Nice of nintendo to add full motion controller like three years later.

  • Interesting, people come here to complain about a good thing? Sigh..Anywho, thats a great price for a great system. Congrats on selling a million units in three weeks. Even though M$ dropped the price also, Iam sure there numbers were no where near that. lol

  • Great decision to make it $350 instead of $399! The price differentiation at $399 would have made all your sales be the 120gb, and I’m sure you contribution margin is much larger on the 250gb, even at $350.

  • Intelligent and competitive move, you can’t beat 250GB in a Playstation 3. Great job guys

  • Nice how you forgot the part where it’s totally not backward compatible with ps2 or ps1 games. Why don’t you just sell them an xbox? It’s not backward compatible with those games either.

  • I heard this was gonna be bundeled with Uncharted 2. Not that I care, I already have both a PS3 and Uncharted 2, I’m just surprised the rumors weren’t true. Now to go tell my friend who wants a PS3 that the 250gig is actually coming out.

  • Nice. I hope those babies do well, especially for $50 more.

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