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I’m pretty confident that this is the largest reading list we’ve ever put out; a huge amount of stories were written in the past week about both Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Demon’s Souls. Also inside: stories on Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars PSP, and the adorable Critter Crunch.

Did we miss anything? Is that even possible? Link out below.

And enjoy your long weekend (if you get one)!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 5, 2009)

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  • ok just wondering. u hav any idea about psn cards being released around the world any time soon not just US? any news?

  • @48 Letters2Kay

    What is this cable and how does it work to backup and restore data to a new PS3?

    Also, LBP doesn’t have a protected save file neither does an updated RE5.

  • @49 naeffy

    EU cards came out in September, although it may be just for the UK.

  • @48

    I’ve been through it twice too so I have SOME sympathy BUT.

    The Playstation site and the repair people in my case are quite clear. Back up your stuff and format your drive BEFORE you send it in. You are never guaranteed to get your unit back and you can’t be absolutely sure your HDD doesn’t fall into the hands of someone else.

    I now have a blank 80GB drive as a precaution for the next time…I’ll just pop it in before I send for repairs.

    Lucky you didn’t have video content from the PSN…you’d not get that back.

  • Jeff,

    Quick question for you, and I’m not sure you can answer this or not. Do you have any idea when Lumines or Lumines II will be available on PSN for PSPgo owners? Do you know what the holdup is on getting these titles on the service? I want to give PSN my money! ;)

  • Jeff,

    Will we have a new GoW III trailer with the GoW Collection ? Last time we saw footage of the game was at E3, more than 4 months ago. :/


  • Hey Jeff,

    The blog’s Dashboard Widget isn’t working properly for me. For reference, I’m running Snow Leapord on a current-gen iMac.

  • @ 54 KSPRAYDAD

    I couldn’t back-up my data- I had an issue with the temperature sensor and the unit would shutdown immediatly on start-up. I couldn’t even boot it. I was able to back-up and restore the first time I went through this and it was great. Back-up and restore, however, doesn’t work with any unit other than the one it was done on, so that would still not help me. I popped in my original 60 GB HD before I sent it in, so I’m not upset that I got back a wiped HD, only that I can’t just pop in my 500 GB and play since I have a new unit and not my repaired one.

    @ 52 Enforcer_X

    It is an “SATA to USB 2.0” cable and I found several on Amazon in the $20 range. I think you’re right about the LBP save- as long as your trophies are synced up and you’re on the same account, you can copy the data. Easy to screw up, though. Not sure about RE5, but shortly after the release, I heard a lot of people whining about not being able to copy their saves. I hope this has changed with the game updates- I had 2 of every weapon, fully-upgraded and had sunk A LOT of hours into that game. It’s one of my two platinum trophies…

  • @ 54 KSPRAYDAD

    Oh, and I DID have several pieces of video content on my unit. I was told by a phone rep to get a list of what I’d bought and contact them and they would take care of all that, which is awesome. Haven’t actually done it yet, but I’m optimistic…

  • @58 Letters2Kay

    I am sorry I misunderstood I thought you were able to backup your data from the 500GB HDD with a system that was not the original it was in.

    These copy protected saves are very frustrating I had the same issue when my 60GB got the YLoD. I did fix it myself with the heat gun and was able to make a full backup and restore to my second 60GB but of course lost all the protected saves, including beating Killzone 2 on Elite.
    I too have a 500GB drive in my 60GB PS3.

    So just to be as safe as I can be I do regular backups, I bought a 1.5TB external drive that is connected to my PS3 at all times. For games that I can copy the save file I do it manually as soon as I am done playing that game. Also every Sunday night I do a full system backup.

    There really needs to be a way to copy these saves to another system, maybe make it only able to copy if the original PSN ID is on the second system.

  • @ 60 Enforcer_X

    Great, add Killzone 2 to the list of saves I won’t get back. ;) No biggie for me there, I only finished the normal campaign. I like your idea with the constant back-ups. I have to buy a new external HD to get this data off my 500 GB, so I’m going to get a 500 GB+ one and use it strictly for PS3 back-ups. Once a week sounds like a very good idea…

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