.detuned Available Tomorrow on PSN for $2.99

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Hi everyone, it’s Rusty Buchert from SCEA’s Santa Monica Studios again. I just wanted check in and let you know that .detuned will be available for download from the PlayStation Network beginning tomorrow for $2.99! For those of you that aren’t familiar with .detuned, it is another experiment with the demoscene and was made by .theprodukkt. (yes, there is supposed to be a period at the beginning of the name), who are located in Germany and have been a very influential group in the scene for over a decade.

So what the heck is .detuned? It isn’t exactly a game or an art piece like Linger in Shadows. It is a user-driven music visualizer that allows you to create your own visual performance to accompany your favorite music tracks on the XMB, simply by using the SIXAXIS controller to manipulate and interact with objects within a scene. It also has its own music and a performance you can watch, too!

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So, for those of you wanting a different experience on the PS3, get your creative juices flowing now. I highly recommend downloading this tomorrow to have some fun.

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  • Good pricing. It has the same price as a dynamic theme, but is surely a better value.

  • I got Linger in Shadows and it was actually really worth it. Very thought-provoking and interesting if you put down the (incredibly enjoyable, I might add) FPS mindset of “KILL IT ALL!” and take a moment to study it as art. Will definitely pick this up.


    i had no idea you could digitally distribute acid… where do i download?

  • This is exactly the kind of content that PSN is so great at uniquely providing. My only complaint is that releases like this are too few and far between. More, please! :)

    • Just so you know on projects like this these are after hours projects for the teams. They have day jobs and things like this are literally a hobby. They do some amazaing things, but in turn projects like these can take a long while to make.

      Glad you are looking forward to it.



  • Alright Sony guys, guess this is compensation for not giving us any new Visualizers….well, I’m definitely cool with it. I enjoyed Linger in Shadows for what it was, probably will be the same with this. Love music as much as I love games.

  • I would get this if it had PS Eye interaction. Sixaxis interaction is still cool though but not enough.

  • How about Dissidia?

  • And you didn’t include PS3Eye as an input device now you were already writing the code?!

  • Great price !

    I’ll be picking it up to try it out…love music.

  • I like supporting indie type development stuff, so I’ll be picking this up. Thx!

  • Yes! Definitely buying this. I want to see what .detuned does with my heavy metal collection, with my ska-reggae, and indie bands like The Smiths.

  • I’ll get this for sure. It does have trophies, check ’em out SPOILER MAYBE?

  • what the hack i cant find it can someone psn mPlayStationsg me some help please also i cant access psh any help on that would be wonderful

  • I cant find it.

  • I downloaded it, installed it, and now it just shows a progress bar and a blank screen no matter what I do. Congrats on the $2.99!!

  • Sweet, another demoscene project on the PS3. Keep ’em coming, and talk to some more demo guys. Get devkits in their hands and let them go crazy!

  • this is def a quick 100% for trophies, and yea its on the weird scale with linger in shadows but it somehow feels more worth your money tho its not haha.

  • I never been disapointed with a psn game before, this is the first time, i know its not supposed to be a game or even a piece of art, its really just weird, and im a weird guy normally, but this is …nothing really.

    Gj anyway i guess……

  • ok, dropped the $3 on it last night as soon as I got off of work, had a LOT of fun with it with a couple of friends, but I have one question… I was led to believe that it could be used as a visualizer which would automatically react to the user’s uploaded music without having to manually manipulate the program via the controller… HOW??? The “demo” just plays its own music, and when music is uploaded from the HDD, it reverts back to manual-input! Any help, please?

  • Is there You Tube output in this games? (seems like a no brainer for the type of game it is)

  • Dear Sony,
    I bought .detuned and I have to say I really like it. But it suffers from the most counter-intuitive faults that only Sony seems to be capable of producing or hosting. How is it that it has no option to play your own music while watching the animation play by itself? You realize this literally destroys the piece of art that is .detuned? I refuse to believe that it would have been even slightly difficult to implement that feature, yet somehow it’s missing (this is about as bad as Aquatopia’s requirement that your controller be on to actually watch the screensaver!) Please Please Please prepare an update to fix this massive oversight. I just know people are going to feel ripped off after they realize it lacks that feature. Thanks, and (for both our sakes) I hope you do something about it.


  • Yea surprised it doesn’t auto-animate to your music, but nevertheless a fun and easy experience. Great trophies too, love those silvers haha

  • @54, Rusty Buchert: Ah, that explains. Kudos to the developers then =)

  • Save your money, this game is some sorta scam… Sounds cool, actually lame. If PSN keeps up this quality, I’m gonna go buy a 360.

  • You can do as you please. I don’t think Sony cares too much. In the end you already spent your money on a ps3, and you will have keep getting more games if you want to get the most of your investment, unless you are planning to use your $300-600 equipment just to listen to music or watch a couple of blu-rays…

  • So just as a note to the developers:

    -Love .detuned; it’s totally insane. I’ve had guys come in my dorm room JUST to watch this, especially now that I’ve gotten really good at picking music and syncing with it.

    -Great price.

    -Lacks the YouTube feature, which would be perfect since this thing totally lends itself to letting people choreograph a .detuned performance to a song then upload to YouTube.

    -Needs an automated performance function. Sometimes I’d like to just load up an album and watch .detuned do crazy stuff with it.

    Overall, though, it’s totally awesome and creative and outclasses any music visualizer I’ve ever seen. I’d love some DLC and updates, so stuff like more dance moves and animal heads and stages and chairs and all of that kind of stuff would be awesome, and getting some updates to fix the stuff mentioned in my “Cons” would be awesome.

    Seriously, I can see this game becoming HUGE in the YouTube community. I’d watch people choreograph appropriate songs to .detuned all day. I’d even participate–I’ve got some songs that go VERY well with it.

    Hope to see you guys creating more stuff soon!

  • Nice effort, certainly very original project!
    Unfortunately, in this condition, it’s quite useless after few tries.

    1.Right now, you can’t use .detuned as a music visualizer. Even the DEMO mode stops when the default songs ends. It would be great if it’s possible to play our own music and .detuned automatically plays various effects, depending on the rhythm (even “Beats” can do it).
    2.Many of the visual effects are quite similar and some of them even uninteresting. We like ACTION, MOVEMENT! Also, it would be better, if they were arranged in two groups – directional buttons refer to character’s head and X,O,V,SQ buttons to character’s movement. This would unlock many combinations to experiment with.
    3.Add some fixed cameras, so we can watch at the character at different perspectives. SELECT button should help.
    4.Let the music play during the PAUSE menu.
    5.Add YouTube and SAVE VIDEO features.
    6.Don’t erase modes’ names after each game.
    7.In the HELP menu, one of the “e”-s has to be capital letter.
    8.Finally, the best thing you could do is to add PSEye compatibility, so the users could snap their faces and stick them to the character’s head.

    Greetings and good luck!

  • This game is soo cool worth every penny u feel like your own dj!

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