Insomniac Games Community Day to Celebrate the Launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time!

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Hey all,

You’ve heard from James Stevenson in this blog. You’ve heard from Bryan Intihar. You’ve even heard from Ted Price.

But you haven’t heard from me yet! I’m Ryan Schneider, Insomniac’s Community Director (jstevenson’s long lost “stunt double” for you NeoGaf veterans). I want to personally invite you to what I hope becomes a long-standing tradition – our Community Day event at Insomniac HQ in Burbank (Calif.).


Nothing makes us happier at Insomniac than celebrating our accomplishments with our fans. Last year, we hosted our first Community Day here to commemorate the launch of Resistance 2 (see images). We conducted a panel discussion with the dev team, served a gigantic lunch, fragged each other silly in MP/co-op matches and signed a ton of autographs. In short, it was a success.

We want to do it again, only bigger and better. So on Friday, October 23 from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM, please join us to celebrate the upcoming October 27 North American launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. There will be (rare) swag to give away. There will be autographs to collect – maybe even a couple from some famous non-Insomniacs. There will be food and drink to consume. And there will be many Insomniacs milling about to meet along with possibly another surprise or two.

We hope you can join us! We’ll take care of the event, so all you have to take care of is getting here. The first 120 people will get in, so make sure to arrive early (there’s only so many people we can fit inside the studio). Visit our Facebook event page for details and be kept apprised of event updates (under 18 must have a parent or guardian in attendance). Of course, I’ll be sending updates via our Twitter feed (@insomniacgames) so stay tuned there as well.

Looking forward to meeting you on October 23!

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  • Ah, if only I lived closer…and there was more room. It would surely be a bummer pf the highest caliber to drive 20 hours or so/spend hundreds of dollars on a flight, only to find that hundreds of others had been turned away long before you.

    I’ll meet you Insomniacs eventually.

  • If only they supported R2 with more DLC.

    What a waste.

    For all those who are attending have fun.

  • Im doing my darndest to get the RSVP in….Im only bout 15 mins away…..Please Insomniac LET ME IN!!!!!!!!!!! I want swag! I want hands on with Ratchet and Clank!!! I want FOOD TOO!!!!!


  • East Coast =(
    You should so put coverage on Youtube!

  • Yeah, definitely show “the east coast some love.” I look forward to an event at the N.C. location

  • So what was with that article on that mentioned a Resistance 3? :)

  • so how’s development on Resistance 3 going?

  • Hi Ryan,

    Judging by post #46, we CAN reserve a spot by “attending” on the Facebook page? Is this correct? Just want to be sure to get a spot. If not, I’ll need to leave early. Thank you.

    • Yes, that is the place to RSVP officially. Not here or via our Twitter feed or anyplace else. Go to the Facebook Events page.

  • I REALLY WISH I COULD GO! i wanted to go to e3 and comic-con, but i couldnt because i live in toronto, canada. IT WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO GET FROM ONTARIO, CANADA TO BURBANK, CALIFORNIA!

  • In in New Zealand.

    See you there? ;p

  • I wish I lived closer so I could come just to meet you guys. Same for Naughty Dog as well. Both you guys are just on a whole different tier for me as far as great games go ever since the days of Spyro and Crash back on the PS1 respectively. I can’t wait for the new R&C. All pre-ordered and ready to go.

  • whats the release date for R&CACIT in australia?
    im kinda lost.
    EB is saying november 5th.
    game is saying october 25th.
    JBHIFI is saying october 29th.
    ebay listings are all over the place.
    please please please dont do what you did with R2 and make us wait 3 extra weeks for it.
    O and for the limited edition, will there be a bonus disk with making of scenes?
    i was so disappointed with the uncharted 2 special edition just some pretty codes.
    i love to see how the game was made like the disk they had for batman AA or MGS4.
    now thats how a limited edition should be done.

  • rschneider

    could you also celebrate my birthday as well, it is on the same day as the launch of R&C: A Crack it Time.

  • it must be great to work at sony at this time, compared to Microsoft Sony has much more unique project going on.

    from the outside looking in:
    people at Microsoft want to beat Sony, and people at Sony want to make fun games there is almost no fun in Halo is what i am saying.

  • a dead moose is more fun than Halo.

  • This is so cool you guy’s are holding Insomniac Community Day again! For the 1st time since this morning (well technically yesterday morning the 14th, since it’s now after midnight), I’m now able to get today’s news from the PlayStation.Blog. After all today was the last day of World Cup Qualifying. So after the end of the business day (1st game I cared about was at 3:pm, right when Insomniac posted), it was all about soccer!

    Anyway, that’s me in the 1st picture playin’ Resistance 2, wearing my black cap backwards w/backpack. The 1st annual Insomniac Community day was a super memorable experience!

    They held a couple keynote’s addressing the various development stages that went into creating Resistance 2. A Q&A session that actually went into pretty technical detail. Awesome! We were then catered to with a HUGE delicious lunch! After that a studio tour followed with a autograph session at the end.

    • Thanks for the note and the endorsement. Glad you had fun last year…that\’s why we\’re doin\’ it again!

  • Whoever was able to remain past the said time, was invited to stay and play Resistance 2 against the Insomniac QC tester’s. Everyone was sent home with swag. Wonder what they have in store for us this time?

    The whole day was an experience I’ll never forget! The way Insomniac shows there appreciation towards it’s fans, is simply AWESOME! Insomniac opening there doors like this, receiving there fans with open arms, is UN-heard of! I’ve never been aware of any other development house doing something like the for there fans… Have you?

  • Best thing of all…… is that I only live a few blocks away! :P

  • @rschneider
    I’ve been kind of busy with Uncharted 2 so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog like I use too so I hope someone reads this lol.

    I can’t wait for R&CFACiT, it looks to be amazing. I hope future installments will have some sort of online mode, maybe even an isolated co-op mode.

    I’m really excited about Resistance 3 (don’t deny the movie set lol), I loved Resistance 2 and it was a significant improvement over Resistance 1. I just hope that R3 has more of the Single Player feel for the Co-op mode in terms of story. While they were fun and a high light of the game for me, the story was major filler with the exception of a few things. To read through it all in load screens, yikes.

    Jealous of anyone who can make this event for just hte fun time and the potential swag. Wish I could go out there.

  • Sounds freeking sweet

  • Wow, I didn’t know you guys are THAT close to where I work and live!

  • YAY!!!!! I’m IN!!!!! See Everyone there!!!

  • Ahhhh man.. I wish I could take the time off to drive down there!! Have fun!!! Hopefully I will get to come to one of these someday.

    Miss you guys!

  • Yaaaa!!! I just asked my professor if I could skip out on doing my presentation that day so I can come. He said yes!!!

    Viva la Insomniac!

  • Why on the week I have something? Why not the next week for my birthday? Haha.

  • @ # 74

    Isn’t education awesome!

  • wish i lived out there, sucks i missed that uncharted event here in chicago.

  • Any help? I’m planning going to the event but I don’t understand what I have to do to get a spot, thanks

  • ok, now I have another doubt, the event says “the first 120 people will get it”. But the RSVP on facebook has already 169 confirmed guest…

  • Hey. I missed the RSVP on Facebook, since I’m assuming that was the guest list that you just closed off. I was hoping that I can still make it in if I’m one of the first 120 people to show up. Do I have to be on the guest list on Facebook to be allowed in?

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