Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Hitting Shelves November 3 on PSP and PS2

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With the PSPgo now on shelves, many of you may be wondering what new games are available on the ‘Go’. For all you Jak and Daxter fans out there, we’re happy to announce that Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier will be available for purchase on the PSPgo, PSP-3000 and PlayStation 2 on Tuesday, November 3. Check out the final packfront for Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier below:

Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier PSP

To help build excitement for the November 3 launch, GamesTrailers.com has provided an exclusive first look at the new trailer for Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. Check it out!

Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier 1

Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier 2 Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier 3

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  • I srsly had a heart attack when they made it sound like the 3000 was completely dif than the others even tho there is no real big dif. Next time just say psp so I dont have a panic attack.

  • I’ll get this if it turns out to be good, but seriously, if Jak and Daxter don’t come to PS3 next year…somethin’s got to be done.(But I’m really into Uncharted 2 right now)
    ~Hey Drake, Imma let you finish, but Jak and Daxter really needs to be on PS3~ Kanye West=)

  • @41…

    God of War : Chains of Olympus was made be Ready at Dawn not High Impact Games.

    Ready at Dawn made:
    Daxter for PSP *** did you know the PSN version has 333mhz enhancements!
    GoW:CoO for PSP
    Okami for Wii
    Rumoured to be making a GoWIII for PSP game

    High Impact Games made:
    R&C:Size Matters for PSP/PS2
    Secret Agent Clank for PSP
    Lost Frontier for PSP/PS2

    Both companies have former Naughty Dog staff.

  • That’s surprisingly soon. It’s kinda a shame that Jak and Daxter’s triumphant return after a 5 year hiatus since the last real Jak game is a bit of a scaled back PSP half-flying game, but hey. It’s a new freaking J&D game. That’s close enough for me.

  • Ok, so… I have no faith in High Impact Games after the horrible PS2 version of Size Matters. What a waste of money. Sony you should be ashamed as I trusted in quality of your games. I hope there’s a demo for this game.

    I think it’s really awful that Jak and Daxter story did not continue on the PS3. I know ND is busy with Nathan and co. but I really do hope for Jak game on the PS3. First Jak is my fave game of all time and I can only hope they’re planning to produce it. It would be also cool if Sony got another team to do it if ND is busy with Uncharted 3 but I hope ND and Amy oversee the project from ground up to completion.

  • I’m soooo getting this for on the PSP. I also hope for a complete new Jak & Daxter for on the PS3, but I’m sure this will a be a very fine game :-)

  • So you post this and go away without answering questions from users and potential customers?
    GG Sony, now i will consider not buying this game. I am fed up of the way you treat European customers.

  • ZZZZZzzz….huh? Oh. Wake me up when theres a PS3 version, ok? Thanks…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • short games are also fun on the PS2, at least you don’t have to buy a PSP to enjoy these games!

  • Will this work on a first gen PS3?

  • What.That means i cant play it on psp 2000

  • that’s my Bday to bad my psp is broken =*(

  • PS2?!? Come on! This is 2009. It should be for PSP/PS3 instead.

  • Wait what the heck? PS2? Really?

    Why was there no hype for this game? Jak & Daxter is one of the best PS2 games series in history. Yet there was not a single mention of this before?

    It should have had some E3 spotlight instead of getting lost in the PSP montage shuffle.

    For shame Sony.

    If you announced a Jak and Daxter PS3 with Uncharted 2 quality, then all is forgiven.


  • Ratchet and Clank are way better.

  • what happened naughty dog with the ps3!!!!

  • Why is the MSRP for the PSP version $10 more then the PS2 version?

    Do you not know how to properly price handheld titles(Especially digital ones)?

    $40 for a portable download is insane, I hope you learn quickly no one is willing to pay that and change your pricing structure.

  • This is going to be a great game!

  • My psp go NIGHTMARE !!!! Oh please please, sony, please get my account fixed before JAK&DAXTER gets released. I bought my psp go on day 1, oct 1st, but have yet to play any games on it, thanks to the lack of help from sony. I love my playstation3, & psp, but by sony not being able to activate my psp go, it’s making me bald….

  • hawt

    do want.

  • @38

    Ready at Dawn did Chains of Olympus and Daxter, not High Impact Games.

  • Mehhhh,I want a JAK for PS3 and developement for Naughty Dog.



  • ps3 ftw

  • is this game downloadable?

  • im gonna buy this but i think its another blow to the series. i mean jak x stunk and daxter was alright.it could be alright but i think bad graphics bad story line

  • Ok, Im a HUGE J+D fan but the guns and health meter look kinda stupid im going to buy it but I have low expectations….

  • i have all of the jak and daxter games

  • I hope naughty dog makes it because from other naughty dog products like crash, have been turn into a embaressing game like the new crash games mind over mutant 0/10. Crash the old classic(my favorite platformer)game turn into rubble why cant they make the crash games more like twinsanity that was the stuff really fun to play and YOU CAN TELL ITS CRASH unlike the new ones… (Sigh) but i digress ill give it a try either way but im just keeping the reciet just in case.

  • I agree with comment #2. Jak and Daxter need to have a true platforming game, using the Uncharted 2 engine. I’m still going to try this out though. (I’m not so sure about Dark Eco Daxter.)

  • No vehicles, no guns, and you have a GREAT jak and Daxter game.

  • Naughty Dog should have been like Insomniac Games and continued the series on the PS3.

  • Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games are the best developers for Playstation with the Crash, Jak, Uncharted, Spyro, Ratchet, and Resistance Games.

  • since it’s not made by Naughty Dog anymore, will it be as good? look at the Crash Bandicoot series, it went downhill after Naughty Dog dropped it.

  • So what do I get for pre-ordering?

  • Jak and Daxter on PS3 is a must!!!!
    This game has earned my loyalty!
    Naughty Dog bring it on to PS3!!!

  • the Jak and Dexter series have always been my favorite. I already beet the game and enjoyed i and was wondering why naughty Dog

  • Im just wondering why Naughty did not creat this one or the one where you play as dexter for the psp. I didnt like them as much as the original,2 and3 3.

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