Planet Minigolf Coming Exclusively to PSN

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Grab your clubs and get ready to tee off! I am thrilled to announce that ZEN Studios is applying the same battle-tested ball physics engine from the acclaimed ZEN Pinball to bring you the PlayStation Network exclusive Planet Minigolf. What does that mean for you? Expect an exciting new standard in golf action combining stunning 3D graphics and smart play with true-to-life physics, including precisely calculated ball dynamics.

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Aspiring to be the best all-around golf experience, we’ve built in a deep single-player campaign that transports players to several exhilarating courses around the world and comes loaded with six customizable characters, remarkable cartoon-style visuals and a daunting 144 unique holes packed with a variety of hazards and interactive objects.

In addition to the single player campaign, we have also included a full suite of multiplayer options – from a local hotseat mode to regular weekly tournaments and worldwide competitions where players can battle it out to see whose nation reigns supreme.

That’s all for now, but we’ll have more exciting news hitting over the next couple of weeks – including a more in depth look at the games online and customizable features.

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  • Just so you know zen studios, you have fingers pointing at you from your punisher no mercy lagging issues. and if this planet mini golf lags too. then i dont know whethere to buy this game or not.

    wait a minute, zen pinball had to be patched too to fix an issue. remember?

    cmon zen studios, make this planet minigolf patch free (meaning no issues whats so ever)

  • Can we get a rough ETA for this game? My antenna has been raised for this game. (no homo)

  • I hope he game plays works with some kind of swing of my SIXAXIS like in HVB Bowling, that would make it a first day purchase for me.

  • Deep single player sounds great.

    I’ll buy it when it comes on a disc.

  • now if only some games -cough-hotshotsgolf-cough- get trophy support

    i love hotshots golf is this anyway similar ?

  • Are the flippers still slow in the pinball game? Thats what it felt like on the demo, and thats why I didn’t buy it. Can’t have lag on a pinball game.

  • is this game really a miniture golf game? i wonder if it will have a mini price

  • I already have Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, so I think I’m good. Zen Pinball was great, though.

  • Hi, It is Zsolt from Zen. We will have some more cool features in the game, so please stay tuned ;o)

    The PS3 wand is a brilliant device, we know, since we have the prototype already. You can be sure our designers already have this in hand while putting together the control scheme for the game..

  • #51: KILLZONE79 – you are totally entirely right! We have never stopped working on the network issue; we all are fallible, but we will not rest until those issues are 100% fixed.

  • When you say stunning 3d graphics do you mean like the 3d where i need 3d glasses or not?

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