LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – “PSP Goodness, Part 1” Edition

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Hey guys,

Lots of new info this week, specifically for LittleBigPlanet (PSP), which hits store shelves on November 17th. So without any further adieu…

LittleBigPlanet (PSP) Pre-order Announcement

As teased last week, we’re pleased to announce the official pre-order goodies for LittleBigPlanet (PSP). If you pre-order before November 17th, you’ll get a valuable pre-order voucher to redeem (via the PlayStation Store) for six costumes from some of your favorite PlayStation games, featuring:

LBP PSP pre-order voucher

Pre-order now at any of the below participating US retailers:

***If you’re in Canada, pre-order now at your local EB Games/GameStop, and online at

“What’s New” in LittleBigPlanet (PSP)?

SCEE Cambridge has been hard at work developing a completely new adventure for Sackboy. We’ve asked them to give us some insight on the PSP version through a series of articles to explain what’s new.

“Sackboy – An Animated Diary” by Martin Binfield, Senior Artist

LittleBigPlanet is a world of fun, and a big part of that fun comes from its diminutive denizens; the Sackpeople. They’re a bunch of expressive explorers with a natty line in fashionable clothes. Making the transition from the big PS3 screen to the little PSP screen has resulted in a whole new way of interacting with the little dudes. If a player wants to show quite how their Sackboy feels about a particularly dastardly level, or an impressive feat of daredevilishness, they can pull off an excited greeting, a jubilant celebration, a dismissive taunt or even a snazzy dancemove. There’s an emote animation to suit any situation!

Sackboy KungFu

So where does a Sackboy learn kung fu? In the “Animation Dojo” (otherwise known as Maya) where an intensive course of being posed, keyframed, scrubbed forward and backward on the timeline, and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked will teach him the ancient arts of being animated.

LBP Sackboy animation 3

And it’s not just the limbs that get seen. When one is performing a convincing ‘nail-bitingly-scared’ routine, one must make sure one’s expression is appropriate, dear. Thankfully, Sackboy was born with a fully expressive face, driven by blendshape deformation no less, which helps him achieve that academy-award level performance with gusto.

LBP Screengrab 5

Coaxing such a performance from Sackboy is simplicity itself. Simply choose your emotional state by pressing up on the directional pad to make him happy, down to make him sad, left to make him scared or right to make him angry. Now that you’re in a mood, it’s time to show precisely how moody you are – press and hold the L shoulder button and press up on the directional pad to make Sackboy celebrate, left to make him vigorously taunt, right to make him greet and down for a surprisingly miscellaneous gesture.

Sackboy Punch!

“Adventure Awaits…Part 1” by Gareth Hughes, Lead Designer

Having completed his PS3 adventure, Sackboy thought it was about time he took a well deserved holiday. Even a Sackperson needs a bit of relaxation time! Having visited so many wondrous locations across the LittleBigPlanet already, Sackboy decided it was time to go portable and experience a walkabout. What better way to unwind his threads than the peace and quiet of down under.

After a warm and fuzzy welcome from the locals, it was time to head out into the Outback. Oh my, so much to see and do! A veritable fabric-based feast of new Stickers, Costumes and Materials.

Sackboy’s walkabout had not gone unnoticed! Impressed with Sackboy’s exemplary, exploratory endeavours, the Mystic summoned Sackboy to the Cave of Dreams. A place no LittleBigPlanetian should miss visiting! Exploring deep into the cave, Sackboy was soon having a great time swinging through ancient caverns, solving devious puzzles and bagging himself plenty of new prizes. However, this was no time for such silken shenanigans! A hop skip and a jump later, Sackboy was before the Mystic.

The mystical events that followed this meeting are now the stuffing of legends, best you experience this yourself when you visit LittleBigPlanet on the PSP.

What’s that, don’t leave you hanging? Oh very well, perhaps there are a few more threads of this story that I can weave together for you!

After being shown a wonderful vision known as the Dreamtime, it was revealed that a new quest awaited Sackboy; to make sure that all the Creator Curators can attend the upcoming Carnival of Creators! The first of the Creator Curators to be invited is the Emperor of The Orient; a pint sized Prima-Donna who is having trouble with a fire breathing behemoth.
Can Sackboy free the Emperor from this unwanted distraction and get him to attend the Carnival? That’s a question only a PSP owning player such as you can answer!

“The Popit Tool” by Craig Abraham, Associate Producer

The one must-have accessory that all Sackboys and Sackgirls just can’t live without is the Popit. It’s a fun-sized box of tricks that allows them to do all kinds of weird and wonderful things. If you want to customize your Sackperson’s attire then the Popit is the place to go. Or maybe you just want to show your artistic flair and brighten up a level? No Problem! Just open the Popit and choose one of the hundreds of stickers you may have picked up on your journey across LittleBigPlanet.

Create Mode is where the Popit really comes into its own though. There’s just so much on offer, you won’t know where to begin. Rummaging around the tools bag there’s all sorts of bolts and pistons, buttons and switches. Not to mention creature bits, sounds and music, or backgrounds to make your levels come to life. Emitters, cameras… the list goes on and on.

All the familiar tools are back too. There’s the material changer and the ever-so-useful capture object tool. Electricity, flame or deadly gas are all great ways of lethalizing your level if you’re feeling particularly nasty. The corner editor is essential for fine tuning, and so we’ve suped it up so you can edit multiple corners at once.

The goodies bag is where you’ll find all of the objects you’ve collected on your travels. It’s also where you can create new objects, and there are a few new settings in there too. You can place pre-made shapes or, if you prefer, ‘paint mode’ does exactly what it says on the tin. And the Popit cursor will allow you to manipulate all your objects, or tweak their settings as you see fit. You can even tweak things you might not have thought possible before!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, let your own personalized Sackperson take you on a ride and show you the plethora of potential waiting inside the perfectly proportioned portable Popit!

LBP (PS3): Game of the Year Edition – User Spotlight

In this week’s spotlight, we learn more about Chris Miller and his thoughts on “Great Gratuitous Raid of Goblin-Berg!”, his bonus level in the LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition. We hope you get a chance to play his level and special thanks to “thekillermiller” for inviting us into his home.

New on the PlayStation Store

We’re excited to introduce a new type of downloadable offering on the PlayStation Store – Music Pack 1 ($3.99).

If you’re looking to fill your level creations with some new music, this pack has got what you need. Head on over to for more details from Kenny himself. And if you’re in the mood to preview the new songs, here’s a preview video (with audio, of course).

Also, on Wednesday, SCEA announced a PlayStation Store on – so in addition to gettin’ your LBP DLC on the PlayStation Store or through the in-game store, now there’s a new way to get your costume, sticker & level packs. So don’t forget to drop subtle *hints* to your friends / family to gift these purchases for you.

For more LittleBigPlanet updates, head over to LittleBigWorkshop!

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  • so will every retailer be having the same preorder deal or will one place have one item

  • I was going to buy this game for my PSP Go,and when I saw these awesome costumes I knew it was a Day 1 download. Until I saw that nothing was said about costumes like that for the PSP Go. Now I don’t……. waiting for MM to kiss up to me.
    ~”We’ll have details about that soon”~Media Molecule,in response to my comment

  • I read somewhere that you’ll be able to unlock bonus Content via Cross-Talk functionality with LittleBigPlanet (PS3). Can you please confirm and also let us know what that is? thanks

  • I’m not going to pre-order it at all. I’ll but it when it comes out.

    Although, this is one of games I’ve been waiting for for long time…

  • I wish there was a “SAM” costume from the movie Trick’r Treat. That would be so badass!

  • You STILL can’t make holes in shapes? D: I looked at one of the screens and it seems not D: It would also be good if you could use ‘paint mode’ with all the pre-made shapes

  • hey mark,wats up? i cant wait for little big planet psp! i have kinda a random question. where did you get thet sackboy avatar? when i picked my avatar,i saw no sackboys. im a big sackboy fan,so i was just wondering how you got that avatar. thanks!

  • Where’s the psp demo? And what will be in the demo?

  • Okay, while I am thrilled to see PSP owners having incentives to pick what should be a good game up, I really hope with the release of Uncharted 2 we PS3 players get a Little Big Planet Uncharted Pack with costumes and stickers. Nate, Eleana and Sully would be awesome.

  • Glad to see LittleBigPlanet is still alive. It will never be shelved…

  • is there gonna be a demo?

  • I went to to preorder, but they don’t even have the game listed. So I hope you guys get that sorted out because I really want to get these costumes right away as opposed to much later and for extra money. stinks.

  • How can I pre-order this for the PSPgo and still get the free costumes?

  • @ Mark

    Where are my Sackboy PLUSHIES!!!!!!!

  • i cannot wait to get this!

  • will there be a demo of little big planet psp?

  • You guys should get onto sony about connectivity between PS3 exclusives.

    It would be pretty awesome if Drake, Chloe, Sully, Elena, and Sully for LittleBigPlanet were unlockables in Uncharted 2, or if you got the Kratos stuff on the disc of GOW III. It would give me an incentive to keep playing LittleBigPlanet even when I’ve got a new game. You should look into it, seriously, Its exactly what Sackboy needs to cement himself as the PS3 mascot ):

  • I really hope there’s more LBP Uncharted 2 dlc than just two costumes … there could be at least 4, plus there should absolutely be levels to play… or at the very least a creator pack with materials and stickers!

    Also, the PS3 LBP isn’t using the L1 button, those extra animations should totally be added like in the psp version!

  • seems like all question regarding PSP Go has been ignored…

  • @TheAlp

    I thought they said that there will be something special for downloaders.

  • can you play little big planet online?

  • Will MM release the soundtrack to LBP (PS3)?

  • Glad to see there’s something in the works for Go users. I bought myself a Go and deciding to abandon my PSP 1000 and 2000 models to switch to entirely digital content. Developers and Sony need to embrace this market and offer sweet incentives to us as well, and not just pre-order bonuses for people still using the older media format.

  • Is there going to be something that links the psp and ps3 version together? For extras or special abilities? Sort of like resistance 2 and resistance retrubution.

  • Great~ I’ll get this so my gf and I can play together.

    Speaking of love, when is Final Fantasy 8 coming to our PSN?? EU PSN says they’re getting it in less than a month.

  • Lol, thats what you get for buying [DELETED] PSPGO! I’m staying with my PSP3001, happy with it and happy to be able to keep my UMD hard copies. Gl when your 16GB internal memory runs out… probly 9 games.

  • *Ahem* Is it possible to pre-order on the PSP Go, as my brother may get one, and will want the free costumes!

  • Probably an obvious answer to this question but, are these costumes for PS3 or PSP version of the game?
    I want to use Chloe on my PS3. Q.Q

  • mark i pre ordered this off amazon 10/10/09 do i still get the pre order goodies
    and i cant wait for this game

  • will this game have online multiplayer

  • They should have included the classic yellow Motorstorm character. Hopefully it will be available in later add-ons (which I can’t wait for! =D).

  • Amazon says, “This item will be released on October 31, 2009.” Is this true?

  • there will be a demo of little big planet psp,right?

  • Were do I go to preorder LBP if I have the PSP GO!!!!!!

  • I don’t know what to get you have Little Big Planet a very very fun game, then on the other hand you have Assassin’s Creed 2 a killer game i just have money for one so which one should i get?

  • 1. Will the costumes be avalible later on the store if I dont preorder?

    2. Will the costumes be on PS3?

  • does the exclusives killzone2,uncharted 2 and motorstorm costumes come with stickers?

  • Any word yet, on the pre order costumes for the PSP GO?

    I picked up a PSP GO, and $100 in psn money.

    But no word, means I need to return it all.

    And get the UMD instead.

    SONY loses a lot of my money that way.

    And when will the full game be downloadable on PSN?

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